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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P10

And the next chart will show you how in 1985, Corpus Christi had a huge outbreak of measles. 99 perfect were fully vaccinated. In 1986 in Wisconsin, 96 were fully vaccinated. In the United States in 1988, 69 percent of all the school age children who had measles were fully vaccinated. In 1989, again, 89 percent of all the school age children in this country were fully vaccinated, and then again in 1995. 56 percent of all children who had measles were fully vaccinated. Now, this is a live virus, so my question is who’s infecting who? We’ll never know, and when I see articles in the newspaper about outbreaks of whooping cough and measles, I always read it very carefully, because they don’t tell you if the children who had the outbreak had been vaccinated. And in one, I had actually a copy of it, there was a big pertussis whooping cough outbreak in Ohio, and you read the article, and it’s all this fear, fear, fear about whooping cough, and then they say at the very bottom, “One child was unvaccinated.” That says all the others were vaccinated, doesn’t it?

But we let fear motivate us, and they use fear all the time to get us in for vaccines. When you look at these articles, when you hear the newscasters on television, just realize that many times, the stats that they have are inconclusive. They’re incorrect, and fear is a big motivating factor. My complaint with television is that it’s all funded by pharmaceutical companies. I can’t tell you how many radio programs I’ve tried to get on. I’ll be on one time, and I’ll call them back a few months later and say, “What kind of feedback did you get?” “Well, we had a lot of doctors complain in the community, and now we’re not allowed to have you on anymore.” That’s a fact.

Right here in northern Michigan, it was like open line Friday, and I always try to get on when I can, and it was after 9/11, and everyone was talking about the terrible problem in our country with 9/11, and I got on, and I said, “You know, we have a 9/11 taking place in the blood of our children in this country every day.” And he said, “What do you mean?” I said, “You know, eight thousand children are at risk every day of mercury damage because of vaccines, mercury injury.” And he said, “What are you talking about? That can’t possibly be true.” And I said, “I can prove it.” He said, “You bring me proof, and I’ll give you airtime. This would be breaking news.” So I got all of my congressional records and all of my information and my list of what’s in vaccines, and I went down to the radio station, and I handed it to him, and I said, “Here you go.”

And I also handed him a Channel 7 investigative report video that was done in Detroit on the whole thimerosol autism vaccine issue where they proved that the drug companies were lying to the doctors about thimerosol-free vaccines. They actually proved that the doctors were being lied to by the representatives, and then the patients were being told inaccurate information, and that the vaccines were not thimerosoll0free, okay? And I took him that. He looked it over and called me back a couple days later and he said, “I’m really sorry, Mary, I can’t put you on.” I said, “Why? You told me on the air that you’d have me on to discuss this.” “Well, I talked to the other guy who had you on a couple years ago, and after you were on, we got so many complaints from the medical community that it’s not good for our ratings.” And he said, “I’m really sorry.” And I said, “So children can go on being injured, but your ratings are more important?”

You see, that’s what the problem is with the media. We can’t get any coverage on this topic, so I’m hoping that parents – you see, we are the consumers in this country. Nothing is going to change in Washington. Nothing. I really believe that. Until parents stand up and say no. When the doctors figure it out that parents are getting onto them, that they’re getting smart and making educated, informed decisions, then they’re going to have to figure out a better safe vaccine, you know? If there’s such a thing available, but until more doctors injure their own children, unfortunately that’s what’s happening.

All of the medical doctors that I’ve met who are out there helping other children now have unfortunately injured their own children or have family members who are injured. You know, the woman who formed our group, Michigan opposing mandatory vaccines, her nephew died right after getting his DPT shot. Unfortunately, more babies are going to have to be injured. More celebrities are going to have to have injured children. More people in Congress, more Senators, okay, before anything will change in Washington.

What my hope and prayer is that you will do your research and that you will reach all the people in your communities, your neighbors, your friends, the people in your churches. You see, I’m only one person, but I know for a fact if you can tell them about my DVD and you can give them information and websites that they can then make an informed decision, and if nothing more, our government will be forced to do independent research on the safety issues and will be forced to make safer vaccines for those who want to do them. Okay? That’s your job. I’ve commissioned you.

Anyway, I want to show you the next chart. This was on the rubella vaccine. Remember we get the MMR together? Well, the rubella vaccine is being given to women who are going into childbearing ages because they have no natural immunity from their rubella vaccine, so they have to get a booster shot. Well, rubella vaccine has been linked to arthritis in adult women. Fifty-five percent complain of joint pain and develop arthritis within four weeks of getting the shot. Then in two different studies from the journal of the American medical association, in 1981, they did a poll of doctors who give the rubella vaccine to pregnant women, and when they ask them if they would themselves take the shot, in one study, seventy-eight percent said that they would refuse to take it. In another study, ninety-one percent said that they would refuse to take the shot themselves. But they’ll be happy to give it to you, and that’s reported by Neal Miller.

I want to talk about Harris [inaudible]. He is an incredible man. He’s authored several books, and one of them is he co-authored it with [inaudible] Fisher, a Shot in the Dark. He’s written many, many books pertaining to vaccines, but his background is he’s got a PhD in medical history. He spoke seven fluent languages, so he was able to interpret data from other countries much better than anyone I would ever know, and he wrote a book, Vaccination, Social Violence [inaudible], the Medical Assault on the American Brain. And in this book he says, and I’m going to quote, “In 1965, four to five years after Congress passed the immunization assistant act, doctors began to encounter a whole new group of neurologically deficit four and five year olds. By 1975, within ten short years, activity limited chronic conditions was up by forty-four percent. Why weren’t we watching? Why weren’t we paying attention?

Most of these conditions are associated with post [inaudible] syndrome, which is a brain inflammation due to some sort of toxic exposure. Specifically, respiratory disease was up by forty-seven percent. Asthma, sixty-five percent, and death from asthma increased as well. Mental and nervous system problems eighty percent. How many children do we know have mental problems now, have learning problems, who are hyperactive and are on all kinds of drugs to keep them stable? Don’t we all know children who are suffering with these problems? Hyperactivity, behavior disorders, drug abuse? Three hundred percent increase ten years after we started doing vaccines. Diseases of the eyes and the ears, a hundred and twenty percent increase. Loss of hearing, a hundred and twenty-nine percent. And the number of disabled children went from one million to over two million by 1960. Why weren’t we paying attention?

What I think is the pharmaceutical industry, the institute of medicine found a vehicle, and they’re on that vehicle, and they’re driving it as fast as they can, and they’re not stopping to look and see the consequences, and until something changes, this vehicle is going to just keep on going. Harris [inaudible] also has testified before Congress about the effects of vaccines on the [inaudible] of the pancreas causing type one diabetes. Again, another problem children never used to have, and now we have huge incidences of juvenile type one diabetes. He said the MMR vaccine, the rubella component of the vaccine has been implicated in causing juvenile onset type one diabetes.

The pertussis vaccine, the old pertussis toxins secreted by the micro [inaudible] pertussis causes whooping cough. It is also called the eyelet activating protein because it affects the pancreas, so if a child gets whooping cough, they can have problems with their pancreas after. But he went on to say that the live virus vaccine was causing all kinds of problems with the pancreas, which ends up causing hypoglycemia or diabetes, and it can take up to five years for diabetes to appear after the vaccine.

You can’t get into the service if you have diabetes, right? You go through a vigorous physical exam. He did a study on how many people came out of the service because of diabetes, and it’s incredible, and I don’t have it, but I have it all in my records at home, so if you’re interested in that, let me know, but he showed how many of our servicemen and servicewomen were let out of the army and armed forces because of diabetes after getting all of their vaccines, so there’s lots of proof. Prevnar vaccine. Prevnar is just recently approved by the FDA in 2000, and it’s used to prevent earaches and pneumonia as well as bacterial meningitis. It’s produced by [inaudible], and they’re the same ones who produced that wonderful Rota shield vaccine that was on the market for six months and got pulled because of injury.

They paid, by the way, Dr. Catherine Edwards two hundred and fifty-five thousand dollars to study the vaccine for safety and efficacy. Well, guess what? She’s also a member of the vaccine advisory committee. Now, if someone was paying you over two hundred thousand dollars to study a vaccine for safety, don’t you think you might be kind of inclined to let that vaccine get through? You see, I believe that people who are getting money are not able to do a good job. They’re going to automatically have a biased opinion, and you know, again, Prevnar is one of those things, children don’t die of earaches. Come on, now.

And its efficacy – this is amazing – there are no long term studies on the vaccine. It’s a bioengineered vaccine combining seven strains of bacteria, and then it’s combined with the diphtheria toxin. Sounds yummy. It is grown in [inaudible] amino acids and is yeast extract purified with aluminum sulfate. Again, neurotoxins, and according to Michael [inaudible], he says this, “Such a creation has never before existed on the earth, and the human race has never before in its entire history been exposed to such a product.” We’re being told it’s a great vaccine.

Very quickly, I want to talk about it. In the manufactured studies, the results were only seven percent fewer earaches and less than 0.1 percent fewer pneumonias, and yet they’re mandating it for all children. The package [inaudible] says, “Precaution. Should under no circumstances be administered intravenously,” which means near blood vessel or a nerve. Now, when you take a baby in for their vaccines, how do you know that that nurse is not going to touch a blood vessel with that shot? They’re so tiny. There’s no way of knowing, but that’s in the manufacturer’s insert because if it gets into the blood system, it can cause major organ damage, okay?

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