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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P6

Dr. Harry Greenberg, chair of the FDA, owns a hundred and twenty thousand dollars’ worth of stock in [inaudible], which is a manufacturer of vaccines, and he also own forty thousand dollars’ worth of stock in [inaudible], another manufacturer. There are no public members on any of these boards. They’re all appointed by the president of the United States or certain officials. They get appointed, and many of them come right out of the pharmaceutical company, right out of the industry, and go into Washington and sit on the boards and mandate what you have to do and regulate and approve, okay? These are the people that are supposed to be looking out for our best interests. They’re supposed to make sure that the safety studies are being done, and I’m going to show you that a lot of this is not happening.

So how confident can we be in a process where there’s so much financial money involved? And he goes on to say that Dr. Paul [inaudible] disclosed that he received three hundred and fifty thousand dollars of grant money for [inaudible] to develop the Rota virus vaccine. Now, Dr. Paul [inaudible] is one of the most outspoken proponents for vaccine. He says that thimerosol is absolutely safe in the vaccines. He is always in the news saying that vaccines are absolutely safe. He is also the one who developed the Rota virus vaccine, and I’m going to tell you a little bit about that vaccine, which was pulled off of the market within six months because it caused so much problem.

He actually has a new unlicensed Rota virus vaccine that is going through trials in Taiwan. Dr. Paul [inaudible] will benefit financially if this one goes through. The one that we had in this country was for infant diarrhea. They created a vaccine for infant diarrhea, and they began giving it to babies. It was part of the schedule, and within six months, so many children had [inaudible] of the colon, which is when the colon swells up and it actually folds in on itself like a telescope, which requires immediate surgery, okay?

Now, I was in a conference at Washington. I go to conferences all over, wherever I can go. I find a conference, I’ll go, and a gentleman actually did a complete overview of the safety studies before this vaccine was licensed, and he said the safety studies are inconclusive. They’re showing that children are having [inaudible] of the colon, and yet they’re going to go push this thing through and mandate it by the beginning of the year. So they knew there were problems with it, but it went through very quickly. Well, how confident can we be if people who are in Washington own patents on these vaccines? They have a lot to gain, obviously.

Back to thimerosol. It’s a form of inorganic mercury called [inaudible] mercury. It has long been associated with neurological problems, demyelination, gut disorder, and visual damages in the eye. How many of you know a child who suffers with autism in this room? Raise your hands real tall. Okay. At least fifty percent. One of the first things you hear from parents when they suspect that something’s wrong is the child won’t look at them anymore, and if you have an autistic child, you know what I’m talking about, because that little baby that used to look into your eyes is no longer looking into your eyes; they’re looking off, and we actually now understand that some of the neurotoxins and the suppression of vitamin absorption in the colon causes a vitamin A deficiency in the eye, and that the rods and the cones do not function properly, and if we have time, I’ll talk about that, but we now know what’s going on in the eye of these children which makes them not see. In fact, the only way that they can see you is if they look out the side of their eye, okay?

You know if you look at the stars at night, if you look directly at a star, you can’t see it, but if you look off a little bit, the outer part of your eye will pick it up? Well, they found out that autistic children have the same thing going on in their eye. They can’t see through the center of their eye; therefore, they gaze off. And how they discovered this was they had an autistic adult draw what he saw, and he actually showed a face, and it was all fragmented. Nothing made sense, so if he were to look at you, it would look fragmented and scary. So you can imagine a child, who used to recognize you as mom, now all of a sudden they have injury, and they look at you, and it’s too scary, and that’s why they look off. They can’t handle it, and that’s how we discovered that the eye is actually affected with some of the neurotoxins in the vaccines.

Anyway, visual damage is a big part of autism, and it mentions also demyelination. Remember how I told you when babies are first born, everything is underdeveloped? Well, part of their system that has to take about five to develop is the myelin coating on the nervous system, which is much like your electrical wires. It’s a coating that protects the nerve and makes sure that it fires properly. Well, they now have discovered that thimerosol interferes with the myelin coating, and they have a new diagnosis that they’re giving children: delayed demyelination disease, okay? Remember how I said, too, that when these babies are very young, shouldn’t we protect them and keep them from neurotoxins? Why is it we’re injecting neurotoxins that can interfere with the myelin coating?

And also, gut disorders. One of the first things you hear about children who are autistic is that they have severe gut problems, and I’ll reference why that happens as we talk. So anyway, what is the first thing you hear when you’re pregnant, what you shouldn’t eat? What is it that you’re told not to eat? Fish. Why? Mercury. Okay? In fact, they tell nursing mothers not to eat fish either, because they know that mercury can get through to the milk for the baby. Why is it that we’re not allowed to ingest very small amounts of mercury in our food, but it’s okay to inject it? Now, it’s a little bit different form of mercury, but it’s still mercury, and mercury is the worst neurotoxin on the face of the earth. So just some thought.

Just so you know, the vaccines that contained full level of mercury until 2004 were the hepatitis B, given day one in the hospital, 12.5 micrograms of mercury in the shot; the HIB contained 25 micrograms of mercury; the DTAP contained 25 micrograms of mercury, totaling sixty-five micrograms of mercury in those three shots. Now, according to the EPA safety regulation, they say the safety exposure for an infant to up to two years is .01 micrograms to 4 micrograms a day. So in one given day, if a child receives their booster shots, they’re going to get anywhere from forty to sixty times the safety level of thimerosol in those shots, and that, by the way, is according to the FDA center for biologic evaluation research. This is what congressman Burton was able to find out through his investigation.

So I want to talk to you about the flu vaccine they’re recommending for children. Dr. Mark [inaudible] is another one of my heroes. He was appointed by Congressman Burton to look at the whole thimerosol vaccine issue. I’ve met with him many times. I actually brought him to Michigan for a fundraiser once, and he literally told me that as a doctor, he never thought there could ever be any problem. He said, “There’s no way there’s mercury in these vaccines,” but he was appointed by Congress to look at it, and to his shock and his dismay, he still can’t believe how much mercury was in these vaccines.

But I called him recently about the flu vaccine that they’re recommending for children, and he said ninety-six percent of all the flu vaccines contain the full load of mercury. Now, I know a lot of people have been told that the mercury has been removed. I kept contact with Mark [inaudible] every couple of months, and I’d say, “Mark, what’s going on?” He’d say, “They’re reducing the amount of mercury, but there’s a couple problems. If it’s not considered an active ingredient, they don’t have to list it on the label, number one. Number two, they’re still manufacturing the mercury in the vaccines, they’re being manufacture with it, but they’re filtering it out, and there’s no way they can take it all out. They’re still going to leave trace amounts of mercury in the shots.” So to say that they’re mercury-free is not true. They will still have trace amounts of mercury.

And he went on to say that what they’re recommending for children is that they get half doses of the flu shot when they’re very young, and by the time they’re a year, they’re going to get the full dose. Well, we still don’t know if we’re going to have thimerosol-free vaccines for children next year, but the babies right now who are getting the flu vaccine are getting the full level of mercury. So by the time a child is six months of age, the accumulated amount of mercury in that baby’s body will have been a hundred and eighty seven point five micrograms of mercury, and again, that’s from the FDA center for biologic evaluation and research.

I’d like to compare the amount of thimerosol that I got as a child compared to what children are getting now, and if you look at this chart, you can see in 1950, we received three vaccines. Two were injectable, and they both had twenty-five micrograms of mercury, so at the age of five, I received about fifty micrograms of mercury. Then, by 1970, the number of vaccines had increased, and the amount of mercury went up, as well, to seventy-five micrograms. Then in 1992, we had increased the level of thimerosol mercury to one hundred and eighty-seven point five micrograms for every child getting vaccinated, and if you add the flu vaccine to that at twenty-five micrograms of mercury, that brings the total up to two hundred and twelve point five micrograms. So just so you know, the amount of thimerosol children are exposed to now is very different than the amount of thimerosol that I got and many of you got back in the 50s.

This autism epidemic is not just in our country. The United Kingdom has the very same autism epidemic as we do, and just recently, a Scottish study came out showing that autism effects now one in every forty-nine children in their country, and I predict that in the next few years, you’re going to see each country doing their own statistics, proving that the autism crisis is not only in our country, but around the world, and I do believe it is due to the vaccinations.

Children who are affected with autism have it affecting them on many different levels, and primarily, the three levels that they are affected in the central nervous system, which means they have altered sensitivity to a normal processing of sensory and expressive information. They have immune system malfunctions. Their increased resistance to infections leaves them, many times, sick, and constantly in need of healthcare. And then we know it is affecting their gastroenterology. It leads to abnormal digestion, increased colon permeability, resistance to bacteria, yeast, parasites, and many toxins, and were going to be covering this more on how the MMR affects the digestive track further in the talk. So when taking care of children, you must understand that these three areas are very critical for treatment.

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