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The Oral – Systemic Connection P7

Danny: Right.

Chip: So in terms of point six is that we will train your health coach. We’re already going to be the point person. We’re going to work with them, and we’re going to offer them online tools, there’s a workbook they can use, there’s lots of tools provided by the company, a few tools that we do, there’s conferences where they can learn, but one thing I do encourage the business owners of the practice to do is to give the person who’s going to be doing the coaching at least some work time to do the training. I found that people do a lot better job of doing their training if they’re not having to do it in their own time. If you give them a little bit of time on your penny, the health coaching, it’ll give you plenty of returns in the end if they’re doing a good job coaching.

As I mentioned before, the dental professionals who need to talk about it but don’t want to do the coaching, we’ll kind of give them the [inaudible] version of what they need to know to talk intelligently, and there’s the option if you want to do, a lot of practices jump start or grow their Take Shape for Life business by having events in their offices, and we’ll show you how to do that.

So the last step is to really show you, kind of give you a picture of what it’s going to look like in your office. If you do this, what’s it look like through the eyes of your client? Basically, you’ll have some materials that you’ll put in your office. It’s not obnoxious. It doesn’t have to be everywhere. You’re not going to have food sticking out there to show people. You’re just going to get a very professionally done DVDs, brochures that just show people the program to learn, see if it’s the right thing for them.

As health coaches, we input the first order. After that, it’s all done, all financial exchanges are between the client and the company, but we put the first one in simply because a significant number of people mess up the first order, so we put the first one in or walk them through them getting it themselves. The food is delivered to their home or wherever they choose. It’s not delivered to our office. We don’t carry products. I said I wouldn’t do that. It goes to their home.

They’re given everything in their box to get them started. They’re given that book that she’s holding, the quick start guide. It’s the rules of the road. Very easy to read, twenty some page brochure that shows them the rules of the road of the thirty year old medifast five in one program, and it gives them the food for a month. As I mentioned, the first three weeks are focusing on the five in one plan. About three weeks in, we get them out walking and getting some physical activity going. We, as health coaches, guide them through all the different learning tools they have. There’s tools for kinetic learners, for visual learners, for auditory learners, and we show them how to hammer the nails, we show them how to saw the wood, they actually have to do the work in learning, and we get to share in the success.

So basically, what’s the next step? If you’re a dentist and you say let’s do it, I want to do it, I like it, we’ll get you started. If you’re a hygienist and you’re saying let’s do it, I want to start it, well, obviously, you need to get the support of the business owner, unless you’re a hygienist who’s kind of working on your own, and we can talk to the dentist, we can give the overview, let you try to talk to them, we can do it for you, and we’ll give them a copy of this webinar that I’m doing, just let them watch it also if you’re getting fired up about this and want to do the third era practice. If you’re a little bit skeptical or you’re just not sure or whatever, try the program yourself. Be a client. There’s no obligation to do health coaching from day one. If you want to, you can certainly do it simultaneously like I did, but try the program yourself. That was my first aha moment. I got those last fifteen pounds melted off of me, and then you can have somebody else in your office try it, whatever you want to do.

And if anybody else is on the line and is not in those categories, we’ll talk to you and sort out how you want to do this. Bottom line is it’s all what you want to do. If you want to do it, great. If you don’t want to do it, great. We’re just here to help those who want to really just raise their hand like Arnold [inaudible]. Doesn’t have to be like I was. It could be just raising their hand to be a third era practice. We can show you how to do it. Catch the wave to a healthy America.

Danny: Very good. Alright, let’s move right into questions, because we are coming, rapidly approaching our end time, so to speak. I don’t mean like the Mayans in time, I mean in our presentation.

Chip: [Inaudible] you don’t have to wait until after the 21st.

Danny: Yeah. That’s right. Yeah, hurry up and get your orders in early. Mike asks if a program called ideal protein is similar to this. I’ve never heard of it, Chip. Maybe you have, but at the same time, when you’re answering that, maybe you could talk a little bit about how this compares to a very much [inaudible] about diet these days called Paleo diet.

Chip: The key difference is Paleo is a diet, I can’t say I know the other one, I have not heard of it, but almost all of these things out there, they’re a diet. They claim to have – nutrisystem is a good example [inaudible]. Nutrisystem has a learning system. It pales in comparison to what Dr. Anderson’s put together, but most importantly, they’re given that learning system to kind of a do it yourself model, just like that New England Journal of Medicine showed, and those people regained those, they weren’t successful if it was on their own. The health coach is where the rubber meets the road, and the meat of Take Shape for Life is that we have a person who can help them through getting into fat burning and help them through the road blocks of plateaus they hit. That’s the big difference. This is a coach; this is not a diet. It’s a professional coaching program paid through the sale of the food. Every business, whether you’re selling computer software or widgets, the company, the sales clerk, is paid through the profits of the sales. But this is a coaching service; it’s not a sales program.

Danny: This business is like any other business. It depends on satisfied, happy clients who tell their friends.

Chip: That’s how you – and actually, that’s a good point. People ask, “Well, how do I grow clients?” Well, the best way is to coach people well, and they’ll be walking billboards, they’ll tell their friends, and they’ll be referred to you or be a health coach themselves.

Danny: Right. Now, LeAnn asked this question. I’m going to answer this one because I think you did answer it in length, which was do you recommend the practitioner team first enroll in the program, and Chip did explain that that’s important. And, you know, one reasons that it’s really important is that it’s always a lot easier to lead by example. When you’re coaching an encouraging your patients to adopt healthy habits, it certainly lends to your credibility when you’re walking the walk, so I don’t know if you want to add to that.

Chip: No, I couldn’t agree more.

Danny: Okay. So here’s a question –

Chip: Actually, Danny, Danny, but I will say that you don’t have to wait. Let’s just say you’re a dentist or hygienist who needs to lose sixty or eighty pounds out there. I know there’s unfortunate folks who are in that predicament. You don’t have to wait until you’ve lost all the weight to be the role model. You simply need to be practicing the habits of health yourself, and on the road to it, and that’s the biggest testimony is when people watch their doctor getting healthy, the dentist getting healthy, they’re going to say wow.

Danny: That’s an excellent point. You don’t need to wait until you’re where you want to be. People are going to enjoy, you know, and you’re going to enjoy sharing in the process with others, so that’s a really good point actually. Thank you.

Sarah wanted to know if we could comment on concerns about soy, because there is –

Chip: Okay. Yes. Absolutely. Soy. It is a very bad mouthed product. What the concern that people have are is that soy has a little bit of an estrogen effect, and the bottom line description is that there is a breast surgeon who does nothing but breast cancer treatment in my community here who is sending us plenty of people from her practice in to do Take Shape for Life because she says that the health that people create in terms of losing the weight and maintaining the weight far exceeds the theoretical danger of soy, and there’s a beautiful – well, I forget what journal – but peer reviewed study that shows that women who have had breast cancer who use a soy based diet, which many of the meal replacements are, in order to lose weight, have fewer [inaudible] of breast cancer than women who don’t use the soy based diet.

So those were here two arguments on that, and with any of the concerns people have with the ingredients, like, say the analyzers, I call them, will try to pick apart every little ingredient in these. Yes, they’re manmade. Yes, they have artificial flavors. No, they don’t have artificial sweeteners, but it is manmade, and it’s a means to an end. It’s a catalyst to help people get what they want: health. I still have medifast most days. I love the bars. I love the shakes. I’ll have one of those in between meals every now and then. Other people never have one once they get off the five in one, they don’t have them anymore. It’s up to the person.

Danny: It’s a very versatile program. So we are just about out of time, and I just want to say a couple of minutes at the end here to thank you, Chip, for such a thorough and important presentation, showing our attendees how the can, as we like to say around here, do well by doing good by adopting a third era medicine model for their practice, and of course I encourage anyone interested in learning more to send me an email or visit the health professional site that you can access by the link that is on your screen.

Chip: And any of those out here in my community who I directly invited, feel free to contact me directly. I’ll work with you directly in your practices since we’re in the same community, and actually, most of those who I invited, we have mutual patients. I got your names from my medical patients because you’re their dentist.

Danny: Absolutely. We are a team. If I get any emails, we know who got invited from whom, and Chip and I will work closely making sure he follows up with the folks that want to hear from him. Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 15th, 7 PM central time when our special guest that evening will be [inaudible], number one best-selling author, speaker, trainer, former national TV producer, and Guinness World Record setter, whose presentation, getting the media to do your marketing for you, will present the keys to packaging yourself as the expert on topics ranging from aesthetics to dental sleep medicine to oral systemic health, and I guess I hasten to add to health coaching, to virtually any subject for which you possess a passion. In the meantime, this is Danny [inaudible] thanking you for your commitment to practice perfection, and have a good night.

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