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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P9

And one of Neal Miller’s books actually goes into it in great detail, so if you know someone who suffers with Gulf War syndrome or you’re interested, go to his website and you can find out. He has a Senate testimony. He talks about where pregnant women actually had immediate abortions after that their babies just died and their body aborted them after the vaccine. By the way,t hey got the anthrax vaccine. It is considered an experimental vaccine, and several times, it’s been in court to stop and halt giving our servicemen this vaccine, and there’s a great radio program called The Power Hour. If you go on the internet, Dr. [inaudible] talks about this all the time. She has a great program. But anyway, France did not do the Gulf War shots, and they have no Gulf War syndrome. And it also, [inaudible] said that a large amount of our soldiers who never were deployed have Gulf War syndrome, so where’s the public outcry? These are people who go to fight for our country and for what is right. Our government is pretty much just ignoring them, okay, because it’s vaccine-related again.

Boyd [inaudible] is from the University of Kentucky. He’s referred to as the doctor of mercury. He did research for the institute of medicine, and he was able to show how mercury interferes with enzyme function in the brain. He has testified before Congressman Burton and shows how mercury, when given very small amounts, will go in and actually stop enzyme function immediately. Now, even though he’s been able to prove this, the institute of medicine still says there’s no conclusive study that shows, okay? So he also found that he studied young children, actually newborns, and he was able to take blood from their cord and check it for the amount of mercury in it, and he also took hair samples, and what he found was that brand new babies are being born with a full load of mercury, and that if their mother has a mouthful of amalgam fillings, which contain mercury, that that child will be exposed to mercury vapors while developing, and I also believe if that mother received her vaccinations, it, of course, increases that baby’s load.

But he found that babies are born now will a full load of mercury, predisposing them to allergic reactions when they get their first shot of mercury through their vaccines, okay? So pregnant mothers need to be very careful what they eat, of course, during pregnancy. If you have a full mouth of amalgams, do not remove them if you plan on getting pregnant. Do not remove them while you’re pregnant. That can cause severe problems. There’s a whole protocol for amalgam removal that I can share with you. I work with Dr. Phillip [inaudible], he’s given me a whole protocol about how to go about safely removing amalgam fillings because it’s a good thing to get them out, but don’t do it if you’re planning to have a baby soon or if you’re nursing your baby, okay? But anyway, I wanted to let you know about his studies because he basically shows how babies can be born with autism now. Okay?

Now, the polio vaccine has been around for over fifty-five years, and yet there are no long term studies on it, and I want to talk about Howard [inaudible]. He earned his degree in microbiology from the University of Michigan Medical School. He worked in the department of pathology in Washington University. He is involved in molecular and cellular engineering at the [inaudible] corporation. He’s a senior scientist at the Institute of Medicine [inaudible] cancer research at the medical research institute in San Francisco. He worked with both [inaudible] and [inaudible] who developed the polio vaccine. Howard [inaudible] actually developed the vaccine for cats for leukemia, so he’s been involved in vaccines for many, many, many years, and he said that [inaudible] and [inaudible] were constantly badmouthing each other’s vaccines, blaming it on the outbreaks of polio in the country.

But anyway, I thought that this was interesting. He studied that sugar cube that many of us received, okay, that polio sugar cube. It was a live virus sugar cube, and he said back then, we didn’t know it, but that sugar cube contained twenty-six retro viruses from the African [inaudible] monkeys. That is foreign to our body, okay? If you’re curious about a retro virus, go do your study on it. That’s not a good thing, to get foreign retro viruses from animals in our human body, but he believes that ninety-eight million Americans received this vaccine between 1955 and 1961, and that it is one of the main causes of the huge increase in cancers. All of his family members have died of cancer, and that’s why he’s gone into cancer research. He says they’re actually finding the virus in brain tumors of people that are sixty and seventy years of age, so that’s pretty scary. You see, they don’t really know what was in those vaccines, and most people don’t really know what’s in them today. Okay? It’s all just a big guess.

I want to talk about measles and the autism connection. Andrew Wakefield is from the [inaudible] hospital in London, England where he was an inflammatory bowel disease specialist. He was the first to successfully transplant a colon in a human being, so he’s not a slouch. He got numerous awards. Anyway, he started to see children coming into his practice with severe bowel problems. You know, children don’t usually have bowel problems. It used to be when you got older, you know, Crohn’s disease. Actually, Crohn’s disease was nonexistent in children twenty years ago. It was nonexistent, and I heard that from a Crohn’s specialist who spoke in Washington. He said it was nonexistent. Now all of a sudden, we have children with Crohn’s disease.

Andrew Wakefield started to see children coming in with severe gut problems, and they all had one thing in common: they were autistic. And he thought what’s the correlation? Why are these kids with autism having gut problems? He said he looked through everything written on autism. There was not one mention of gut problems. You see, I believe, like he believes, that we’re going to rewrite the definition of autism, because autism right now, they’re blending it all in the head, that it’s all a problem of the brain, and he’s saying no, it’s a much bigger problem. It’s a much bigger problem, because the gut is involved.

Well, he ended up taking twelve of his patients and he actually took tissue from their colon and looked at it under a microscope, and what he found was that these children were suffering with a persistent measles infection in their colon. And he thought how could this be? Well, they went back, he pulled their records. All of them had received the live measles virus through their vaccine. That was the only exposure they had. Okay? So he thought this is really alarming. I mean, I’ve met Andrew Wakefield several time. He still says he’s pro vaccine. He has several children; he vaccinated his own kids. This was before he knew, though, and he said, “You know, I couldn’t believe that this was happening.”

So he ended up doing a thorough study, and he wrote a peer reviewed paper. He had a whole team of experts with him, by the way, and they printed it in their journal, and soon after they printed it in this journal, all of his funding was taken away. Eventually, they pulled his license. He no longer can practice in this country. He is now in the United States. He’s done numerous conferences all around the country, mostly autism conferences where he shows you the gut of a healthy child and what the intestine looks of these autistic kids. And by the way, Congressman Burton has seen all of his testimony on several different occasions and believes that there is something to it, but again, the institute of medicine says, “Oh, no way. No way. This couldn’t be.”

You see, they refuse to identify it and see that it could possibly be. Since this happened, which was like in 2001, 2002, many, many physicians in the United States who are treating autistic kids have done the same analysis and find the same problem, and one of the first things they do is they go in and they try to clean that colon out and try to heal and repair it, because what they’re suffering with is he found that they cannot absorb protein. They don’t break down and absorb nutrients and minerals. He said their brains were deficient in zinc and other essential vitamins for function. He said they have leaky gut syndrome. They have gut bugs. They have yeast problems. They have candida, all kinds of other problems in their colon, and so bottom line is, we now know if you have autistic children and you want to help them, you must address the gut situation, and the good news is that there are hundreds of children who were diagnosed with autism whose parents are aware of this and are working with doctors that are trained in this area who are now bringing their children back.

I’ve met parents who say, “My daughter was very severe, and she is now in mainstream school.” So that’s the good news. See, if you know the cause, you can find a cure. Right? Well, if you take an autistic child and you heal up their gut and you detoxify the heavy metals and you start getting them the proper nutrition, minerals and vitamins that they can absorb and assimilate, and that child gets better, isn’t that like an indication that you’ve found the cause? And if you look at the cause and the cause is the vaccine, I mean, we don’t need to be rocket scientists to see this. In fact, I don’t even need the institute of medicine to say that that’s right, because I know in my own heart. I see it. Children are recovering from autism because they’re addressing the injury that occurred when they were vaccinated.

So the [inaudible] – this is an interesting study – the [inaudible], which is a British medical journal, did a study back in, I believe it was 1995, and they showed that children who were vaccinated were two and a half times more likely to get Crohn’s disease or other gut diseases than the unvaccinated. They’re a medical journal. Why is it that they crucified Andrew Wakefield? I believe that it’s because parents were alarmed and stopped doing the MMR vaccine. In fact, Japan banned the MMR for another reason. You see, the MMR is the measles, mumps, rubella. Remember I told you none of them had been studied for safety when given in a cocktail like that. Well, Japan banned the MMR vaccine 1993 after 1.8 million children were given two types of MMR, and record numbers developed non-viral meningitis. Okay? That means bacterial meningitis, and other adversary actions were recorded as well. They reconsidered again using it in 1999, but decided it was safer to give the single jab, so they give a single jab of measles instead of the combined shot, and they no longer have non-viral meningitis skyrocketing like ti was. Isn’t that a big indication?

This chart shows a marked increase of autism when we introduced the MMR in 1985. You can see that the MMR, again, some people believe the MMR – I’ve met parents who said, “My child was fine. We went in for the MMR shot, and it pushed my child into full-blown autism.” So I’ve heard that, and this chart shows how when the MMR was introduced in 1985, the incidence of autism began to go up dramatically. Now, mothering magazine, again, in the 1994 issue, showed some really interesting charts about the measles. You see, we get the vaccine because it’s supposed to protect us, right? Well, I’m going to show you that there really is not any guarantee of protection, because in highly-vaccinated populations, we see huge outbreaks of the very thing they’re getting vaccinated for, and this chart is from the mothering magazine, and it shows you that there were more children with measles that were vaccinated than with the unvaccinated.

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