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3 Great Options To Make Your Own Toothpaste..

See these 3 recipe options for healthy homemade toothpaste at: http://craftingagreenworld.com/2015/01/17/spotted-how-to-make-toothpaste-no-really/

Great new recipe for remineralizing homemade toothpaste

A great new homemade toothpaste recipe by lindsay leigh bentley.. Recipe available at http://lindsayleighbentley.com/2012/09/03/be-well-homemade-toothpaste/

Featured: Homemade Probiotic ToothPaste by Melody

A great natural, probiotic recipe by Melody, with play-by-play pictures to show how it’s made. Recipe available at: http://valleyhaberdashery.com/blog/14033387/toothpaste

Featured: Homemade Diatomaceous Earth Toothpaste by Danielle (aka Dandy)

Looking to mix it up from Dr. Vinograd’s homemade toothpaste recipe? Danielle has done her research, and all the ingredients are top notch.   Get her recipe at: http://lovelovething.com/homemade-diatomaceous-earth-toothpaste/

The Best Toothpaste Is Homemade (Infographic)

Stem Cell Research: Strides In Dentistry

Paige Woods, DDS – BIO & Reviews – Recommended Holistic Dentist

Dr. Paige Woods is a well-regarded, patient-oriented holistic dentist San Diego residents can trust for expert services that keep their overall health in mind. When you turn to Dr. Woods of Brighton Dental San Diego, you’re turning to medical professionals committed to whole-body health, reduction of dental anxiety and practices that complement family and cosmetic […]

Patient Review for Dr. Vinograd

  We appreciate the kind words Nori!

Dental Homeopathy

Conventional medicine emphasizes treating illness with prescription medicines.  While pharmaceutical medications are useful in many situations, they can have harmful, even fatal, side effect.  In many situations, other treatment options may prove just as effective, without the harmful side effects. Until modern medicine, homeopathy was widely practiced in the US, and still is in much […]

We Recommend A New Paradigm For Preventing Disease

The advice that we’re getting from the medical community over the last decade or so aimed at helping us prevent some of the worst killer diseases like heart attacks, cancer and diabetes has fallen short. When you examine these issues closer and consider some the most recent research, you start to see that myths — […]

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