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Archive for May, 2014

Periodontal Disease Can Affect Pregnancy

A new study has found that a pregnant mother’s placenta has an array of bacteria that may impact the health of the baby. This may help provide an explanation for why periodontal disease and urinary tract infections are strongly linked to premature birth and why treating the diseases during the pregnancy do not necessary lower […]


The Oral – Systemic Connection P7

Danny: Right. Chip: So in terms of point six is that we will train your health coach. We’re already going to be the point person. We’re going to work with them, and we’re going to offer them online tools, there’s a workbook they can use, there’s lots of tools provided by the company, a few […]


The Oral – Systemic Connection P6

Danny: Mhm. What’s interesting that I find, and I know this is typical, Chip, is that really, being a coach is almost – what’s adequate is the client knowing you’re there. It’s an accountability, it’s knowing somebody cares and is a resource. I want to make sure people don’t think this is at all like […]


Dental Implants.. Are Not All Created Equal

Dental implants have transformed the modern practice of dentistry, but all implants are not created equal. There are two main materials used in modern dental implants: Titanium and Zirconia.  Titanium has been used for a long time with good results and it is widely available. The downside to using titanium is that, while it is […]


The Oral – Systemic Connection P5

This is Mary Ann. She’s a patient of mine, and don’t tell my other patients that she’s one of my favorites. She, for fifteen years, was my patient. She really wanted to get healthy and was plus or minus ten pounds in that picture on the left, you can see [inaudible] concierge practice that she […]


Goals of Training in Botox and Dermal Fillers

2014- Online Botox Training For Physicians & Medical Professionals Comprehensive training in Botox and dermal fillers will provide extensive knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas.  Some things you can expect to get out of a training course in Botox and fillers include: Acquire skills and knowledge of the performance of the most commonly […]


The Oral – Systemic Connection P4

So kind of helping you understand the three cogs of the wheel, first talk about the health coach. So everybody who participates in the program gets a human being, a personal health coach that you would provide through your practice to walk them through the program. The person is not teaching them anything. They don’t […]


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