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Pocket Doors – Dental Office Space Savings Miracles

Pocket doors are doors that slide into a wall instead of opening on a hinge

Most conventional doors open on a hinge. For over a century they have been used to save space, in both cramped as well as central areas.

Victorian style homes were often the place for a pocket door used in the home to close off a large area like a sitting room or a den.

Space solutions are what they offer so if you’re looking for a bathroom, closet, or if you have a larger home with an interior French door, these are innovative door solutions to the problems you’ve been trying to solve.

Do You Know Where It Went?

The pocket door is a type of door with obvious benefits. Most of the doors we come to expect to see swing and having been swinging on a door hinge for a long time.

These traditional favorites can take up to 10 square feet of your living space just to give you the space you need to open and close them.

Now a pocket door on the flip side is simply designed to slide into a frame installed within the wall, the space that a conventional style of door occupies (basically a sliding door for a home/office interior).

They are very well suited to tight, difficult to access areas, like half baths and small living areas. Freeing up precious space and making room for furniture and foot traffic.

Super Quiet

The most common reason people used to complain about when it comes to this style of door is the that the older versions ran on runners and rollers with steel components.

This is a screech producing combinations, similar to nails on a chalk board. Not so anymore as the rollers are made from hard nylon material which helps to buffer the grind that metal on metal produces. Deluxe rollers come with ball bearings that also reduce noise to an inconsequential level.

The breakthroughs in runner technology has alleviated the other common problem of pocket doors that would jump their tracks within the wall. Most of the doors in contemporary homes are high quality with no such problems.

The One Drawback of Pocket Doors

They can’t be used anywhere unfortunately.

The have a special frame that houses them so several pre-requisites must be met for them to work properly.

Consider these factors before you have them installed in your home.

  1. It should be apparent that they only work in spaces that have enough interior wall area to accommodate them.
  2. Also pay attention to electrical wiring, plumbing, and ductwork as the door will need to have a clear space without any obstructions for it to function properly.
  3. Last of all the door is going to have a pretty strong frame, pocket doors are not as strong as regular framed doors.

So that being the case you need to avoid installing a pocket door anywhere there’s a need for real strength, as in a load bearing wall like cabinets often found in heavier homes.. however they can be perfect for a dental practice, with the need for so much storage for light weight tools and utensils

A Final Word

Innovative indeed, pocket doors are convenient and space saving with other benefits besides.

A great option for anyone who is handicapped as they provide easy wheel chair access, making it a breeze to navigate the house.

Some of them include multiple very unique designs to choose from for your needs.

Whether for outside, the bathroom, a large room, or a dental office, Pocket doors are very well suited for saving space and offering a convenient option.

Reference – http://knrslidingdoors.com

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