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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P12

Doctor [inaudible] does a  very good thorough research into the numbers, and she finds out that if you don’t get chickenpox when you’re young, your chances of getting shingles is greatly enhanced when you’re older, so the kids who are getting the chickenpox vaccine are now causing people in their family to get shingles, and I know I’ve met people who’ve gotten shingles after their children have gotten chickenpox. Also, I did hear from a couple people whose babies are now breaking out in herpes [inaudible] after getting the chickenpox vaccine. It’s a new vaccine. The studies aren’t done, so we don’t know, but it’s not life-threatening. Most children do fine with chickenpox, so you might consider allowing your kids to be exposed.

The national vaccine compensation system is a fund in Washington that was funded by tax dollars. Every vaccine has a tax on it, and the purpose of this is to compensate families whose children are vaccine-injured or who die, and I have to tell you that I’ve been in Washington at conferences where they talk about this compensation system, and they say there are seventeen full-time attorneys working in Washington to make sure you don’t get your money. Okay?

This is a system put up to help injured families, but they had all these attorneys – see you have to be able to prove that your child is vaccine injured. It’s very difficult to do, and you have a two-year window, and this is a huge problem for these children with autism, because many parents don’t connect it. They don’t realize it for like a year or two that something’s really wrong. It’s not until the child is three or four that they get diagnosed. But anyway, I have to tell you, as of 2002, they’ve settled over eight hundred million dollars’ worth of liability suits, so there’s a lot of people who are getting some money out there. And all of this is on the NBIC website.

Now, the tetanus vaccine, it is detoxified with formaldehyde and thimerosol, and according to Robert Mendelson, who I referenced many times, he said the number of booster shots is based on guesses. It’s not scientific at all. Tetanus has been progressively weakened over the years, so it’s like giving mud water. He said that there are countless references to neurological disturbances, emotion instability, and many other problems following the tetanus vaccine.

Most of the literature is a little bit older. The journal of neurology, in 1997, they mentioned this in that journal, and then the journal of allergy and clinical immunology in 1973 discussed how the tetanus vaccine causes allergic reaction and again, back in the journal of America medical association, it is recorded there as well. And he said nobody really knows if it’s necessary, and really, the way to deal with anything to do with tetanus is wound management.

Tetanus was prevalent in the turn of the century when we were walking behind cows and oxen with improper shoes. Our feet were exposed to their feces, which the spore would grow on the ground, and if you walked into it, it could get into your blood system, and that’s when it was very prevalent. Now that we have proper wound management, that’s not an issue. We have all kinds of antiseptic, topical antiseptic, and even if you just squeeze a fresh cut, you’ll flush out any toxins that could be in there. So Dr. Mendelson said that he felt that it was pretty much a useless vaccine. Dr. [inaudible] talks about it as well in her DVD.

So I want you to know that Congress signed the adult vaccine act in 1998. Did you know that? And they’ve got a whole bunch of vaccines they’re planning for you, okay? So it’s not just about our babies anymore. It’s about adults, and maybe that’s what it’s going to take to bring about change. I figure maybe when they’re asking all of you to go in and line up and bend over, maybe that’s when parents will say, “What’s going on here?” Okay? But they’ve of course had the influenza, the [inaudible], the tetanus and diphtheria vaccine.

They want the hepatitis A, hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, the chickenpox vaccine. You see, if you didn’t get chickenpox, you might need that as well, and it says here, “Vaccinations for adults. You’re never too old to get shots.” So they’ve got them all planned for you, and right now, there are hundreds of vaccines being developed. They’re even talking about putting vaccines in food products, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already there. They’re talking about bananas and potatoes and tomatoes, so what better way to get vaccines out than to put them in your food? Makes me want to start organic gardening like right now.

So anyway, we’re winding down here. Sickness in this country is a six hundred dollar billion industry, and my concern is that we’re not getting healthier. Our children are sicker than ever; our adults are being preserved on drugs in the nursing homes. They say the average senior citizen takes about fifteen to eighteen different drugs, okay? I think it’s time that we reexamine what we’re doing, especially with our children. They’re the future of our country. We’re going to lose a whole generation of males to autism. Right now, it’s affecting boys in nine out of ten profoundly affected children with autism are boys. How is that going to affect our country in the future? How is it going to affect our school systems that are already overburdened and overtaxed with learning disabilities and all these other problems? And my prayer is that something is going to change dramatically in this country.

If your child is sick already or if you have a child who has any of the neurological problems I’ve referenced – asthma, Crohn’s, gut problems, allergies, hyperactivity – there’s certain things that we’ve found that is helping these children across the country, and I’m referencing some of the best doctors that are working in this area. There’s a group called defeat autism now, DAN, and they have simultaneously going on any time of the year conferences, autism conferences going on around the country, and if you have an autistic child, join your local autism group, because they’re going to be your greatest source of support and information. But a doctor who is a DAN qualified doctor, has been to numerous seminars where they talk about how to heal and repair the gut, what they’re finding out with these children, the minerals that they’re lacking in, and the latest technology on helping these kids, and like I said, I have met parents whose children had full-blown autism, and they’re bringing them back.

And that’s the good news, but if your child is sick, you have to do several things. You need to pull all their medical records, get the lot numbers of all the vaccines that they’ve gotten. If they’re very sick with a terminal illness or autism, please make a report to the NVIC, the national vaccine information center, and they will send it in to [inaudible]. They will help you and assist you in sending a report into Washington. You see, we want them to know how many children are suffering out here, okay?

You get a report into them, find a holistic doctor. Your medical doctor who vaccinated your children most likely is not going to know how to help them. You need to find a holistic doctor, because much of what is helping these children is that mainstream medicine. Mainstream medicines, many times, the approach is just more medication, and what we’re finding is it’s more of a holistic approach to treating the human body. So find a holistic MD, or a DO, or a [inaudible] physician who specializes or is trained in how to help these children out.

It’s very important that you get allergy testing done. They find that these children are hypersensitive to all kinds of foods that you and I can eat; they cannot eat. Anything with any deer product, anything with a [inaudible], a gluten. There’s a whole diet called the gluten [inaudible] free diet, and they find that as soon as they take these foods away from the kids, their brain starts functioning better, okay? So you must get your children tested for allergies.

I really encourage you to get a chiropractic evaluation for your children. There’s nothing better than having your nervous system hooked up right, and your nervous system controls your immune system. The two go hand in hand; you cannot separate them, so if your child is suffering from hyperactivity or asthma or headaches or gut problems, tummy aches, get them in for a chiropractic evaluation. I’ve seen wonderful things happen with chiropractic. It doesn’t cure anything; it’s not the cure-all, but it helps the body to function better, and that’s why I’m a big advocate of chiropractic care.

So you have to start detoxifying them. These kids have leaky gut syndrome, they have yeast and gut bugs. They’re mineral and vitamin deficient. I am a big advocate of liquid minerals and vitamins. These kids don’t digest properly, so you don’t want to give them pills they have to break down. If you need information about that, please contact me via my website, but there’s some awesome liquid minerals and vitamins out there that can be very beneficial for children.

As I said, they cannot tolerate deer products. They have problem with digestive enzymes. They need lots of digestive help. I also like something called [inaudible]. It’s a live cell, live blood cell test, and it’s a prick of the finger, a little prick of the blood. Your medical doctor won’t do this; you have to find somebody who specializes in this. Again, I have lots of resources, and it’ll tell you a lot about what’s going on in the organs of that child, how much toxicity is there.

You must think about doing chelation therapy as well. Chelation therapy, there’s all different forms of it, but it helps to get the metals out, okay? I’ve known parents who’ve been doing it for their kids for six years now, and they said it’s very hard to get the mercury out. Usually you get out lead, aluminum, cadmium first, and then the mercury comes out, and there’s a whole protocol, so do your research. Go on the autism research institute, and you can find out about all of these things that I’m sharing with you.

How do you know if your child had a bad reaction? Well, according to the best books that I’ve read, parents describing bad reactions, it would be uncontrollable screaming, a high pitched screaming, any kind of seizures, any kind of loss of eye contact, any severe changes in behavior or personality, changes in their sleeping pattern. If a child gets a vaccine and sleeps for ten hours, twelve hours in the middle of the day, something’s wrong. Dr. [inaudible] touches on this in her DVD. Eating habits. If they have stomach or colon upsets, okay, that’s a sign of possible injury from some of the toxins. Regression in any kind of learning. If all of a sudden that child isn’t talking like they used to or they’re not maturing like they should or they’re not reacting to other children like they should, that could be a sign that something neurological is going on, okay?

So I know that I’ve given you a ton of information today. You’re probably going, like, “Oh my gosh, I can’t handle anymore.” This is just the beginning. Okay? This is not the end. You have to go home, you have to do your research, and you have to make informed decisions, and like I said, I continue to research all the time. There’s so much information out there in the internet. Yes, some of it isn’t accurate, but a lot of it’s really good stuff, and so with that, I want you to always know what you’re consenting to when you sign those forms.

I have parents say, “Well, what if my doctor won’t take care of me?” And I remind them who pays the bill. You’re the one who hires your doctor, and if your doctor will not respect your choice – you might want to wait until the child is five to do vaccines. That’s your choice. You know, some parents think, “Well, I want to do this shot, and I want to do that shot,” and I say, “Fine. Go to your doctor, order them individual, and tell your doctor you want them done individually. Make sure your child is healthy when you go in, no fevers, no colds, no swollen glands, and go ahead if that’s what you choose to do. But you’re in charge. It is your right to make these decisions on behalf of your child, and if your doctor won’t work with you, fire him or her, okay?” And then I hear, “Oh, well, my insurance company, my insurance policy covers that particular doctor.” I’m like, “Let me tell you what. If your child ends up injured, no insurance company’s going to cover you. You’re going to be stuck for the rest of your life dealing with the consequences.” So please don’t let things like money dictate where you go for your healthcare.

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