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Archive for September, 2013

The Case Against Fluoride P5

So, now we what the health program is in Health Canada.  They go around to see if they see any horns, moose horns, deer horns, goat horns, bull horns, cow horns, and not having found any horns growing on Canadian citizen, they have declared the fluoridation is safe and effective.  This is the total, as […]


The Case Against Fluoride P4

So, now, then, we have to see the other side of the court.  Well, first of all, if it’s not doing any good, if swallowing fluoride doesn’t reduce tooth decay, that should be the end of the story.  If it doesn’t work, why do it?  Well, that’s not a scientific explanation. So, no, we move […]


The Case Against Fluoride P3

This is a quote from a review by David Locker from the University of Toronto.  He did it with the Ontario government.  He wrote, “ The magnitude of [fluoridation’s] effect (he means benefit) is not large in absolute terms, is often not statistically significant, and may not be of clinical significance.” Now, I want to […]


The Case Against Fluoride P2

Now, the proponents claim that they’re merely adjusting the levels of a naturally occurring element.  Well, is anybody talking about adjusting the levels of naturally occurring arsenic?  Just because something occurs naturally does not make it safe.  Arsenic is not safe.  Fluoride is not safe. As far as nature is concerned, we have a very […]


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