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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P13

I found the best healthcare is healthcare that we pay for. Right? It’s not what your insurance company pays. I’m sorry. It’s what you have to go out and pay for, many times, out of your own pocket. But you’re the purchaser, you’re the consumer, and you know what you’re buying, and so if you […]


Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P12

Doctor [inaudible] does a  very good thorough research into the numbers, and she finds out that if you don’t get chickenpox when you’re young, your chances of getting shingles is greatly enhanced when you’re older, so the kids who are getting the chickenpox vaccine are now causing people in their family to get shingles, and […]


Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P11

The manufacturer will make between three and five million per year, and it costs about two hundred and thirty-two per child for their four shots. The manufacturer states that this vaccine could be dangerous for babies younger than six weeks old, but recommends it for babies six weeks old and above. Well, what if your […]


Great new recipe for remineralizing homemade toothpaste

A great new homemade toothpaste recipe by lindsay leigh bentley.. Recipe available at http://lindsayleighbentley.com/2012/09/03/be-well-homemade-toothpaste/


Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P10

And the next chart will show you how in 1985, Corpus Christi had a huge outbreak of measles. 99 perfect were fully vaccinated. In 1986 in Wisconsin, 96 were fully vaccinated. In the United States in 1988, 69 percent of all the school age children who had measles were fully vaccinated. In 1989, again, 89 […]


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