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Archive for November, 2013

Dental Fear Explained

  the podcast: http://drvinograd.com/holistic-dentist/podcast-episode-4-leaving-fear-of-the-dentist-in-the-past/


Healing Reactions and Dental Issues P3

  SPEAKER 1: Hemorrhoids can last days or weeks or even months. The one thing I think you should know about the hemorrhoids is that it can very well be the body’s response to releasing toxins and the pressure, like Dr. Smith said earlier. A lot of times you can bleed profusely, and still not […]


Healing Reactions and Dental Issues P2

We’re going to move on to healing reactions. I thought it was tagged here, give me a second.   SPEAKER 1: While they’re finding that, let me bring you a couple bits of information that came up after yesterday’s class. I was shown in the handbook where it talks about cooking potatoes, and it says […]


Gum Disease Prevention & Awareness


Healing Reactions and Dental Issues

SPEAKER 1: Am I on? I don’t hear you.   DR. SMITH: Okay, hello. All right, we’re really getting a lot more questions and a lot of things coming up as you learn more and more. I know a lot more questions come up in the mind, and our panel, hopefully you can cover any […]


The Truth About Fluoride P5

  Ian: until last week there were still telling us that we needed to drink 8 glasses of water every day and most people who drink 8 glasses but do it right out of the tap.     Paul : the CDC looks as if the y are taking  responsibility  know , the CDC simply […]


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