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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P7

So another thing I discovered which I found was very shocking, if you’re RH negative, when you have a child, they want to recommend the rhogam shot. Now, I’m RH negative, so I know all about this, and back in the eighties when I had my first child, she was the only one born in a hospital. The last four were born at home. She was a planned home birth, but it didn’t work out. We ended up in the hospital, and they, at that time, recommended a rhogam shot, and what that does is it protects your future pregnancies, so if you have negative blood and your husband’s positive and the baby’s positive and your blood mixes with that baby’s blood, you can build up antibodies against positive blood, so your next pregnancy, if it’s positive, your body will fight against that pregnancy and can cause severe problems in the child. So they recommended a rhogam shot.

Of course, back then, we didn’t know it had mercury in it. I got the rhogam, but it was after my child was delivered, okay? I just found out within the last year that they have been giving women up to three rhogam shots while they’re developing their baby. I couldn’t believe this. It has twenty-five micrograms of mercury in it, and see, right now, our government wants everyone to think that autism is a genetic disease. They’re throwing billions of dollars into looking at the genetic cause for autism because we have a true autism epidemic in this country, but you have to consider the fact that mothers who are developing these babies are getting up to seventy-five micrograms of mercury while developing their babies, okay? This is very serious stuff.

I talked to Dr. Mark [inaudible], and he said, “Well, Mary, they have a thimerosol-free rhogam shot. They no longer are using the one with mercury.” Well, then I know another doctor, by the way, his name is Dr. Phillip [inaudible]. He has a degree in toxicology and medicine, and he has a five year old son who is vaccine injured. His own son. He is now a hundred percent behind me, supporting me in what I do, and fighting against these vaccines.

He said he had a mother come to him who has an autistic child. His job now is trying to help these autistic kids. He’s dedicating his life to helping to repair their body, and he told the mother who’s RH negative, “Make sure you don’t get a rhogam shot until after your baby’s born, and then make sure it’s a thimerosol-free one.” She went to her local hospital. She told them, “I won’t take a shot until after the baby’s born, and then I want thimerosol free,” and they said, “Sorry, we don’t carry it.” So even now, hospitals are still giving mothers the rhogam shot with twenty-five micrograms of mercury in it. Dr. [inaudible] ended up having to go on the internet, find a company, [inaudible] company was the only company you could find that made a thimerosol-free rhogam, and four days later, she came into his office. They had to overnight ship it, and she got her rhogam shot from him.

So even the medications outside of vaccines can have mercury in them, and I really think it’s not fair to give women twenty-five micrograms of mercury in this shot while they’re developing their fetus. That can go in and interfere with all kinds of development, and not tell that mother, “By the way, did you know that you’re getting mercury?” And I do a lot of radio and a lot of talk shows, and we just locally had a nurse promoting the flu vaccine for children on a local talk show. So I called in to the nurse, and I said, “By the way, do you know that that vaccine contains mercury, and are you informing the mothers who are bringing their brand new children, two month old, one year old, two year olds, are you informing them that they’re not just getting a flu vaccine, that there getting a full dose of mercury with that shot?” She said, “Well, no, and we know that there’s a thimerosol-free one available, but you have to special order it, and we don’t have it.” But you see, parents are being told to bring their babies in for these flu vaccines not realizing that there not just getting a flu virus, by the way, they’re getting a lot more other things, and I’ll cover more about that.

So we know that the rhogam shot can still contain the full level of mercury. Now, just to do a comparison, they’ve been using mercury in vaccines since the 1930s when they started experimenting. Congressman Burton found out that there’s only one study done on thimerosol for safety. Only one. And he found out that it was on thirty adults who I believe had bacterial meningitis, and they used thimerosol to treat them, and all thirty died, but they said it wasn’t because of thimerosol, and just so you know, [inaudible], the manufacturer of thimerosol, did not have FDA approval to put it in with the vaccines. When they decided to combine them into cocktails, they threw thimerosol in as a stabilizer. It has never been studied. Never. And yet, they still say they’re safe. Okay?

But when I would have gotten my two injections back in the 1950s when I was five years of age, we had about twenty-five micrograms per injection. I would have gotten about fifty micrograms of thimerosol. Then by 1970, they increased the number of vaccines, and as it went up, so did the thimerosol, and the average person would have gotten about seventy-five micrograms of mercury in their vaccines. By 1992, it jumped up to one hundred and eighty-seven point five micrograms of mercury, and by 2004, with the flu vaccine, it’s two hundred and twelve point five micrograms if they’re not thimerosol-free, okay? And I still question whether they’re not thimerosol free, because Dr. [inaudible] said if it’s considered a non-active ingredient, they don’t have to tell you what’s in there. Okay?

And my question is okay, we removed thimerosol. It’s a stabilizer. It’s a sanitizer. It’s a preservative. What did we replace it with? Show me the safety studies on whatever it is you replaced it with. Are they the same? Do they have a shelf-life now? Could they be more dangerous because we don’t have thimerosol in there killing the bacteria? You see, there’s a lot of questions with no answers, and these are the types of questions that will only be answered if we have independent people who are not sitting in Washington on boards with all kinds of financial gain who will look at it and investigate it, and that’s what I would like to see, independent research in these areas.

So let’s talk about autism now. It is considered the silent killer because it is affecting thousands and thousands of children. In fact, according to a great website, fightingautism.org, if you have a child with autism or if you’re a teacher and you want to see how this is affecting our globe, go to their website. I just was there this morning, and according to their website, every four minutes, a child is being diagnosed, and US population estimates right now are two hundred and eight million children who have autism, and it is costing our country, annually, six billion dollars to deal with this travesty, and you wonder why the government doesn’t want to admit that it’s the vaccines. What would happen? What would happen to our school systems?

Which, right now, talk to any elementary teacher and they’ll tell you they’re inundated with children with learning disabilities, neurological problems. One in six children right now have learning problems. We have hyperactivity, you know, all kinds of issues, and I believe that all of these children are suffering from some form of heavy metal toxicity in the brain or some form of neurotoxin in the body which affects the gut, as I’m going to share. It affects the whole digestive system, which affects the ability to absorb and process minerals and vitamins, and they have starving brains. Okay? There are all different types and levels of autism, and very quickly, we can talk about how it affects children. It causes psychiatric problems, immune system problems, nervous system problems, physical problems, and again, going on the websites, you can see exactly how it will affect children in many different levels.

I want to talk briefly about a book called Evidence of Harm. This book just came out last year, and David Kirby, the author, we just had him here in Michigan. It was wonderful. He actually does public, he’s all over now. He’s been on every major talk show, but he wrote this book, and he’s a journalist, and what he wanted to do is he wanted to see what was going on in the government with this whole thimerosol issue, and he starts at the very beginning when Congressman Burton discovered it and goes through every single thing that has happened along the way, and I actually have a copy of his PowerPoint notes, and I’d like to read you what he says in this book, and I encourage you to buy this book. If you really want the full picture, you have to buy this book.

Now, he doesn’t say he’s anti-vaccine or anything. He just tells the story as it has evolved up ‘til today, but what he found out was that they know all about the problems with thimerosol, but they don’t want you to know, and these are actually some of his notes, and I’m going to quote them. You see, there was a private meeting at [inaudible], and they pulled, through freedom of information act, he pulled the transcript from this private meeting, and this is what some of the doctors said when they were discussing thimerosol and autism. “I was actually stunned by what I saw because I thought it is possible. So the bottom line is okay, our signal will simply not just go away.” Thomas [inaudible]. “You can play with this all you want, but the relationships are linear and statistically significant. We’ve got a serious problem. To think there isn’t some possible problem here is unreal.” Dr. William [inaudible], pediatrician, AAP. “What if the lawyers get a hold of this? There’s not a scientist in the world who can refute these findings.” From an email from Dr. Thomas [inaudible]. One more, Dr. David Johnson. “My gut feeling, it worries me enough. My daughter in law just delivered a son, and I do not want that grandson to get thimerosol-containing vaccines until we know better what I going on.”

You see, these are some of the meeting notes, and when they came out of that meeting, they agreed to not share with the public what they had discovered, and David Kirby’s book goes into it in great detail, and if you really want to know, this is where you’ve got to go to find out exactly what happened. It’s an awesome book. Anyway, so yes, we do have a crisis in this country, an autism epidemic. We do have tons of doctors, now, who believe it’s related to the vaccines. Our institute of medicine will not admit it. The studies that they refer to, by the way, David Kirby brings out our very flawed studies. They’re very manipulated studies so that it looks like thimerosol doesn’t play a role, so I encourage you to buy the book. And I get nothing for that, okay?

So I want to show you some charts about autism. From Neal Miller, again. He has a great autism chart. This is from the California study with Mark [inaudible] and the institute of medicine. It shows the increase in numbers of shots correlates directly to the increase in the autism numbers, and if you go on that website I told you, fightingautism.org, you can find every state’s [inaudible]. Mine are a couple years old, so if you want updated ones, by all means.

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