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An Introduction to Dental Veneers

If you don’t know much about dental veneers, you can’t make an informed decision about whether they’re right for you or not. Your dentist can tell you everything you need to know about these quick and painless little pieces that can make a huge difference in your overall appearance, but it’s understandable if you want to have some background knowledge before you talk to your dentist.

Here’s a quick primer for you.


Understanding Dental Veneers

porcelain veneers

Veneers are hand-crafted, custom-made thin sheets of ceramic or porcelain that are carefully shaped to precisely fit on the front surfaces of your most visible teeth. When properly put in by an experienced dental professional, they look perfectly natural because some light is reflected away while some passes through — just like with natural teeth. Covering discolorations as well as minor chips, cracks and other problems is possible, and dentists do these kinds of things with veneers every day.

Essentially, dental veneers are a nearly instant fix for tooth imperfections and even some orthodontic issues.


Just Two Office Visits

Perhaps the best thing about dental veneers is that they can be arranged and installed painlessly in just two quick and simple visits to the dental office. It all starts, of course, with a talk with the dentist to make sure that veneers can do the job for you. Then, you work with the dental office professionals to determine just how things should be. An impression is taken, then the veneers are custom-designed for you. Since etching your natural teeth is necessary to make the adhesive stick, you may be fitted with temporary veneers while you wait for your permanent ones.

When the permanent veneers are ready, you return to the dental office to have them professionally installed. That’s all there is to it. The veneers will last for years with minimal care and professional monitoring.

If you live in San Diego, and would like a consultation about dental veneers, visit: http://brightondentalsd.com

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Need Braces? You Really Need To Take Some Kind Of Action!

Please understand that if you’re looking into orthodontic treatment, there are alternatives to traditional braces, including veneers in limited cases where the alignment issue isn’t significant. Plus, there are modern Invisalign plastic aligners. But understand this too: if you need orthodontic treatment and don’t get it, there can be serious consequences.

Braces and their alternatives do more than just make your teeth look better. They improve function, prevent jaw problems in some cases and allow you to chew more effectively. They also improve teeth spacing, and this can prevent gum disease and other periodontal issues.

While veneers only cover up problems, both braces and Invisalign cost about the same and deliver the same results: straight, healthy teeth you’ll enjoy showing off.

before and after bracesBut we can’t stress enough that action is preferable to inaction.

There are potentially a lifetime of health consequences when you don’t get braces or something else to correct your teeth spacing and alignment issues. Orthodontic issues can get worse and worse as time goes on, and that can lead to worsening oral health problems — and potentially problems that can’t be corrected at all.

Metal braces usually cost between $3,500 to $6,000. Invisalign costs roughly the same amount for the same person and level of treatment. When confronted with those numbers, most people choose Invisalign, but old-fashioned braces still do the job.

Keep in mind that health insurance may cover a portion of the treatment cost for people who are under age 18. It may also be possible for anyone to purchase supplemental coverage that will help reduce the cost of orthodontic treatment at some practices.

When you carefully consider the alternatives, you’ll see that there’s an affordable way to get the braces you need or one of the alternatives to braces. When faced with the costs involved in a lifetime of dental health issues, the relatively low cost seems even more reasonable.

San Diego residents looking for Cosmetic dental solutions & braces, visit:


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Best Holistic Dentist San Diego Has Offers 30 Years Experience And Life Plan

Dentist, Dr. Daniel Vinograd


The best San Diego dentist brings more than 30 years of experience to his patients and offers something unique: a six-point life plan designed to help you get healthy and stay that way. Dr. Daniel Vinograd believes in systemic health and overall wellbeing and offers his patients and the world this series of six life principles:


  1. Eat correctly. For Dr. Vinograd and for you, too, that means eating lower quantities of processed foods and greater quantities of yogurts and other cultured foods. Also, the dentist promotes eating a lot of protein and getting necessary vitamins and mineral from juicing fruits and veggies.
  2. Make your healthcare pros answer questions. There’s no reason to accept the advice of a dentist or doctor just because he or she claims to be an expert. Ask questions and require answers before agreeing to anything.
  3. Choose biocompatible, holistic dentistry for overall health. You shouldn’t have anything put into your body that isn’t compatible with the essence of what humans are. That means no mercury filling and avoidance of metal dental work unless absolutely necessary. Fluoride and toxic chemicals are a no-no too.
  4. Clean your teeth and mouth with ozonated water. Since mouth bacteria can’t live in the presence of oxygen, it make sense to introduce as much oxygen as possible into the mouth to kill more bacteria.
  5. Understand that everything is linked. Good dental health is associated with good overall health. To understand the link, talk to Dr. Vinograd and study up for yourself.
  6. Be a spiritual person. It doesn’t matter what kind of spirituality you practice, but being spiritual enhances overall health. It’s as simple as that.


When you practice these six life principles as prescribed by the best Dentist San Diego has within its city limits, you’ll have a healthier mouth and a better life too.


If you live in the San Diego area, visit Brighton Dental San Diego for a full list of services, or Call (619) 630-7174 for a free consultation with Dr. .


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Uncomfortable Lower Dentures – The Problems & Solutions

The problems with lower dentures are so common that a popular dental school joke suggests you should charge $4,000 for upper dentures and do the lower one for free.  Then when the patient complains about them, you can ask what they expect when they get it for free.  The fact is, surveys show that 80% of dental patients are unhappy with lower dentures.

The opposite is true with implants, about 80% of dental patients with implants are happy with their lower prosthetic.  The question with implants is how many are required for an overdenture of the jaw?  The answer to this depends on the complaint.  There are two main reasons patients give for not liking their lower dentures, either that they don’t stay in place, or they cause pain when biting or chewing.

The most frequent complaint with lower dentures is problems with movement during speaking or chewing.  Fortunately, this is also the easier complaint to fix.  This problem is caused by an insufficient bony ridge or lack of retentive seal due to the shape of the denture.  Lower dentures are held in place by the tongue, so when the tongue moves, the denture moves with it.  In this situation, one implant in each premolar area will in most cases be sufficient to hold the denture in place.  Provided the implants are situated far enough apart and centrally placed between the anterior and posterior of the jaw, they will hold prevent the denture from tipping, which can cause the denture to lose its grip.

The second complaint, that of pain on biting or chewing, can be quite a bit more complicated.  Discomfort is most commonly felt in the area of the premolars and is cause by the mental foramen.  The mental foramen is a space in the jawbone that allows passage of the mental nerve and vessels.  This nerve carries sensations from the front part of the lower jaw.  Over time after the natural teeth are lost, the bone wears away and the nerve migrates until it sits directly under where the denture rests.  As a result, the denture places pressure directly on the nerve anytime the patient bites, causing a sensation similar to that of hitting the funny bone.

The best solution by a long stretch are Implant Supported Dentures (click to continue reading about them).

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Another Great Recipe From NaturalNews

We scour the web for the best homemade toothpaste recipes, and here is our latest find on naturalnews:

Screenshot 2014-09-05 15.54.17


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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P13

I found the best healthcare is healthcare that we pay for. Right? It’s not what your insurance company pays. I’m sorry. It’s what you have to go out and pay for, many times, out of your own pocket. But you’re the purchaser, you’re the consumer, and you know what you’re buying, and so if you need a list of holistic doctors in the area, I’m trying to put together a comprehensive list for Michigan. I have a few. I can recommend them after the talk, but find yourself a holistic practitioner who will honor and respect your decision whether or not to vaccinate your children.

With that, thank you very much. You’ve been a great audience. I appreciate it.

Male: I’m a medical doctor. I graduated with honors from [inaudible] University in Omaha, Nebraska, home of [inaudible] town, home of father Flannigan. That was many years ago. And I’m also a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine where I got my MD degree, and I graduated with honors from that institution as well in women’s health and in women and children’s issues as well as neurologic disorders.

Before you ever vaccinate or do anything medical, I think the most important thing to do is to know all you can about vaccines and the options other than vaccination. There are many, many options. I wish that I could have decided whether or not I wanted to go forward with it before I ever vaccinated. And I wasn’t informed, even as a doctor graduating from major medical training centers about what vaccines can do and cannot do, what bad things and good things they can do in the human body.

The goal of government agencies in the industry is to get every single person in this country vaccinated, not just once, but several times. Multiple times before they hit the age of four or even earlier than that. That is not a requirement anywhere in the United States, the exception being Mississippi, you’ve got to get a doctor’s exemption there, and you have the right for that. And all the other states and the territories, and certainly Canada, and really, pretty much by and large everywhere, you have the right to make the final decision on that, okay? Without somebody like Mary Tocco, most people really end up thinking that they don’t have a choice.

Well, the concept of vaccines and neural development disorders is very controversial, and the controversy is whether or not there’s a cause of vaccinations and the neurodevelopmental problems, particularly autism as well as many others: OCD, ADD, Asperger’s, many, many other issues and neurodevelopmental medical practice, and it’s because I believe there is a connection, and many, many people, many physicians, many scientists, many parents who have a scientific background, and just plain old parents who have seen their children get worse after vaccinations, this entire controversy tells us two things. One, that knowing what the causes for most of our kids with autism, Asperger’s, and other neurodevelopmental disorders leads us to understand how it was caused and what we can do about it. Second, it tells us a lot about the damage not just to the brain, which is the major area, but also to other body functions such as the immune system, the GI tract, general metabolism of how your body deals with the food and water that it takes in. These things get very sick from the vaccine damage that occurs, and that helps us to know what to do with treatment to try to help these kids.

I do believe my son’s been vaccine injured. I think that he was a beautiful – it’s not just I think, I do believe he’s vaccine injured, because he was a beautiful, happy, normal child. He was reading and playing and interacting and just doing all the things a child should do, and then his health got much worse in terms of his body functions, just things such as that healthy glow a child who’s growing and who’s little and who’s a toddler ought to have, and then a lack of interest in interacting with other people and family members, and then tremendous regressive loss of the language and the function and the abstracting and all of the things that kids are supposed to go forward with at the age of two and three and four. These took a tremendous, serious, and very sad reversal.

And I think also the kids now, in their own hearts and in their own minds, that they really want to break out of this. Either they have regressed from where they were, or they have a very strong sense that they want to just get beyond what’s holding them back. It’s devastating for the children. It’s devastating for the parents, the grandparents, the loved ones, all of the family and friends, and so I think you can imagine what an awful feeling that is, to see that happen to a little one who’s a beautiful, lovely, pink, sweet little toddler, you know, to be sent into this hellish world of autism. It’s really an awful thing.

What are we currently doing to help children with autism? Everything. Everything we can. It’s a very complex problem. It’s the most challenging thing I’ve ever done in the field of medicine, and I’ve had a lot of challenges, and I really do feel I’ve met them, and this is a very great challenge, and we’re meeting this one, too. Very complicated. This is a medical problem, not a mental illness. It’s not psychiatric. Our kids are sick in every way, shape, and form. They really are malnourished because it’s difficult for them to eat. Many of them can’t chew and swallow because it’s a neurologic difficulty. Many of our kids, given the right food, they swallow it down, their digestive systems will not assimilate the proper nutrition that their parents give to them and the dinners that they make and so on. The GI system is very ill, and sometimes there are tremendous episodes of pain and really horrible symptoms that just completely destroy a child day in and day out to have a healthy and happy and nutritious life.

Then within the body, the immune system is very, very sick, and many things, including terrible, continuing infections, allergies, and even autoimmunity where there’s what I call the civil war in the body with the immune system turns on your own little child, and they get sick from that, and it’s very similar to things like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus and some of these other issues, and it affects the brain and the body’s metabolism, and it really, really is a serious problem with our kids. And then there’s the brain itself, which just does not have the opportunity to function properly with all those things we take for granted: thoughts and abstraction and happiness and regulating our emotions to be smoothly able to go through the day. That along with thinking and remembering and knowing how to talk to someone and the complexities of reading, and really things like putting pegs into holes when you’re playing with a toy, or even feeding yourself, that’s a very complicated thing, and picturing someone, for example, who’s had a stroke that cannot do that, we all know how devastating that is to lose that function.

Our kids have problems with those things, really from head to toe, every single day. So what do we do? We try to help all of those. We try to help the metabolism, the nourishment, the gastrointestinal digestive function, the immune system, and the very complicated things that make up brain function. Really, all of those things lead to effects on the brain and language, and we try to help those along with detoxifying, removing mercury that was from vaccine or other sources, getting other toxic metals. Aluminum from vaccination is another one. And we do that through nutrition, detoxification, including chelation and some natural detoxification systems. We also use things to help autoimmunity and inflammation. There’s a variety of things that’s almost endless, but we work very hard on those, and it’s quite a challenge, but the challenge is greatest for the parents and the children, and we all work as a team to help our kids with these issues.

And don’t forget one thing: you, the parent, have the right to make all those final decisions, and then once you know what you think is applicable to your child, then get some help implementing those things. Biomedical, you need to obviously get an eligible doctor. To get informed about consent issues and your vaccine rights, someone like Mary Tocco and other people who really can help you with that, other parents, and sometimes just on the internet with the various information about that. And then decide what it is that you want to do, and it’s going to be overwhelming, so you’ll probably decide on some therapy, some biomedical treatments, and then where you’re at with things like further vaccinations, whether or not to do those. I personally have decided never, ever to vaccinate my son, myself, or my family ever again. That’s a decision I arrived at because of the toxicity and the horrible effects and side effects from these vaccinations.

How is it that someone like me could go forward having vaccinated not only myself and my family and other individuals? And I look back, and I was so uninformed. Well, I was informed wrongly, okay? The industry and the government had information that they gave to doctors, and they also had information they didn’t give to doctors, so me and my professors and other doctors thought we had the truth, and I don’t think we did at all. Looking back, it’s very clear we didn’t have the facts. Then it became clear that some of the facts were withheld by the industry and the government, and all you have to do is look at David Kirby’s book and the [inaudible] episode and you’ll find out that that and other issues were instances where, even before that, the industry was talking about whether or not vaccines were safe in some settings, and there have been several disastrous situations that, looking back again, I think really the way to inform young doctors who are in medical school and who are in residency training and doctors who are in practice, you know, rely on this information.

I really think most doctors are very well intended about this, but they’re getting the wrong information. They’re still getting the wrong information, such as preservative-free and [inaudible] vaccines. That is not at all mercury-free. It’s just not true. This has been work on the part of the industry. Not all industry manufacturers, but several in particular have really stamped these phrases on some of their products, and it downright outright fools and miscommunicates to doctors and the public what really is in these vaccinations, okay? How can the public and how can a doctor make an informed decision about recommending something to you, the patient, if they really, truly do not know what’s in a vaccination? If there’s hard work or confusion or something in between going on on the other side that makes it difficult to impossible for a doctor to understand the vaccines that they’re supposed to give to every single person born in the United States several times in their young life, preschool, from the time the umbilical cord gets cut to the day they die?

That is something that just doesn’t happen yet in this country, and that’s what we need. We need people to get informed. It’s not that there’s not trust. It’s just difficult to rely on the system that is there for you to bring your child and hold your child in their hands, and it’s based on the proper flow of information as well as all that smart medical reasoning that doctors are supposed to be able to do, and we do do it if we get the right facts.

In this day and age, unfortunately, you have to ask and you have to be informed before you ever let anyone inject anything or apply any medical treatment to you. Otherwise, you’re just not going to know whether or not the doctor really has been given the opportunity to be informed.

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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P12

Doctor [inaudible] does a  very good thorough research into the numbers, and she finds out that if you don’t get chickenpox when you’re young, your chances of getting shingles is greatly enhanced when you’re older, so the kids who are getting the chickenpox vaccine are now causing people in their family to get shingles, and I know I’ve met people who’ve gotten shingles after their children have gotten chickenpox. Also, I did hear from a couple people whose babies are now breaking out in herpes [inaudible] after getting the chickenpox vaccine. It’s a new vaccine. The studies aren’t done, so we don’t know, but it’s not life-threatening. Most children do fine with chickenpox, so you might consider allowing your kids to be exposed.

The national vaccine compensation system is a fund in Washington that was funded by tax dollars. Every vaccine has a tax on it, and the purpose of this is to compensate families whose children are vaccine-injured or who die, and I have to tell you that I’ve been in Washington at conferences where they talk about this compensation system, and they say there are seventeen full-time attorneys working in Washington to make sure you don’t get your money. Okay?

This is a system put up to help injured families, but they had all these attorneys – see you have to be able to prove that your child is vaccine injured. It’s very difficult to do, and you have a two-year window, and this is a huge problem for these children with autism, because many parents don’t connect it. They don’t realize it for like a year or two that something’s really wrong. It’s not until the child is three or four that they get diagnosed. But anyway, I have to tell you, as of 2002, they’ve settled over eight hundred million dollars’ worth of liability suits, so there’s a lot of people who are getting some money out there. And all of this is on the NBIC website.

Now, the tetanus vaccine, it is detoxified with formaldehyde and thimerosol, and according to Robert Mendelson, who I referenced many times, he said the number of booster shots is based on guesses. It’s not scientific at all. Tetanus has been progressively weakened over the years, so it’s like giving mud water. He said that there are countless references to neurological disturbances, emotion instability, and many other problems following the tetanus vaccine.

Most of the literature is a little bit older. The journal of neurology, in 1997, they mentioned this in that journal, and then the journal of allergy and clinical immunology in 1973 discussed how the tetanus vaccine causes allergic reaction and again, back in the journal of America medical association, it is recorded there as well. And he said nobody really knows if it’s necessary, and really, the way to deal with anything to do with tetanus is wound management.

Tetanus was prevalent in the turn of the century when we were walking behind cows and oxen with improper shoes. Our feet were exposed to their feces, which the spore would grow on the ground, and if you walked into it, it could get into your blood system, and that’s when it was very prevalent. Now that we have proper wound management, that’s not an issue. We have all kinds of antiseptic, topical antiseptic, and even if you just squeeze a fresh cut, you’ll flush out any toxins that could be in there. So Dr. Mendelson said that he felt that it was pretty much a useless vaccine. Dr. [inaudible] talks about it as well in her DVD.

So I want you to know that Congress signed the adult vaccine act in 1998. Did you know that? And they’ve got a whole bunch of vaccines they’re planning for you, okay? So it’s not just about our babies anymore. It’s about adults, and maybe that’s what it’s going to take to bring about change. I figure maybe when they’re asking all of you to go in and line up and bend over, maybe that’s when parents will say, “What’s going on here?” Okay? But they’ve of course had the influenza, the [inaudible], the tetanus and diphtheria vaccine.

They want the hepatitis A, hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, the chickenpox vaccine. You see, if you didn’t get chickenpox, you might need that as well, and it says here, “Vaccinations for adults. You’re never too old to get shots.” So they’ve got them all planned for you, and right now, there are hundreds of vaccines being developed. They’re even talking about putting vaccines in food products, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already there. They’re talking about bananas and potatoes and tomatoes, so what better way to get vaccines out than to put them in your food? Makes me want to start organic gardening like right now.

So anyway, we’re winding down here. Sickness in this country is a six hundred dollar billion industry, and my concern is that we’re not getting healthier. Our children are sicker than ever; our adults are being preserved on drugs in the nursing homes. They say the average senior citizen takes about fifteen to eighteen different drugs, okay? I think it’s time that we reexamine what we’re doing, especially with our children. They’re the future of our country. We’re going to lose a whole generation of males to autism. Right now, it’s affecting boys in nine out of ten profoundly affected children with autism are boys. How is that going to affect our country in the future? How is it going to affect our school systems that are already overburdened and overtaxed with learning disabilities and all these other problems? And my prayer is that something is going to change dramatically in this country.

If your child is sick already or if you have a child who has any of the neurological problems I’ve referenced – asthma, Crohn’s, gut problems, allergies, hyperactivity – there’s certain things that we’ve found that is helping these children across the country, and I’m referencing some of the best doctors that are working in this area. There’s a group called defeat autism now, DAN, and they have simultaneously going on any time of the year conferences, autism conferences going on around the country, and if you have an autistic child, join your local autism group, because they’re going to be your greatest source of support and information. But a doctor who is a DAN qualified doctor, has been to numerous seminars where they talk about how to heal and repair the gut, what they’re finding out with these children, the minerals that they’re lacking in, and the latest technology on helping these kids, and like I said, I have met parents whose children had full-blown autism, and they’re bringing them back.

And that’s the good news, but if your child is sick, you have to do several things. You need to pull all their medical records, get the lot numbers of all the vaccines that they’ve gotten. If they’re very sick with a terminal illness or autism, please make a report to the NVIC, the national vaccine information center, and they will send it in to [inaudible]. They will help you and assist you in sending a report into Washington. You see, we want them to know how many children are suffering out here, okay?

You get a report into them, find a holistic doctor. Your medical doctor who vaccinated your children most likely is not going to know how to help them. You need to find a holistic doctor, because much of what is helping these children is that mainstream medicine. Mainstream medicines, many times, the approach is just more medication, and what we’re finding is it’s more of a holistic approach to treating the human body. So find a holistic MD, or a DO, or a [inaudible] physician who specializes or is trained in how to help these children out.

It’s very important that you get allergy testing done. They find that these children are hypersensitive to all kinds of foods that you and I can eat; they cannot eat. Anything with any deer product, anything with a [inaudible], a gluten. There’s a whole diet called the gluten [inaudible] free diet, and they find that as soon as they take these foods away from the kids, their brain starts functioning better, okay? So you must get your children tested for allergies.

I really encourage you to get a chiropractic evaluation for your children. There’s nothing better than having your nervous system hooked up right, and your nervous system controls your immune system. The two go hand in hand; you cannot separate them, so if your child is suffering from hyperactivity or asthma or headaches or gut problems, tummy aches, get them in for a chiropractic evaluation. I’ve seen wonderful things happen with chiropractic. It doesn’t cure anything; it’s not the cure-all, but it helps the body to function better, and that’s why I’m a big advocate of chiropractic care.

So you have to start detoxifying them. These kids have leaky gut syndrome, they have yeast and gut bugs. They’re mineral and vitamin deficient. I am a big advocate of liquid minerals and vitamins. These kids don’t digest properly, so you don’t want to give them pills they have to break down. If you need information about that, please contact me via my website, but there’s some awesome liquid minerals and vitamins out there that can be very beneficial for children.

As I said, they cannot tolerate deer products. They have problem with digestive enzymes. They need lots of digestive help. I also like something called [inaudible]. It’s a live cell, live blood cell test, and it’s a prick of the finger, a little prick of the blood. Your medical doctor won’t do this; you have to find somebody who specializes in this. Again, I have lots of resources, and it’ll tell you a lot about what’s going on in the organs of that child, how much toxicity is there.

You must think about doing chelation therapy as well. Chelation therapy, there’s all different forms of it, but it helps to get the metals out, okay? I’ve known parents who’ve been doing it for their kids for six years now, and they said it’s very hard to get the mercury out. Usually you get out lead, aluminum, cadmium first, and then the mercury comes out, and there’s a whole protocol, so do your research. Go on the autism research institute, and you can find out about all of these things that I’m sharing with you.

How do you know if your child had a bad reaction? Well, according to the best books that I’ve read, parents describing bad reactions, it would be uncontrollable screaming, a high pitched screaming, any kind of seizures, any kind of loss of eye contact, any severe changes in behavior or personality, changes in their sleeping pattern. If a child gets a vaccine and sleeps for ten hours, twelve hours in the middle of the day, something’s wrong. Dr. [inaudible] touches on this in her DVD. Eating habits. If they have stomach or colon upsets, okay, that’s a sign of possible injury from some of the toxins. Regression in any kind of learning. If all of a sudden that child isn’t talking like they used to or they’re not maturing like they should or they’re not reacting to other children like they should, that could be a sign that something neurological is going on, okay?

So I know that I’ve given you a ton of information today. You’re probably going, like, “Oh my gosh, I can’t handle anymore.” This is just the beginning. Okay? This is not the end. You have to go home, you have to do your research, and you have to make informed decisions, and like I said, I continue to research all the time. There’s so much information out there in the internet. Yes, some of it isn’t accurate, but a lot of it’s really good stuff, and so with that, I want you to always know what you’re consenting to when you sign those forms.

I have parents say, “Well, what if my doctor won’t take care of me?” And I remind them who pays the bill. You’re the one who hires your doctor, and if your doctor will not respect your choice – you might want to wait until the child is five to do vaccines. That’s your choice. You know, some parents think, “Well, I want to do this shot, and I want to do that shot,” and I say, “Fine. Go to your doctor, order them individual, and tell your doctor you want them done individually. Make sure your child is healthy when you go in, no fevers, no colds, no swollen glands, and go ahead if that’s what you choose to do. But you’re in charge. It is your right to make these decisions on behalf of your child, and if your doctor won’t work with you, fire him or her, okay?” And then I hear, “Oh, well, my insurance company, my insurance policy covers that particular doctor.” I’m like, “Let me tell you what. If your child ends up injured, no insurance company’s going to cover you. You’re going to be stuck for the rest of your life dealing with the consequences.” So please don’t let things like money dictate where you go for your healthcare.

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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P11

The manufacturer will make between three and five million per year, and it costs about two hundred and thirty-two per child for their four shots. The manufacturer states that this vaccine could be dangerous for babies younger than six weeks old, but recommends it for babies six weeks old and above. Well, what if your child is immune compromised? What if your child isn’t quite all that it should be on the day it goes in for the shot? What if your child is premature? You see, parents aren’t really being told this information. You’re trusting that your nurse who is going to administer this vaccine knows all the guidelines. You’re putting your faith into that person, okay, that they’ve done their due diligence and they know how to administer these vaccines. So be very careful who you put your faith and trust in.

In a report called the national center for health statistics in 1988, Dr. Jay Bart [inaudible] told the FDA that Prevnar may be seven times more toxic as the [inaudible] vaccine, possibly causing an estimated four hundred to seven hundred children to develop insulin dependent diabetes. Okay, another vaccine being implicated. And he goes on to say it make take three point five to ten years following the immunization for that pancreas to finally become injured, and since it was licensed in 2000 – this is the part that gets me – there have been over 3243 Prevnar-related averse events reported to the federal government.

And there’s a system called VAERS, vaccine adverse events reporting system. Legally, a doctor is supposed to file a report every time a child has an adverse event. Now, they admit that only ten percent at best of these events get reported, okay? But because of this, they actually had four hundred and seventy-six serious events and seventy-nine deaths from a vaccine for ear infections. So again, is the American republic really being told all that they need to know to make an informed decision about this vaccine?

And I found out that they went on and they actually put, after all of these adverse events were coming in, they actually went in and added seventeen new serious events to their list of events in the packaging. That tells you their safety studies are not good. If they’re finding out after the fact that it can cause all these adverse effects and then they put it in their manufacture insert after the fact, safety studies are not being done. So who are the guinea pigs?

Now, meningitis, there are several different vaccines designed to prevent bacterial meningitis. There’s the PNU immune 23 for senior citizens, the HIB for babies, Prevnar for babies, and the [inaudible] vaccine for college students. We’re hearing a lot about college students and bacterial meningitis. There are eighty-four different types of [inaudible] bacteria identified that cause bacterial meningitis. The vaccine cannot possibly protect you from all of them, so you know, if you have a child that’s going into college, just encourage them to be clean about their lifestyle, and all you can do is encourage them to be health-conscious, but there are no long-term safety studies done on these vaccines. None whatsoever.

I want to talk about a former FDA employee. His name is Dr. John Martin. His job was to look at vaccines for contamination, and he discovered a cell-damaging virus that he called the [inaudible] virus. Now, this was years ago. This was like ten, fifteen years ago. He documented it and he was able to prove that it came from the monkey kidneys used to produce the live polio vaccine. But it passes readily between humans and domestic pets.

He went on to say that these viruses fail to be effectively recognized by the immune system and lead to neuropsychotropic illnesses, including but not limiting autism. But what happened was he went to the FDA, and he told them, “I found something very serious. It was in the polio vaccine.” He called it the stealth virus because it has the ability to hide in the immune system, and he sent the [inaudible] reports, and they ignored them, and year after year he kept finding more and more of them, and he kept telling them about it, and finally the way that they dealt with him was they pulled his license. Okay? And he has now dedicated his life to going out there and talking to people about the stealth virus, but he also said that the FDA studied the polio vaccine and found DNA from the [inaudible] virus.

Okay, again, another monkey virus. They have proof that it was in all the vaccines, and he said it was in all the vaccines prior to 1992 and given to all Americans. This virus is not picked up by the immune system and can cause a persistent inflammation throughout the body. Now, how many of us have joint pain and discomfort and inflammation throughout our body? A lot of people suffer with these problems, so he’s saying he believes it’s the stealth and the [inaudible] virus that we got through the vaccines. He said the FDA covered up their discovery, knowing it was a great problem, and even though he opened dialogue with the CDC again, they pulled his license. He was stripped of his ability to have a laboratory.

I want to talk about vaccines and SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome. If you’ve ever met a parent who lost a baby to SIDS, it’s very sad, because they have what looks like a perfectly healthy child to goes to bed one day, napping or whatever, and dies while sleeping, and I actually had the opportunity to talk to the president of the SIDS foundation years ago in Michigan, and I asked her – she had a child who died from SIDS, and most of them, by the way, are boys, and I don’t know if you remember, but Boyd Haley was trying to figure out why most children who are autistic are boys, and he found that boys hold on to the thimerosol in the brain because of testosterone in their body and that it acts like a catalyst driving thimerosol deeper into the tissue and that he believes that’s why most children who are autistic are boys, okay?

Well, then I find out that most children who die from SIDS are also boys, but I asked this woman who’s the president of the Michigan SIDS foundation, “Have you ever looked at vaccines as being a probable cause?” And she said, “No, there’s no way.” And I said, “Go back to your –“ she has doctors who are on the board – I said, “Ask them if they’ve ever looked into the vaccines as being cause of SIDS, and she said she went back and they said, “There’s no way. There’s no way on earth.” So I began to do my research, and I would like to talk about Dr. Vera [inaudible]. She is a PhD, [inaudible] scientist, and back in 1895, she developed the first breathing monitor called the [inaudible] system, and it was for siblings whose brothers and sisters died with SIDS, and it was a very high-tech computer system where the babies had monitors monitoring their blood pressure and their respiration to try to understand why children die in their sleep, and this is her conclusion on the front of her book.

A hundred years of orthodox research shows that vaccines represented in a medical assault on the immune system. This is another great book. You can get it on, I believe, thinktwice.com. I’m hoping to offer these books on my website soon, but anyway, she says, “I found that the most prominent stressful event in babies studied was after their vaccines. This monitor recorded the breathing patterns,” and she said, “it was painfully obvious to me they were suffering from respiratory failure after getting vaccines.”

In her conclusion, she said, “Vaccines did not only prevent any infectious illnesses, they caused more suffering than any other human activity in the entire history of medical intervention.” It will be decades before mopping up after the disasters caused by vaccines. She said that all vaccines should be stopped immediately, and all families should be compensated appropriately. Well, after she came out with this, they began to ruin her. They basically took away all of her funding and she has now dedicated her life to doing what I’m doing, sharing information about the dangers of vaccines.

Let’s see, who else? They had a huge conference, a SIDS conference in 1970, and Harris [inaudible] was actually in Washington for this conference. There were ten countries there, and he said that the question was asked to this panel of experts: what is the difference between a SIDS death and a vaccine death? And no one had anything to say. They said there’s really no way we can tell the difference. But ironically, after that, Australia made vaccines non-compulsory. They told the people you don’t have to come in and get your children vaccinated until the age of two. Okay? They stopped mandating them for the age of two.

The very next year, fifty percent of the people opted out of the vaccines, and their SIDS rate dropped by fifty percent. Now, we have one of the worst SIDS rates of all industrialized, modernized countries, yet we have more doctors, more specialized neonatal care centers. We have the best equipment. We’ve got more drugs. It’s amazing that we can take a one pound baby that is born early, and we can help them to thrive, but what happens to our children? Why do we have children dying off at very high, alarming rates? In fact, somewhere I’ve got my stats in here of how many children die of SIDS every year. Okay, I don’t have it, but it’s available on my website. Anyway, so we do know that vaccines can cause sudden infant death syndrome. It’s one of those topics that needs to be further researched, and I’m hoping that as people become more aware of it, they realize that this research needs to be done.

I want to talk about hepatitis B. hepatitis B is the shot they’re giving children right at birth, and [inaudible] Fisher from the national vaccine information center said that it got licensed without adequate proof of long term safety. Studies included a few thousand children monitored for only four to five days after the vaccine to check for reaction. In 1994, the institute of medicine reported that there’s compelling scientific evidence to conclude that hepatitis B vaccine can cause shock and can end in death.

Now, hepatitis B is something that we’re screening for. Pregnant women get tons of blood taken during pregnancy. You pregnant women out there can attest, and I just actually had my first grandson, and my daughter said, “Mom, they took seven vials of blood,” and when I asked why, they’re testing for all of these diseases. So the pre-screen women to see who has hepatitis B. Why is it that they don’t pick the few who have hepatitis B or are carriers and recommend that their children get tested after birth and then give the vaccine if they choose? Being that it’s not a safe vaccine, it makes no sense to give it to every child across the board. And again, it’s just public awareness.

The chickenpox vaccine, which is the varicella [inaudible], was licensed in 1995, and it can cause chickenpox. Right here in [inaudible], Michigan, they just had a huge outbreak of chickenpox because I have nephews that go to school there, and when my brother went to school, the teachers say, “Oh, we have this huge outbreak of chickenpox, you shouldn’t come to school,” and he said, “Why?” And they said, “Well, you know, it’s contagious,” and we come to find out that the children who broke out with the chickenpox had all just recently been vaccinated. So he sent his son to school hoping to expose him so that he could get his chickenpox, okay? To strengthen his immune system, but we know that people who are getting the chickenpox vaccine are getting the chickenpox.

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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P10

And the next chart will show you how in 1985, Corpus Christi had a huge outbreak of measles. 99 perfect were fully vaccinated. In 1986 in Wisconsin, 96 were fully vaccinated. In the United States in 1988, 69 percent of all the school age children who had measles were fully vaccinated. In 1989, again, 89 percent of all the school age children in this country were fully vaccinated, and then again in 1995. 56 percent of all children who had measles were fully vaccinated. Now, this is a live virus, so my question is who’s infecting who? We’ll never know, and when I see articles in the newspaper about outbreaks of whooping cough and measles, I always read it very carefully, because they don’t tell you if the children who had the outbreak had been vaccinated. And in one, I had actually a copy of it, there was a big pertussis whooping cough outbreak in Ohio, and you read the article, and it’s all this fear, fear, fear about whooping cough, and then they say at the very bottom, “One child was unvaccinated.” That says all the others were vaccinated, doesn’t it?

But we let fear motivate us, and they use fear all the time to get us in for vaccines. When you look at these articles, when you hear the newscasters on television, just realize that many times, the stats that they have are inconclusive. They’re incorrect, and fear is a big motivating factor. My complaint with television is that it’s all funded by pharmaceutical companies. I can’t tell you how many radio programs I’ve tried to get on. I’ll be on one time, and I’ll call them back a few months later and say, “What kind of feedback did you get?” “Well, we had a lot of doctors complain in the community, and now we’re not allowed to have you on anymore.” That’s a fact.

Right here in northern Michigan, it was like open line Friday, and I always try to get on when I can, and it was after 9/11, and everyone was talking about the terrible problem in our country with 9/11, and I got on, and I said, “You know, we have a 9/11 taking place in the blood of our children in this country every day.” And he said, “What do you mean?” I said, “You know, eight thousand children are at risk every day of mercury damage because of vaccines, mercury injury.” And he said, “What are you talking about? That can’t possibly be true.” And I said, “I can prove it.” He said, “You bring me proof, and I’ll give you airtime. This would be breaking news.” So I got all of my congressional records and all of my information and my list of what’s in vaccines, and I went down to the radio station, and I handed it to him, and I said, “Here you go.”

And I also handed him a Channel 7 investigative report video that was done in Detroit on the whole thimerosol autism vaccine issue where they proved that the drug companies were lying to the doctors about thimerosol-free vaccines. They actually proved that the doctors were being lied to by the representatives, and then the patients were being told inaccurate information, and that the vaccines were not thimerosoll0free, okay? And I took him that. He looked it over and called me back a couple days later and he said, “I’m really sorry, Mary, I can’t put you on.” I said, “Why? You told me on the air that you’d have me on to discuss this.” “Well, I talked to the other guy who had you on a couple years ago, and after you were on, we got so many complaints from the medical community that it’s not good for our ratings.” And he said, “I’m really sorry.” And I said, “So children can go on being injured, but your ratings are more important?”

You see, that’s what the problem is with the media. We can’t get any coverage on this topic, so I’m hoping that parents – you see, we are the consumers in this country. Nothing is going to change in Washington. Nothing. I really believe that. Until parents stand up and say no. When the doctors figure it out that parents are getting onto them, that they’re getting smart and making educated, informed decisions, then they’re going to have to figure out a better safe vaccine, you know? If there’s such a thing available, but until more doctors injure their own children, unfortunately that’s what’s happening.

All of the medical doctors that I’ve met who are out there helping other children now have unfortunately injured their own children or have family members who are injured. You know, the woman who formed our group, Michigan opposing mandatory vaccines, her nephew died right after getting his DPT shot. Unfortunately, more babies are going to have to be injured. More celebrities are going to have to have injured children. More people in Congress, more Senators, okay, before anything will change in Washington.

What my hope and prayer is that you will do your research and that you will reach all the people in your communities, your neighbors, your friends, the people in your churches. You see, I’m only one person, but I know for a fact if you can tell them about my DVD and you can give them information and websites that they can then make an informed decision, and if nothing more, our government will be forced to do independent research on the safety issues and will be forced to make safer vaccines for those who want to do them. Okay? That’s your job. I’ve commissioned you.

Anyway, I want to show you the next chart. This was on the rubella vaccine. Remember we get the MMR together? Well, the rubella vaccine is being given to women who are going into childbearing ages because they have no natural immunity from their rubella vaccine, so they have to get a booster shot. Well, rubella vaccine has been linked to arthritis in adult women. Fifty-five percent complain of joint pain and develop arthritis within four weeks of getting the shot. Then in two different studies from the journal of the American medical association, in 1981, they did a poll of doctors who give the rubella vaccine to pregnant women, and when they ask them if they would themselves take the shot, in one study, seventy-eight percent said that they would refuse to take it. In another study, ninety-one percent said that they would refuse to take the shot themselves. But they’ll be happy to give it to you, and that’s reported by Neal Miller.

I want to talk about Harris [inaudible]. He is an incredible man. He’s authored several books, and one of them is he co-authored it with [inaudible] Fisher, a Shot in the Dark. He’s written many, many books pertaining to vaccines, but his background is he’s got a PhD in medical history. He spoke seven fluent languages, so he was able to interpret data from other countries much better than anyone I would ever know, and he wrote a book, Vaccination, Social Violence [inaudible], the Medical Assault on the American Brain. And in this book he says, and I’m going to quote, “In 1965, four to five years after Congress passed the immunization assistant act, doctors began to encounter a whole new group of neurologically deficit four and five year olds. By 1975, within ten short years, activity limited chronic conditions was up by forty-four percent. Why weren’t we watching? Why weren’t we paying attention?

Most of these conditions are associated with post [inaudible] syndrome, which is a brain inflammation due to some sort of toxic exposure. Specifically, respiratory disease was up by forty-seven percent. Asthma, sixty-five percent, and death from asthma increased as well. Mental and nervous system problems eighty percent. How many children do we know have mental problems now, have learning problems, who are hyperactive and are on all kinds of drugs to keep them stable? Don’t we all know children who are suffering with these problems? Hyperactivity, behavior disorders, drug abuse? Three hundred percent increase ten years after we started doing vaccines. Diseases of the eyes and the ears, a hundred and twenty percent increase. Loss of hearing, a hundred and twenty-nine percent. And the number of disabled children went from one million to over two million by 1960. Why weren’t we paying attention?

What I think is the pharmaceutical industry, the institute of medicine found a vehicle, and they’re on that vehicle, and they’re driving it as fast as they can, and they’re not stopping to look and see the consequences, and until something changes, this vehicle is going to just keep on going. Harris [inaudible] also has testified before Congress about the effects of vaccines on the [inaudible] of the pancreas causing type one diabetes. Again, another problem children never used to have, and now we have huge incidences of juvenile type one diabetes. He said the MMR vaccine, the rubella component of the vaccine has been implicated in causing juvenile onset type one diabetes.

The pertussis vaccine, the old pertussis toxins secreted by the micro [inaudible] pertussis causes whooping cough. It is also called the eyelet activating protein because it affects the pancreas, so if a child gets whooping cough, they can have problems with their pancreas after. But he went on to say that the live virus vaccine was causing all kinds of problems with the pancreas, which ends up causing hypoglycemia or diabetes, and it can take up to five years for diabetes to appear after the vaccine.

You can’t get into the service if you have diabetes, right? You go through a vigorous physical exam. He did a study on how many people came out of the service because of diabetes, and it’s incredible, and I don’t have it, but I have it all in my records at home, so if you’re interested in that, let me know, but he showed how many of our servicemen and servicewomen were let out of the army and armed forces because of diabetes after getting all of their vaccines, so there’s lots of proof. Prevnar vaccine. Prevnar is just recently approved by the FDA in 2000, and it’s used to prevent earaches and pneumonia as well as bacterial meningitis. It’s produced by [inaudible], and they’re the same ones who produced that wonderful Rota shield vaccine that was on the market for six months and got pulled because of injury.

They paid, by the way, Dr. Catherine Edwards two hundred and fifty-five thousand dollars to study the vaccine for safety and efficacy. Well, guess what? She’s also a member of the vaccine advisory committee. Now, if someone was paying you over two hundred thousand dollars to study a vaccine for safety, don’t you think you might be kind of inclined to let that vaccine get through? You see, I believe that people who are getting money are not able to do a good job. They’re going to automatically have a biased opinion, and you know, again, Prevnar is one of those things, children don’t die of earaches. Come on, now.

And its efficacy – this is amazing – there are no long term studies on the vaccine. It’s a bioengineered vaccine combining seven strains of bacteria, and then it’s combined with the diphtheria toxin. Sounds yummy. It is grown in [inaudible] amino acids and is yeast extract purified with aluminum sulfate. Again, neurotoxins, and according to Michael [inaudible], he says this, “Such a creation has never before existed on the earth, and the human race has never before in its entire history been exposed to such a product.” We’re being told it’s a great vaccine.

Very quickly, I want to talk about it. In the manufactured studies, the results were only seven percent fewer earaches and less than 0.1 percent fewer pneumonias, and yet they’re mandating it for all children. The package [inaudible] says, “Precaution. Should under no circumstances be administered intravenously,” which means near blood vessel or a nerve. Now, when you take a baby in for their vaccines, how do you know that that nurse is not going to touch a blood vessel with that shot? They’re so tiny. There’s no way of knowing, but that’s in the manufacturer’s insert because if it gets into the blood system, it can cause major organ damage, okay?

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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P9

And one of Neal Miller’s books actually goes into it in great detail, so if you know someone who suffers with Gulf War syndrome or you’re interested, go to his website and you can find out. He has a Senate testimony. He talks about where pregnant women actually had immediate abortions after that their babies just died and their body aborted them after the vaccine. By the way,t hey got the anthrax vaccine. It is considered an experimental vaccine, and several times, it’s been in court to stop and halt giving our servicemen this vaccine, and there’s a great radio program called The Power Hour. If you go on the internet, Dr. [inaudible] talks about this all the time. She has a great program. But anyway, France did not do the Gulf War shots, and they have no Gulf War syndrome. And it also, [inaudible] said that a large amount of our soldiers who never were deployed have Gulf War syndrome, so where’s the public outcry? These are people who go to fight for our country and for what is right. Our government is pretty much just ignoring them, okay, because it’s vaccine-related again.

Boyd [inaudible] is from the University of Kentucky. He’s referred to as the doctor of mercury. He did research for the institute of medicine, and he was able to show how mercury interferes with enzyme function in the brain. He has testified before Congressman Burton and shows how mercury, when given very small amounts, will go in and actually stop enzyme function immediately. Now, even though he’s been able to prove this, the institute of medicine still says there’s no conclusive study that shows, okay? So he also found that he studied young children, actually newborns, and he was able to take blood from their cord and check it for the amount of mercury in it, and he also took hair samples, and what he found was that brand new babies are being born with a full load of mercury, and that if their mother has a mouthful of amalgam fillings, which contain mercury, that that child will be exposed to mercury vapors while developing, and I also believe if that mother received her vaccinations, it, of course, increases that baby’s load.

But he found that babies are born now will a full load of mercury, predisposing them to allergic reactions when they get their first shot of mercury through their vaccines, okay? So pregnant mothers need to be very careful what they eat, of course, during pregnancy. If you have a full mouth of amalgams, do not remove them if you plan on getting pregnant. Do not remove them while you’re pregnant. That can cause severe problems. There’s a whole protocol for amalgam removal that I can share with you. I work with Dr. Phillip [inaudible], he’s given me a whole protocol about how to go about safely removing amalgam fillings because it’s a good thing to get them out, but don’t do it if you’re planning to have a baby soon or if you’re nursing your baby, okay? But anyway, I wanted to let you know about his studies because he basically shows how babies can be born with autism now. Okay?

Now, the polio vaccine has been around for over fifty-five years, and yet there are no long term studies on it, and I want to talk about Howard [inaudible]. He earned his degree in microbiology from the University of Michigan Medical School. He worked in the department of pathology in Washington University. He is involved in molecular and cellular engineering at the [inaudible] corporation. He’s a senior scientist at the Institute of Medicine [inaudible] cancer research at the medical research institute in San Francisco. He worked with both [inaudible] and [inaudible] who developed the polio vaccine. Howard [inaudible] actually developed the vaccine for cats for leukemia, so he’s been involved in vaccines for many, many, many years, and he said that [inaudible] and [inaudible] were constantly badmouthing each other’s vaccines, blaming it on the outbreaks of polio in the country.

But anyway, I thought that this was interesting. He studied that sugar cube that many of us received, okay, that polio sugar cube. It was a live virus sugar cube, and he said back then, we didn’t know it, but that sugar cube contained twenty-six retro viruses from the African [inaudible] monkeys. That is foreign to our body, okay? If you’re curious about a retro virus, go do your study on it. That’s not a good thing, to get foreign retro viruses from animals in our human body, but he believes that ninety-eight million Americans received this vaccine between 1955 and 1961, and that it is one of the main causes of the huge increase in cancers. All of his family members have died of cancer, and that’s why he’s gone into cancer research. He says they’re actually finding the virus in brain tumors of people that are sixty and seventy years of age, so that’s pretty scary. You see, they don’t really know what was in those vaccines, and most people don’t really know what’s in them today. Okay? It’s all just a big guess.

I want to talk about measles and the autism connection. Andrew Wakefield is from the [inaudible] hospital in London, England where he was an inflammatory bowel disease specialist. He was the first to successfully transplant a colon in a human being, so he’s not a slouch. He got numerous awards. Anyway, he started to see children coming into his practice with severe bowel problems. You know, children don’t usually have bowel problems. It used to be when you got older, you know, Crohn’s disease. Actually, Crohn’s disease was nonexistent in children twenty years ago. It was nonexistent, and I heard that from a Crohn’s specialist who spoke in Washington. He said it was nonexistent. Now all of a sudden, we have children with Crohn’s disease.

Andrew Wakefield started to see children coming in with severe gut problems, and they all had one thing in common: they were autistic. And he thought what’s the correlation? Why are these kids with autism having gut problems? He said he looked through everything written on autism. There was not one mention of gut problems. You see, I believe, like he believes, that we’re going to rewrite the definition of autism, because autism right now, they’re blending it all in the head, that it’s all a problem of the brain, and he’s saying no, it’s a much bigger problem. It’s a much bigger problem, because the gut is involved.

Well, he ended up taking twelve of his patients and he actually took tissue from their colon and looked at it under a microscope, and what he found was that these children were suffering with a persistent measles infection in their colon. And he thought how could this be? Well, they went back, he pulled their records. All of them had received the live measles virus through their vaccine. That was the only exposure they had. Okay? So he thought this is really alarming. I mean, I’ve met Andrew Wakefield several time. He still says he’s pro vaccine. He has several children; he vaccinated his own kids. This was before he knew, though, and he said, “You know, I couldn’t believe that this was happening.”

So he ended up doing a thorough study, and he wrote a peer reviewed paper. He had a whole team of experts with him, by the way, and they printed it in their journal, and soon after they printed it in this journal, all of his funding was taken away. Eventually, they pulled his license. He no longer can practice in this country. He is now in the United States. He’s done numerous conferences all around the country, mostly autism conferences where he shows you the gut of a healthy child and what the intestine looks of these autistic kids. And by the way, Congressman Burton has seen all of his testimony on several different occasions and believes that there is something to it, but again, the institute of medicine says, “Oh, no way. No way. This couldn’t be.”

You see, they refuse to identify it and see that it could possibly be. Since this happened, which was like in 2001, 2002, many, many physicians in the United States who are treating autistic kids have done the same analysis and find the same problem, and one of the first things they do is they go in and they try to clean that colon out and try to heal and repair it, because what they’re suffering with is he found that they cannot absorb protein. They don’t break down and absorb nutrients and minerals. He said their brains were deficient in zinc and other essential vitamins for function. He said they have leaky gut syndrome. They have gut bugs. They have yeast problems. They have candida, all kinds of other problems in their colon, and so bottom line is, we now know if you have autistic children and you want to help them, you must address the gut situation, and the good news is that there are hundreds of children who were diagnosed with autism whose parents are aware of this and are working with doctors that are trained in this area who are now bringing their children back.

I’ve met parents who say, “My daughter was very severe, and she is now in mainstream school.” So that’s the good news. See, if you know the cause, you can find a cure. Right? Well, if you take an autistic child and you heal up their gut and you detoxify the heavy metals and you start getting them the proper nutrition, minerals and vitamins that they can absorb and assimilate, and that child gets better, isn’t that like an indication that you’ve found the cause? And if you look at the cause and the cause is the vaccine, I mean, we don’t need to be rocket scientists to see this. In fact, I don’t even need the institute of medicine to say that that’s right, because I know in my own heart. I see it. Children are recovering from autism because they’re addressing the injury that occurred when they were vaccinated.

So the [inaudible] – this is an interesting study – the [inaudible], which is a British medical journal, did a study back in, I believe it was 1995, and they showed that children who were vaccinated were two and a half times more likely to get Crohn’s disease or other gut diseases than the unvaccinated. They’re a medical journal. Why is it that they crucified Andrew Wakefield? I believe that it’s because parents were alarmed and stopped doing the MMR vaccine. In fact, Japan banned the MMR for another reason. You see, the MMR is the measles, mumps, rubella. Remember I told you none of them had been studied for safety when given in a cocktail like that. Well, Japan banned the MMR vaccine 1993 after 1.8 million children were given two types of MMR, and record numbers developed non-viral meningitis. Okay? That means bacterial meningitis, and other adversary actions were recorded as well. They reconsidered again using it in 1999, but decided it was safer to give the single jab, so they give a single jab of measles instead of the combined shot, and they no longer have non-viral meningitis skyrocketing like ti was. Isn’t that a big indication?

This chart shows a marked increase of autism when we introduced the MMR in 1985. You can see that the MMR, again, some people believe the MMR – I’ve met parents who said, “My child was fine. We went in for the MMR shot, and it pushed my child into full-blown autism.” So I’ve heard that, and this chart shows how when the MMR was introduced in 1985, the incidence of autism began to go up dramatically. Now, mothering magazine, again, in the 1994 issue, showed some really interesting charts about the measles. You see, we get the vaccine because it’s supposed to protect us, right? Well, I’m going to show you that there really is not any guarantee of protection, because in highly-vaccinated populations, we see huge outbreaks of the very thing they’re getting vaccinated for, and this chart is from the mothering magazine, and it shows you that there were more children with measles that were vaccinated than with the unvaccinated.

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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P8

And I thought this was interesting. Dan [inaudible] wrote a paper, and he was studying the Pennsylvania Dutch countryside, the people, the Amish community, and he found that for the most part, most of the people he interviewed do not vaccinate, and they have very little or no autism. In fact, in his paper, which by the way, came out in April 19th of 2005, his paper stated that he found three cases of autism in the Amish community, and two of them were adopted children into the family who had received all their vaccines, and the third one was from a woman who became Amish after her children were vaccinated. So this leads me to believe that we need to look at the unvaccinated to find out if they, too, have the incidence of autism.

See, I speak all over. I meet hundreds and hundreds of parents, and I have two things happen. I have parents come up to me who say “My child was developing perfectly normal. We’ve got videos to prove it. And they regressed into severe autism or started having severe seizure disorders or just stopped talking or lost all of their physical skills.” I hear a lot of that, and I also hear parents who come up to me and say, “You know, we chose not to vaccinate, and my kids are the healthiest children I know.” And of course, being part of the chiropractic community, I see that all the time. Everywhere I go.

Now, I will admit I have met one child who was never vaccinated who was autistic, but I believe that what’s happening now is we have three generations of vaccinated individuals. I would have been the first in the fifties and early sixties. My daughter’s of childbearing age, she’s in her mid-twenties. She would have been the second generation. And now the babies are coming out, third generation of vaccines, and we know that these types of neurotoxins do not get eliminated. So I believe that what we’re having here is we’re having a genetic problem, we’re actually altering the genes, and there are doctors who reinforce this.

I’ll be sharing with you, but we have children who are born with autism now, but most of the time, the parents who don’t vaccinate always have these wonderful, healthy kids. And see, I’ve been saying for years we need to study the unvaccinated. We need to look at the incidence of learning problems, asthma, Crohn’s disease, digestive problems. Of course, autism, eye problems. We need to see if the unvaccinated children just might not be better off, and I’ve got a database of, gosh, at least a hundred and fifty kids, and if you have a child that’s never been vaccinated and you would like to be part of this study, email me your name and address and phone number and stuff and I’ll keep it in my records, because someday I hope to meet an independent researcher who says, “Yes, this is a valuable study.”

You see, if we’re mandating them and recommending them, we should be able to look and see how the unvaccinated are doing to see if they’re any better off. Don’t you agree? And unfortunately, the burden of proof is now on the parents who have injured children. You see, I believe the burden of proof should be on our government to prove to us that they’re safe, and the flawed studies that they reference is not good enough for me, and it’s because every study they refer to is backed by a pharmaceutical company who makes vaccines. You see, we need to have an independent panel of doctors who have no financial ties who will go and really study this issue. That’s what I’m hoping to accomplish.

I want to talk about the director of autism research. He developed the institute in the founder of the autism society of America. His name is Dr. Bernard [inaudible], and he’s internationally known and recognized as an expert in autism, and recently he did a scientific press release of our group, the autism autoimmunity project, and this is his quote. “The vaccine manufacturers, the CDC, and the FDA, and the various medical associations have failed miserably in their duty to protect our children. Rather than acknowledge their role in creating the immense, catastrophic rise in autism, they have resorted to denial and obstruction. They stand to lose their credibility and billions of dollars of liability lawsuits which will soon reach our courts.” He said, “The truth must and will emerge,” and right now I have heard that the same law firm that took on the tobacco industry is now taking on parents who [inaudible] child was vaccine injured through thimerosol.

So you know, it might take us years, years and years to prove it, but unfortunately, right now, if you have a child that’s injured, there’s nothing you can do about it. The expense of taking care of that child is pretty much on yourself, and I really believe that it’s a catastrophe that’s just due to hit our country.

I want to talk about homeland security prevention. You remember I mentioned Eli Lily is the manufacturer of thimerosol. Well, you see, our government, when we passed the vaccine assistant act in 1965, we agreed with them to get the vaccines out on a mass scale, and our government actually removed all liability from the drug companies at that time for injuries, and Eli Lily, as I said, put thimerosol in without any approval, so when we, after 9/11, and we had that homeland security provision, or that bill being passed in Washington, out of nowhere, a paragraph showed up in that homeland security bill, and it stated that Eli Lily could not be sued for any injuries due to thimerosol and vaccines.

So we now have our government who is taking it upon themselves to slip provisions into bills protecting private industry. I have to tell you, Congressman Burton helped right the homeland security bill, and when he found this provision, he found out after it was passed that it had been slipped in literally minutes before they voted on it, so he didn’t read it. He found out, and he, of course, got very upset, because here he’s working very hard to expose all of this, and our government, someone in Washington is protecting the manufacturer who’s liable for all these injuries, and he notified several groups around the country. One of them was the autism [inaudible], the autism autoimmunity project. We have [inaudible] here in Michigan was actively fighting to get this provision pulled.

The autism autoimmunity project held two rallies in Washington. One was in January, one was in March. Congressman Burton was at these. And just to let you know, because of our efforts and because of all of the pressure put on them, they actually pulled that provision out, so that was a huge success on behalf of the American people. But they’ve been doing this constantly. It’s been in many, many bills, and what they’re taking is a buckshot approach now. They’re just putting it in so many bills that groups like us have to constantly be on top of it because they’re trying to pass these bills to protect Eli Lily, okay?

If you have a chance, look up Senate bill three. Senate bill three, right now, protects them from all liability. It’ll force everyone to take vaccines. It’ll forbid anyone to talk about vaccine ingredients. Doctors will not be allowed to disclose any vaccine ingredients. It’ll remove all kinds of protection for the babies of this country, and if that passes, we’re in big trouble, and like I said, there are many bills, right now, pending that have this type of language in them, so I just think we need to get involved, and how you can get involved is on a local level, you know? It’s really important that you find out who you’re voting for, how they stand on this issue, and our group, Michigan opposing mandatory vaccines, before any state election, we send out a survey, and we ask them specific questions such as do you believe parents should have a right to vaccinate or not? Do you believe that the government should be accountable to the people for vaccine safety? Do you believe that government officials should receive money from drug companies and sit on the boards? And we get these surveys back, and you’d be amazed. Most of them believe that we have a right to say no. Most of them don’t believe this is right, so if we get busy on a local level, we might be able to make some changes in Washington. Until then, you have to know what you’re up against.

Let’s talk about how vaccines can cause illness. In 1954, 1955, polio doubled in these five states. We had Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont just after the mass vaccine program started. And these are statistical records; these are real. So we’re vaccinating with something that is almost gone. Remember, the death rate of polio was almost nonexistent. We bring in this vaccine, and all of a sudden, polio shoots up like crazy. Well, what a great way to scare people in for more vaccine. Okay? And it’s been proven that the vaccine, the live [inaudible] vaccine caused almost all the polio. When they finally began to track it, they found out the 1980s that almost all the wild polio was caused from the vaccine.

They knew it, and I’ve been in Washington, and I’ve heard some of the best doctors talk about this, and I’ll reference one of them, Howard [inaudible]. He said they knew that that child was going to get a live vaccine and that it was going to shed it through its diaper and through its drool to the rest of the family and boost their immunity. The problem is if people were immune compromised at that time, they could end up with polio, paralytic polio, and I’ve met them, and I’ve seen them, and I know lawyers who have gone to court and fought on their behalf and won. Okay? So it caused polio as well, and the article I’m referring to is USA Today by Tim [inaudible].

Now, Robert [inaudible] is a chiropractor. He wrote a book called Mandatory Immunizations and You, and he shows a comparison before vaccines and three months after the vaccine program started. In this chart, chickenpox doubled, measles tripled, mumps went up two and a half times, and scarlet fever also went up. There’s proof that the unvaccinated children are at no greater risk of these infectious illnesses than the vaccinated, and yet don’t we hear all the time in the news if your children aren’t vaccinated, they’re putting all the others at risk? Well, think about that. If your child’s vaccinated, how could my unvaccinated child put your child at risk? If they work, you see. There’s a lot of things they say that really have no ground. They don’t have a ground to stand on here.

Anyway, I want to talk briefly about Gulf War syndrome. A lot of people suffer with Gulf War syndrome in this country, and basically, they’re just the forgotten few who served in our country, did their due diligence, and are just being completely ignored, but I had the chance to listen to a gentleman by the name of James [inaudible] III in Washington at a conference who was hired, he actually came up to speak about the Gulf War syndrome, and he’s an internationally known security consultant. He’s an expert in human exposure to toxic chemicals. He’s a media specialist in the army. He’s a special agent for counter terrorism. He has numerous medals. He was the first man called in after Agent Orange in Vietnam to find out what these guys were suffering with. He was also the first one called in to look at Gulf War syndrome, and he said that our soldiers were given fifteen to seventeen experimental vaccines, and that he believes that this is what the Gulf War syndrome was all about, and then he goes on to say ironically, all their records were lost, so we don’t even know what they were given.

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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P7

So another thing I discovered which I found was very shocking, if you’re RH negative, when you have a child, they want to recommend the rhogam shot. Now, I’m RH negative, so I know all about this, and back in the eighties when I had my first child, she was the only one born in a hospital. The last four were born at home. She was a planned home birth, but it didn’t work out. We ended up in the hospital, and they, at that time, recommended a rhogam shot, and what that does is it protects your future pregnancies, so if you have negative blood and your husband’s positive and the baby’s positive and your blood mixes with that baby’s blood, you can build up antibodies against positive blood, so your next pregnancy, if it’s positive, your body will fight against that pregnancy and can cause severe problems in the child. So they recommended a rhogam shot.

Of course, back then, we didn’t know it had mercury in it. I got the rhogam, but it was after my child was delivered, okay? I just found out within the last year that they have been giving women up to three rhogam shots while they’re developing their baby. I couldn’t believe this. It has twenty-five micrograms of mercury in it, and see, right now, our government wants everyone to think that autism is a genetic disease. They’re throwing billions of dollars into looking at the genetic cause for autism because we have a true autism epidemic in this country, but you have to consider the fact that mothers who are developing these babies are getting up to seventy-five micrograms of mercury while developing their babies, okay? This is very serious stuff.

I talked to Dr. Mark [inaudible], and he said, “Well, Mary, they have a thimerosol-free rhogam shot. They no longer are using the one with mercury.” Well, then I know another doctor, by the way, his name is Dr. Phillip [inaudible]. He has a degree in toxicology and medicine, and he has a five year old son who is vaccine injured. His own son. He is now a hundred percent behind me, supporting me in what I do, and fighting against these vaccines.

He said he had a mother come to him who has an autistic child. His job now is trying to help these autistic kids. He’s dedicating his life to helping to repair their body, and he told the mother who’s RH negative, “Make sure you don’t get a rhogam shot until after your baby’s born, and then make sure it’s a thimerosol-free one.” She went to her local hospital. She told them, “I won’t take a shot until after the baby’s born, and then I want thimerosol free,” and they said, “Sorry, we don’t carry it.” So even now, hospitals are still giving mothers the rhogam shot with twenty-five micrograms of mercury in it. Dr. [inaudible] ended up having to go on the internet, find a company, [inaudible] company was the only company you could find that made a thimerosol-free rhogam, and four days later, she came into his office. They had to overnight ship it, and she got her rhogam shot from him.

So even the medications outside of vaccines can have mercury in them, and I really think it’s not fair to give women twenty-five micrograms of mercury in this shot while they’re developing their fetus. That can go in and interfere with all kinds of development, and not tell that mother, “By the way, did you know that you’re getting mercury?” And I do a lot of radio and a lot of talk shows, and we just locally had a nurse promoting the flu vaccine for children on a local talk show. So I called in to the nurse, and I said, “By the way, do you know that that vaccine contains mercury, and are you informing the mothers who are bringing their brand new children, two month old, one year old, two year olds, are you informing them that they’re not just getting a flu vaccine, that there getting a full dose of mercury with that shot?” She said, “Well, no, and we know that there’s a thimerosol-free one available, but you have to special order it, and we don’t have it.” But you see, parents are being told to bring their babies in for these flu vaccines not realizing that there not just getting a flu virus, by the way, they’re getting a lot more other things, and I’ll cover more about that.

So we know that the rhogam shot can still contain the full level of mercury. Now, just to do a comparison, they’ve been using mercury in vaccines since the 1930s when they started experimenting. Congressman Burton found out that there’s only one study done on thimerosol for safety. Only one. And he found out that it was on thirty adults who I believe had bacterial meningitis, and they used thimerosol to treat them, and all thirty died, but they said it wasn’t because of thimerosol, and just so you know, [inaudible], the manufacturer of thimerosol, did not have FDA approval to put it in with the vaccines. When they decided to combine them into cocktails, they threw thimerosol in as a stabilizer. It has never been studied. Never. And yet, they still say they’re safe. Okay?

But when I would have gotten my two injections back in the 1950s when I was five years of age, we had about twenty-five micrograms per injection. I would have gotten about fifty micrograms of thimerosol. Then by 1970, they increased the number of vaccines, and as it went up, so did the thimerosol, and the average person would have gotten about seventy-five micrograms of mercury in their vaccines. By 1992, it jumped up to one hundred and eighty-seven point five micrograms of mercury, and by 2004, with the flu vaccine, it’s two hundred and twelve point five micrograms if they’re not thimerosol-free, okay? And I still question whether they’re not thimerosol free, because Dr. [inaudible] said if it’s considered a non-active ingredient, they don’t have to tell you what’s in there. Okay?

And my question is okay, we removed thimerosol. It’s a stabilizer. It’s a sanitizer. It’s a preservative. What did we replace it with? Show me the safety studies on whatever it is you replaced it with. Are they the same? Do they have a shelf-life now? Could they be more dangerous because we don’t have thimerosol in there killing the bacteria? You see, there’s a lot of questions with no answers, and these are the types of questions that will only be answered if we have independent people who are not sitting in Washington on boards with all kinds of financial gain who will look at it and investigate it, and that’s what I would like to see, independent research in these areas.

So let’s talk about autism now. It is considered the silent killer because it is affecting thousands and thousands of children. In fact, according to a great website, fightingautism.org, if you have a child with autism or if you’re a teacher and you want to see how this is affecting our globe, go to their website. I just was there this morning, and according to their website, every four minutes, a child is being diagnosed, and US population estimates right now are two hundred and eight million children who have autism, and it is costing our country, annually, six billion dollars to deal with this travesty, and you wonder why the government doesn’t want to admit that it’s the vaccines. What would happen? What would happen to our school systems?

Which, right now, talk to any elementary teacher and they’ll tell you they’re inundated with children with learning disabilities, neurological problems. One in six children right now have learning problems. We have hyperactivity, you know, all kinds of issues, and I believe that all of these children are suffering from some form of heavy metal toxicity in the brain or some form of neurotoxin in the body which affects the gut, as I’m going to share. It affects the whole digestive system, which affects the ability to absorb and process minerals and vitamins, and they have starving brains. Okay? There are all different types and levels of autism, and very quickly, we can talk about how it affects children. It causes psychiatric problems, immune system problems, nervous system problems, physical problems, and again, going on the websites, you can see exactly how it will affect children in many different levels.

I want to talk briefly about a book called Evidence of Harm. This book just came out last year, and David Kirby, the author, we just had him here in Michigan. It was wonderful. He actually does public, he’s all over now. He’s been on every major talk show, but he wrote this book, and he’s a journalist, and what he wanted to do is he wanted to see what was going on in the government with this whole thimerosol issue, and he starts at the very beginning when Congressman Burton discovered it and goes through every single thing that has happened along the way, and I actually have a copy of his PowerPoint notes, and I’d like to read you what he says in this book, and I encourage you to buy this book. If you really want the full picture, you have to buy this book.

Now, he doesn’t say he’s anti-vaccine or anything. He just tells the story as it has evolved up ‘til today, but what he found out was that they know all about the problems with thimerosol, but they don’t want you to know, and these are actually some of his notes, and I’m going to quote them. You see, there was a private meeting at [inaudible], and they pulled, through freedom of information act, he pulled the transcript from this private meeting, and this is what some of the doctors said when they were discussing thimerosol and autism. “I was actually stunned by what I saw because I thought it is possible. So the bottom line is okay, our signal will simply not just go away.” Thomas [inaudible]. “You can play with this all you want, but the relationships are linear and statistically significant. We’ve got a serious problem. To think there isn’t some possible problem here is unreal.” Dr. William [inaudible], pediatrician, AAP. “What if the lawyers get a hold of this? There’s not a scientist in the world who can refute these findings.” From an email from Dr. Thomas [inaudible]. One more, Dr. David Johnson. “My gut feeling, it worries me enough. My daughter in law just delivered a son, and I do not want that grandson to get thimerosol-containing vaccines until we know better what I going on.”

You see, these are some of the meeting notes, and when they came out of that meeting, they agreed to not share with the public what they had discovered, and David Kirby’s book goes into it in great detail, and if you really want to know, this is where you’ve got to go to find out exactly what happened. It’s an awesome book. Anyway, so yes, we do have a crisis in this country, an autism epidemic. We do have tons of doctors, now, who believe it’s related to the vaccines. Our institute of medicine will not admit it. The studies that they refer to, by the way, David Kirby brings out our very flawed studies. They’re very manipulated studies so that it looks like thimerosol doesn’t play a role, so I encourage you to buy the book. And I get nothing for that, okay?

So I want to show you some charts about autism. From Neal Miller, again. He has a great autism chart. This is from the California study with Mark [inaudible] and the institute of medicine. It shows the increase in numbers of shots correlates directly to the increase in the autism numbers, and if you go on that website I told you, fightingautism.org, you can find every state’s [inaudible]. Mine are a couple years old, so if you want updated ones, by all means.

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