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I found the best healthcare is healthcare that we pay for. Right? It’s not what your insurance company pays. I’m sorry. It’s what you have to go out and pay for, many times, out of your own pocket. But you’re the purchaser, you’re the consumer, and you know what you’re buying, and so if you need a list of holistic doctors in the area, I’m trying to put together a comprehensive list for Michigan. I have a few. I can recommend them after the talk, but find yourself a holistic practitioner who will honor and respect your decision whether or not to vaccinate your children.

With that, thank you very much. You’ve been a great audience. I appreciate it.

Male: I’m a medical doctor. I graduated with honors from [inaudible] University in Omaha, Nebraska, home of [inaudible] town, home of father Flannigan. That was many years ago. And I’m also a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine where I got my MD degree, and I graduated with honors from that institution as well in women’s health and in women and children’s issues as well as neurologic disorders.

Before you ever vaccinate or do anything medical, I think the most important thing to do is to know all you can about vaccines and the options other than vaccination. There are many, many options. I wish that I could have decided whether or not I wanted to go forward with it before I ever vaccinated. And I wasn’t informed, even as a doctor graduating from major medical training centers about what vaccines can do and cannot do, what bad things and good things they can do in the human body.

The goal of government agencies in the industry is to get every single person in this country vaccinated, not just once, but several times. Multiple times before they hit the age of four or even earlier than that. That is not a requirement anywhere in the United States, the exception being Mississippi, you’ve got to get a doctor’s exemption there, and you have the right for that. And all the other states and the territories, and certainly Canada, and really, pretty much by and large everywhere, you have the right to make the final decision on that, okay? Without somebody like Mary Tocco, most people really end up thinking that they don’t have a choice.

Well, the concept of vaccines and neural development disorders is very controversial, and the controversy is whether or not there’s a cause of vaccinations and the neurodevelopmental problems, particularly autism as well as many others: OCD, ADD, Asperger’s, many, many other issues and neurodevelopmental medical practice, and it’s because I believe there is a connection, and many, many people, many physicians, many scientists, many parents who have a scientific background, and just plain old parents who have seen their children get worse after vaccinations, this entire controversy tells us two things. One, that knowing what the causes for most of our kids with autism, Asperger’s, and other neurodevelopmental disorders leads us to understand how it was caused and what we can do about it. Second, it tells us a lot about the damage not just to the brain, which is the major area, but also to other body functions such as the immune system, the GI tract, general metabolism of how your body deals with the food and water that it takes in. These things get very sick from the vaccine damage that occurs, and that helps us to know what to do with treatment to try to help these kids.

I do believe my son’s been vaccine injured. I think that he was a beautiful – it’s not just I think, I do believe he’s vaccine injured, because he was a beautiful, happy, normal child. He was reading and playing and interacting and just doing all the things a child should do, and then his health got much worse in terms of his body functions, just things such as that healthy glow a child who’s growing and who’s little and who’s a toddler ought to have, and then a lack of interest in interacting with other people and family members, and then tremendous regressive loss of the language and the function and the abstracting and all of the things that kids are supposed to go forward with at the age of two and three and four. These took a tremendous, serious, and very sad reversal.

And I think also the kids now, in their own hearts and in their own minds, that they really want to break out of this. Either they have regressed from where they were, or they have a very strong sense that they want to just get beyond what’s holding them back. It’s devastating for the children. It’s devastating for the parents, the grandparents, the loved ones, all of the family and friends, and so I think you can imagine what an awful feeling that is, to see that happen to a little one who’s a beautiful, lovely, pink, sweet little toddler, you know, to be sent into this hellish world of autism. It’s really an awful thing.

What are we currently doing to help children with autism? Everything. Everything we can. It’s a very complex problem. It’s the most challenging thing I’ve ever done in the field of medicine, and I’ve had a lot of challenges, and I really do feel I’ve met them, and this is a very great challenge, and we’re meeting this one, too. Very complicated. This is a medical problem, not a mental illness. It’s not psychiatric. Our kids are sick in every way, shape, and form. They really are malnourished because it’s difficult for them to eat. Many of them can’t chew and swallow because it’s a neurologic difficulty. Many of our kids, given the right food, they swallow it down, their digestive systems will not assimilate the proper nutrition that their parents give to them and the dinners that they make and so on. The GI system is very ill, and sometimes there are tremendous episodes of pain and really horrible symptoms that just completely destroy a child day in and day out to have a healthy and happy and nutritious life.

Then within the body, the immune system is very, very sick, and many things, including terrible, continuing infections, allergies, and even autoimmunity where there’s what I call the civil war in the body with the immune system turns on your own little child, and they get sick from that, and it’s very similar to things like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus and some of these other issues, and it affects the brain and the body’s metabolism, and it really, really is a serious problem with our kids. And then there’s the brain itself, which just does not have the opportunity to function properly with all those things we take for granted: thoughts and abstraction and happiness and regulating our emotions to be smoothly able to go through the day. That along with thinking and remembering and knowing how to talk to someone and the complexities of reading, and really things like putting pegs into holes when you’re playing with a toy, or even feeding yourself, that’s a very complicated thing, and picturing someone, for example, who’s had a stroke that cannot do that, we all know how devastating that is to lose that function.

Our kids have problems with those things, really from head to toe, every single day. So what do we do? We try to help all of those. We try to help the metabolism, the nourishment, the gastrointestinal digestive function, the immune system, and the very complicated things that make up brain function. Really, all of those things lead to effects on the brain and language, and we try to help those along with detoxifying, removing mercury that was from vaccine or other sources, getting other toxic metals. Aluminum from vaccination is another one. And we do that through nutrition, detoxification, including chelation and some natural detoxification systems. We also use things to help autoimmunity and inflammation. There’s a variety of things that’s almost endless, but we work very hard on those, and it’s quite a challenge, but the challenge is greatest for the parents and the children, and we all work as a team to help our kids with these issues.

And don’t forget one thing: you, the parent, have the right to make all those final decisions, and then once you know what you think is applicable to your child, then get some help implementing those things. Biomedical, you need to obviously get an eligible doctor. To get informed about consent issues and your vaccine rights, someone like Mary Tocco and other people who really can help you with that, other parents, and sometimes just on the internet with the various information about that. And then decide what it is that you want to do, and it’s going to be overwhelming, so you’ll probably decide on some therapy, some biomedical treatments, and then where you’re at with things like further vaccinations, whether or not to do those. I personally have decided never, ever to vaccinate my son, myself, or my family ever again. That’s a decision I arrived at because of the toxicity and the horrible effects and side effects from these vaccinations.

How is it that someone like me could go forward having vaccinated not only myself and my family and other individuals? And I look back, and I was so uninformed. Well, I was informed wrongly, okay? The industry and the government had information that they gave to doctors, and they also had information they didn’t give to doctors, so me and my professors and other doctors thought we had the truth, and I don’t think we did at all. Looking back, it’s very clear we didn’t have the facts. Then it became clear that some of the facts were withheld by the industry and the government, and all you have to do is look at David Kirby’s book and the [inaudible] episode and you’ll find out that that and other issues were instances where, even before that, the industry was talking about whether or not vaccines were safe in some settings, and there have been several disastrous situations that, looking back again, I think really the way to inform young doctors who are in medical school and who are in residency training and doctors who are in practice, you know, rely on this information.

I really think most doctors are very well intended about this, but they’re getting the wrong information. They’re still getting the wrong information, such as preservative-free and [inaudible] vaccines. That is not at all mercury-free. It’s just not true. This has been work on the part of the industry. Not all industry manufacturers, but several in particular have really stamped these phrases on some of their products, and it downright outright fools and miscommunicates to doctors and the public what really is in these vaccinations, okay? How can the public and how can a doctor make an informed decision about recommending something to you, the patient, if they really, truly do not know what’s in a vaccination? If there’s hard work or confusion or something in between going on on the other side that makes it difficult to impossible for a doctor to understand the vaccines that they’re supposed to give to every single person born in the United States several times in their young life, preschool, from the time the umbilical cord gets cut to the day they die?

That is something that just doesn’t happen yet in this country, and that’s what we need. We need people to get informed. It’s not that there’s not trust. It’s just difficult to rely on the system that is there for you to bring your child and hold your child in their hands, and it’s based on the proper flow of information as well as all that smart medical reasoning that doctors are supposed to be able to do, and we do do it if we get the right facts.

In this day and age, unfortunately, you have to ask and you have to be informed before you ever let anyone inject anything or apply any medical treatment to you. Otherwise, you’re just not going to know whether or not the doctor really has been given the opportunity to be informed.

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