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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P9

And one of Neal Miller’s books actually goes into it in great detail, so if you know someone who suffers with Gulf War syndrome or you’re interested, go to his website and you can find out. He has a Senate testimony. He talks about where pregnant women actually had immediate abortions after that their babies […]


Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P8

And I thought this was interesting. Dan [inaudible] wrote a paper, and he was studying the Pennsylvania Dutch countryside, the people, the Amish community, and he found that for the most part, most of the people he interviewed do not vaccinate, and they have very little or no autism. In fact, in his paper, which […]


Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P7

So another thing I discovered which I found was very shocking, if you’re RH negative, when you have a child, they want to recommend the rhogam shot. Now, I’m RH negative, so I know all about this, and back in the eighties when I had my first child, she was the only one born in […]


An Introduction to Dental Veneers

If you don’t know much about dental veneers, you can’t make an informed decision about whether they’re right for you or not. Your dentist can tell you everything you need to know about these quick and painless little pieces that can make a huge difference in your overall appearance, but it’s understandable if you want […]


Need Braces? You Really Need To Take Some Kind Of Action!

Please understand that if you’re looking into orthodontic treatment, there are alternatives to traditional braces, including veneers in limited cases where the alignment issue isn’t significant. Plus, there are modern Invisalign plastic aligners. But understand this too: if you need orthodontic treatment and don’t get it, there can be serious consequences. Braces and their alternatives […]


Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P6

Dr. Harry Greenberg, chair of the FDA, owns a hundred and twenty thousand dollars’ worth of stock in [inaudible], which is a manufacturer of vaccines, and he also own forty thousand dollars’ worth of stock in [inaudible], another manufacturer. There are no public members on any of these boards. They’re all appointed by the president […]


Featured: Homemade Probiotic ToothPaste by Melody

A great natural, probiotic recipe by Melody, with play-by-play pictures to show how it’s made. Recipe available at: http://valleyhaberdashery.com/blog/14033387/toothpaste


Featured: Homemade Diatomaceous Earth Toothpaste by Danielle (aka Dandy)

Looking to mix it up from Dr. Vinograd’s homemade toothpaste recipe? Danielle has done her research, and all the ingredients are top notch.   Get her recipe at: http://lovelovething.com/homemade-diatomaceous-earth-toothpaste/


Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P5

But you have to imagine living in early America. We are so used to the conveniences that we have that most people don’t even remember what it was like, but let me describe it to you. People grew their own crops. They had no refrigeration, no toilets. They had outhouses. They did not have clean […]


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