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And I thought this was interesting. Dan [inaudible] wrote a paper, and he was studying the Pennsylvania Dutch countryside, the people, the Amish community, and he found that for the most part, most of the people he interviewed do not vaccinate, and they have very little or no autism. In fact, in his paper, which by the way, came out in April 19th of 2005, his paper stated that he found three cases of autism in the Amish community, and two of them were adopted children into the family who had received all their vaccines, and the third one was from a woman who became Amish after her children were vaccinated. So this leads me to believe that we need to look at the unvaccinated to find out if they, too, have the incidence of autism.

See, I speak all over. I meet hundreds and hundreds of parents, and I have two things happen. I have parents come up to me who say “My child was developing perfectly normal. We’ve got videos to prove it. And they regressed into severe autism or started having severe seizure disorders or just stopped talking or lost all of their physical skills.” I hear a lot of that, and I also hear parents who come up to me and say, “You know, we chose not to vaccinate, and my kids are the healthiest children I know.” And of course, being part of the chiropractic community, I see that all the time. Everywhere I go.

Now, I will admit I have met one child who was never vaccinated who was autistic, but I believe that what’s happening now is we have three generations of vaccinated individuals. I would have been the first in the fifties and early sixties. My daughter’s of childbearing age, she’s in her mid-twenties. She would have been the second generation. And now the babies are coming out, third generation of vaccines, and we know that these types of neurotoxins do not get eliminated. So I believe that what we’re having here is we’re having a genetic problem, we’re actually altering the genes, and there are doctors who reinforce this.

I’ll be sharing with you, but we have children who are born with autism now, but most of the time, the parents who don’t vaccinate always have these wonderful, healthy kids. And see, I’ve been saying for years we need to study the unvaccinated. We need to look at the incidence of learning problems, asthma, Crohn’s disease, digestive problems. Of course, autism, eye problems. We need to see if the unvaccinated children just might not be better off, and I’ve got a database of, gosh, at least a hundred and fifty kids, and if you have a child that’s never been vaccinated and you would like to be part of this study, email me your name and address and phone number and stuff and I’ll keep it in my records, because someday I hope to meet an independent researcher who says, “Yes, this is a valuable study.”

You see, if we’re mandating them and recommending them, we should be able to look and see how the unvaccinated are doing to see if they’re any better off. Don’t you agree? And unfortunately, the burden of proof is now on the parents who have injured children. You see, I believe the burden of proof should be on our government to prove to us that they’re safe, and the flawed studies that they reference is not good enough for me, and it’s because every study they refer to is backed by a pharmaceutical company who makes vaccines. You see, we need to have an independent panel of doctors who have no financial ties who will go and really study this issue. That’s what I’m hoping to accomplish.

I want to talk about the director of autism research. He developed the institute in the founder of the autism society of America. His name is Dr. Bernard [inaudible], and he’s internationally known and recognized as an expert in autism, and recently he did a scientific press release of our group, the autism autoimmunity project, and this is his quote. “The vaccine manufacturers, the CDC, and the FDA, and the various medical associations have failed miserably in their duty to protect our children. Rather than acknowledge their role in creating the immense, catastrophic rise in autism, they have resorted to denial and obstruction. They stand to lose their credibility and billions of dollars of liability lawsuits which will soon reach our courts.” He said, “The truth must and will emerge,” and right now I have heard that the same law firm that took on the tobacco industry is now taking on parents who [inaudible] child was vaccine injured through thimerosol.

So you know, it might take us years, years and years to prove it, but unfortunately, right now, if you have a child that’s injured, there’s nothing you can do about it. The expense of taking care of that child is pretty much on yourself, and I really believe that it’s a catastrophe that’s just due to hit our country.

I want to talk about homeland security prevention. You remember I mentioned Eli Lily is the manufacturer of thimerosol. Well, you see, our government, when we passed the vaccine assistant act in 1965, we agreed with them to get the vaccines out on a mass scale, and our government actually removed all liability from the drug companies at that time for injuries, and Eli Lily, as I said, put thimerosol in without any approval, so when we, after 9/11, and we had that homeland security provision, or that bill being passed in Washington, out of nowhere, a paragraph showed up in that homeland security bill, and it stated that Eli Lily could not be sued for any injuries due to thimerosol and vaccines.

So we now have our government who is taking it upon themselves to slip provisions into bills protecting private industry. I have to tell you, Congressman Burton helped right the homeland security bill, and when he found this provision, he found out after it was passed that it had been slipped in literally minutes before they voted on it, so he didn’t read it. He found out, and he, of course, got very upset, because here he’s working very hard to expose all of this, and our government, someone in Washington is protecting the manufacturer who’s liable for all these injuries, and he notified several groups around the country. One of them was the autism [inaudible], the autism autoimmunity project. We have [inaudible] here in Michigan was actively fighting to get this provision pulled.

The autism autoimmunity project held two rallies in Washington. One was in January, one was in March. Congressman Burton was at these. And just to let you know, because of our efforts and because of all of the pressure put on them, they actually pulled that provision out, so that was a huge success on behalf of the American people. But they’ve been doing this constantly. It’s been in many, many bills, and what they’re taking is a buckshot approach now. They’re just putting it in so many bills that groups like us have to constantly be on top of it because they’re trying to pass these bills to protect Eli Lily, okay?

If you have a chance, look up Senate bill three. Senate bill three, right now, protects them from all liability. It’ll force everyone to take vaccines. It’ll forbid anyone to talk about vaccine ingredients. Doctors will not be allowed to disclose any vaccine ingredients. It’ll remove all kinds of protection for the babies of this country, and if that passes, we’re in big trouble, and like I said, there are many bills, right now, pending that have this type of language in them, so I just think we need to get involved, and how you can get involved is on a local level, you know? It’s really important that you find out who you’re voting for, how they stand on this issue, and our group, Michigan opposing mandatory vaccines, before any state election, we send out a survey, and we ask them specific questions such as do you believe parents should have a right to vaccinate or not? Do you believe that the government should be accountable to the people for vaccine safety? Do you believe that government officials should receive money from drug companies and sit on the boards? And we get these surveys back, and you’d be amazed. Most of them believe that we have a right to say no. Most of them don’t believe this is right, so if we get busy on a local level, we might be able to make some changes in Washington. Until then, you have to know what you’re up against.

Let’s talk about how vaccines can cause illness. In 1954, 1955, polio doubled in these five states. We had Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont just after the mass vaccine program started. And these are statistical records; these are real. So we’re vaccinating with something that is almost gone. Remember, the death rate of polio was almost nonexistent. We bring in this vaccine, and all of a sudden, polio shoots up like crazy. Well, what a great way to scare people in for more vaccine. Okay? And it’s been proven that the vaccine, the live [inaudible] vaccine caused almost all the polio. When they finally began to track it, they found out the 1980s that almost all the wild polio was caused from the vaccine.

They knew it, and I’ve been in Washington, and I’ve heard some of the best doctors talk about this, and I’ll reference one of them, Howard [inaudible]. He said they knew that that child was going to get a live vaccine and that it was going to shed it through its diaper and through its drool to the rest of the family and boost their immunity. The problem is if people were immune compromised at that time, they could end up with polio, paralytic polio, and I’ve met them, and I’ve seen them, and I know lawyers who have gone to court and fought on their behalf and won. Okay? So it caused polio as well, and the article I’m referring to is USA Today by Tim [inaudible].

Now, Robert [inaudible] is a chiropractor. He wrote a book called Mandatory Immunizations and You, and he shows a comparison before vaccines and three months after the vaccine program started. In this chart, chickenpox doubled, measles tripled, mumps went up two and a half times, and scarlet fever also went up. There’s proof that the unvaccinated children are at no greater risk of these infectious illnesses than the vaccinated, and yet don’t we hear all the time in the news if your children aren’t vaccinated, they’re putting all the others at risk? Well, think about that. If your child’s vaccinated, how could my unvaccinated child put your child at risk? If they work, you see. There’s a lot of things they say that really have no ground. They don’t have a ground to stand on here.

Anyway, I want to talk briefly about Gulf War syndrome. A lot of people suffer with Gulf War syndrome in this country, and basically, they’re just the forgotten few who served in our country, did their due diligence, and are just being completely ignored, but I had the chance to listen to a gentleman by the name of James [inaudible] III in Washington at a conference who was hired, he actually came up to speak about the Gulf War syndrome, and he’s an internationally known security consultant. He’s an expert in human exposure to toxic chemicals. He’s a media specialist in the army. He’s a special agent for counter terrorism. He has numerous medals. He was the first man called in after Agent Orange in Vietnam to find out what these guys were suffering with. He was also the first one called in to look at Gulf War syndrome, and he said that our soldiers were given fifteen to seventeen experimental vaccines, and that he believes that this is what the Gulf War syndrome was all about, and then he goes on to say ironically, all their records were lost, so we don’t even know what they were given.

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