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Holistic Dentist San Diego

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Holistic Dentist San Diego: About Dr. Vinograd

As a holistic dentist in San Diego, Dr. Daniel Vinograd has more than 30 years experience in satisfying and improving the lives of his patients – by encouraging healthier lifestyles. Inspired by nature, he has created the following list of principles that he follows, and encourages his patients to follow as well:

  1. Eat fewer processed foods and more cultured foods, including plenty of protein and vegetables
  2. Take control of our health by talking honestly with medical and dental professionals about life-enhancing procedures
  3. Use only biocompatible dental resources when available
  4. Use ozone-infused water at home to aid in better oral health
  5. Stay informed about the link between dental health and overall health
  6. Encourage the spiritual aspects of life and good mental health with meditation and yoga.


Holistic Dentist San Diego: Dr. Vinograd’s Qualifications

Holistic San Diego Dental Awards


  • Serving the public as a dentist since 1978.
  • Advocating for amalgam-free holistic dentistry since 1980.
  • Associate instructor in prosthodontics,  University of Southern California 1980.
  • Medical and Dental Volunteering and Outreach:
  • Helps International, Guatemala – 2005
  • GF Medical Mission Foundation, Guatemala – 2008, 2009
  • God’s Child Project, Antigua and Guatemala – 2008
  • Remote Area Medical, Tennessee  – 2008, 2009
  • Yale University, Peruvian Amazon – 2010


  • Bilingual Secondary Education Teaching Credential, San Diego State University – 1992
  • Doctorate in Dental Surgery, University of Southern California – 1978


  • Intl. Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology
  • Intl. Association of Mercury-Safe Dentists
  • Intl. Society of Dental Anxiety Management


About Dr. Vinograd and San Diego Dentist


Choosing A Holistic Dentist San Diego Residents Can Trust

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Dr. Vinograd is a holistic dentist San Diego residents choose to trust, because he cares about the overall health of his patients. He places enormous significance on developing strong relationships with his patients. That’s why he provides an amazing array of helpful tips to all his patients – information about the benefits of coconut water, ozone-infused water and more. Some patients even get a hug from him – because he genuinely cares about them and their needs.

Nothing is more important to Dr. Vinograd than patient care, including providing painless treatments whenever possible. Many patients have been previously hurt by a dentist and are slow to trust, so he does what he can to ease their fears, and ensure that their experience with him is a positive one.

The Philosophy: A Holistic Dentist San Diego Can Rely On

Dr. Vinograd takes a different approach to dentistry than some dentists because he actually enjoys being a holistic dentist San Diego residents can trust. He likes what he does, and enjoys going to work and contributing to the wellbeing of his patients. He understands that most people don’t like dentists, but he works to change people’s perceptions of the field and its practitioners.

Everything about Dr. Vinograd’s practice is based on a strong doctor-patient relationship – and that comes only when it’s earned. He’s completely committed to excellent dental service through strong relationships and excellent care.

About Dr. Daniel Vinograd, Holistic Dentist San Diego

Dr. Vinograd received his DDS from the University of Southern California and has a dental certificate from Universidad Technlogica de Mexico. He has also earned a BCLAD from San Diego State University.

Serving the community in general dentistry for nearly 30 years, and in biocompatible dentistry for over a decade, he has taught Prosthedontics at the USC School of Dentistry and has participated in five dental mission trips. He also speaks both English and Spanish fluently.

Professionally, he is a member of the Association of Mercury-Safe Dentists, the Academy of Oral Medicine and the Society of Dental Anxiety Management. When not serving clients, teaching classes or enriching the community, Dr. Vinograd stays centered with his yoga exercises and mind-calming meditation as well as other spiritual activities.


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