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Archive for August, 2013

The Case Against Fluoride

Do you agree that it should be your choice whether or not you take a medication?  If you do, then 97% of Europe agrees with you.  They have eliminated fluoride from their public water systems because they’ve realized one critical point:  Compulsive systematic medication violates basic human rights.  In Auckland, we still have no choice.  […]


Dental Implants – Teeth with Titanium P7

Question back there, sir. Okay.  So, two separate questions.  First one is what is titanium?  Titanium is in the periodic table.  It’s an element.  It’s not an alloy.  It’s found as titanium.  Tons of it.  It’s found all over the place.  It’s not a very expensive metal.  Just getting titanium in a pure form is […]


Dental Implants – Teeth with Titanium P6

Another younger patient with what’s a sarcoma or a tumor of the bone end up with implants and a graft.  Removable, again, because in this case, you can see where these teeth are and how far down this bone is.  So, we needed to replace normally the teeth with the gum to make it look […]


Dental Implants – Teeth with Titanium P5

Our preference for predictability in the back of the mouth is to actually use gold.  Not everybody likes that, but in the back of the mouth, for most of us dentists, gold is the gold standard.  There’s nothing better than gold in terms of how it behaves and how it responds, but not all of […]


Dental Implants – Teeth with Titanium P4

Basically, what you see here is a patient who got only got two dental mini implants or two screws, and there’s a little gold bar that’s been made.  The inside of the denture has some clips, and these clips clamp onto that and allow this denture to be held in place very well.  So, it […]


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