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While there are hundreds of dentists in San Diego, Doctor Daniel Vinograd,  DDS, is a holistic dentist with more than 30 years experience in dental excellence – treating you with warmth and kindness. In addition, he promotes systemic health and overall wellbeing through a series of principles he lives by and values he tries to instill in his patients.

Here are the six principles that Doctor Vinograd recommends if you want good oral health and a great quality of life:

  1. Eat the right way. Take in fewer processed and mixed foods and eat more cultured foods like yogurt. Of course, you should also get plenty of protein — and get healthy vitamins and minerals by juicing your own vegetables too.
  2. Ask questions of your health care professionals. Don’t blindly accept what your doctor or dentist tells you. Instead, ask questions, get the facts and make your own fully informed health care decisions. When your medical professionals know you’re interested in your health, they will be too.
  3. Opt for biocompatible dentistry. Don’t have anything installed in your body or done to it that isn’t compatible with who you are. That means you shouldn’t have mercury-laden amalgam fillings, other kinds of metal dental work in many cases or use fluoride or other toxic chemicals when caring for your teeth at home.
  4. Use ozone-infused water to care for your teeth. Harmful bacteria — the kind that damages your organs and your overall health as well as your teeth — die in the presence of oxygen, so add more oxygen to the water you use to clean your teeth and kill more bacteria. You can do that with a machine like the Ozonizer brand I recommend.
  5. Ozone Irrigation Unit
    Ozonizer & Irrigation Unit
  6. Stay informed. There are strong links between dental health and overall health that you need to be informed about. The bottom line is to keep your teeth and gums healthy and keep your entire body healthy, too, for the best chance at a long and disease-free life.
  7. Practice spirituality. Having a strong spiritual side impacts your mental health in a number of important ways. That’s why Doctor Vinograd practices yoga and meditation and encourages all his clients to participate in the spiritual practices that are meaningful to you.


More Than Just Biocompatible Dentistry

Doctor Vinograd is a holistic dentist San Diego can be proud to have as one of its own, and his strong commitment to you extends beyond just oral health. He also promotes understanding of the link between emotional wellbeing, systemic health and dentistry. That’s why he insists on developing strong relationships with his patients and investing himself in his patients’ overall health. From suggesting you understand the benefits of coconut water to teaching you how to make your own toothpaste, every patient leaves the office with great hints and tips — and perhaps a hug too.

Also, Doctor Vinograd practices painless, fear-free dentistry. His brand of San Diego dentistry revolves around doing absolutely anything to avoid hurting his patients like you. Many, many people have previous bad experiences with dentists who have hurt them, but he does whatever is necessary to help patients ease their fear of dentistry — and of him. That includes allowing patients to raise their hand and stop a procedure if it becomes uncomfortable in any way.


Doctor Vinograd’s Dental Philosophy

Here’s something that make Doctor Vinograd genuinely different from many other San Diego dentists: he really loves his job and his patients. Every day, he feels privileged to make a positive contribution to the wellbeing and overall health of his San Diego dental patients. In many cases, he forms special connections and friendships with his patients. He knows many folks don’t like dentists, and he works to change that negative image every day.

His practice is founded, in fact, on those strong relationships. Doctor Vinograd is 100 percent committed in every way to his patients, to painless dentistry and to promoting overall health in every way possible.


More About San Deigo Dentist Dr. Daniel Vinograd

Doctor Daniel Vinograd earned his DDS degree from the University of Southern California. He also has a dental certificate from the Universidad Technlogica de Mexico. In addition, he has a BCLAD from San Diego State University and a degree in Naturopathic Medicine. He has more than 30 years experience in dentistry — most as a holistic dentist San Diego residents confidently depend on for their dental care and for tips on maintaining good overall health.

In addition, he works as an associate professor at the University of Southern California. He has participated in a number of dental mission trips to help those without access to good dental care in the United States and abroad. He also speaks Spanish fluently.

Doctor Vinograd is proud to be a member of several professional associations. These include the International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists, the International Society of Dental Anxiety Management and the International Academy of Oral Medicine.

He enjoys gardening, meditation and yoga.
Could his unique approach to dentistry — and to life — be something that could benefit you?


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