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Understanding The Meridian Tooth Chart

A Meridian Tooth Diagram (or teeth chart), is simply a map correlating each tooth to it’s connected organs.

Although this might seem outlandish, ancient Chinese medicine has taught for centuries that teeth are connected to other parts of the body in some way. The front teeth, for example, have a relationship with the kidneys. The premolars are connected to the stomach.

But is it really possible that your teeth are connected biologically to other parts of the body? Wouldn’t science have shown this by now? To best understand this idea, you need to consider how Chinese acupuncture works its therapeutic magic.


Organ-Teeth Relationship Diagram
Tooth Chart

The Origins of the Meridian Tooth Chart

In Chinese medicine, much attention is focused on a universal energy of life called “chi” or “qi”. This force that’s present in every person and every other living creature is believed to circulate through the body along pathways called meridians. When the energy flows freely, everything is fine and good health is maintained. When chi is blocked, however, you experience pain, illness and other symptoms of the disruption.

Think of these meridians like rivers. When these rivers flood, there are disasters, including short-outs of the electrical circuits resulting in outages. The purpose of acupuncture is to restore the normal flow of chi and therefore restore normal body function by stimulating certain points and freeing the pent-up energy.

So what does this have to do with dentistry? Many years ago, I learned about the Tooth-Organ Chart that associates each tooth in the mouth with a specific organ system in the body. I was skeptical then, but after years of study and feedback from my patients, I’ve become convinced that our teeth really are connected to the meridians in our body, and that the relationship between oral health and overall health is very real.

When a tooth becomes damaged by infection or a high galvanic current, that creates an imbalance that blocks the flow of chi energy. As a result, whatever organ system is connected by meridian to that tooth is negatively impacted and overall health and wellness is compromised.

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Holistic Dental Uses For The Tooth Chart

One of the most important things biological dentistry can do for you is to eliminate imbalances within your body and reprogram or restore the mouth back to the state of balance in which it is intended to be. When dental concerns are addressed, I’ve seen the proof that systemic conditions like digestive issues, joint pain, headaches, fatigue and sinus infections can correct themselves. Even heart palpitations can spontaneous correct themselves when dental issues are treated with biological dentistry techniques.

Metal in the mouth is one cause of chi disruption. Mercury-containing fillings — so-called silver fillings — generate electricity in the mouth. This electricity is conducted along the nerves in your body. You have a natural current traveling through your body, but this additional current overloads the body, creating conditions like swelling in your joints, pain all over your body and tissue deterioration in your organs and elsewhere.

But a sensible biological dentist with a strong understanding of the connection between the teeth and the rest of the body can see that the mouth is often the cause of patient symptoms and can create cures for systemic issues that other kinds of doctors can’t fathom. When you can’t get an accurate diagnosis or effective treatment through the usual channels, consider turning to a biological dentist to help you improve your overall health.

Simply put, if you have a bad tooth, the energy flowing through and around it will be disrupted. And that changes the state of health in other parts of your body — depending on which tooth has the problem. So if you have a problem involving your stomach, breast, liver or kidneys, for example, and can’t figure out how to clear it up, maybe it’s time to turn to tooth number 14, the first molar on the upper left (reference teeth chart above). If there’s a problem with that tooth, correcting it could solve your other problems too — and allow you to lead a better, healthier life.


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