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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P5

But you have to imagine living in early America. We are so used to the conveniences that we have that most people don’t even remember what it was like, but let me describe it to you. People grew their own crops. They had no refrigeration, no toilets. They had outhouses. They did not have clean water to drink. Oftentimes, it came from a shallow well or a pond or a river that was in their area. By the way, it was the same pond or river that the animals bathed in, upriver and downriver, okay? They washed their clothes in the rivers, in the ponds. They lived with a lot of their animal products. They had fur and feather, we stuffed pillows and bedding. So we had a lot of animal products in the home, but we didn’t have the way to clean them properly. They didn’t even have soap, if you can imagine that.

Okay, so they also had improper food storage. They had root cellars, and who can remember root cellars in this audience? There’s a few people, right? I grew up in a very old, hundred year old farm house that had a root cellar, and that’s how they kept food cold. That’s how they stored them, because they didn’t have a refrigerator, and you know that when that happens, rodents, rats, insects can get into the food supply and contaminate it. So things were very different. I can’t even imagine not having a refrigerator or a freezer, and yet that’s how it was. The cities were cesspools of filth, and you hear stories of people not even bathing but once a month back then, so we wonder why infectious illness was so prevalent.

Well, as we began to improve all of these things, the death from infectious illnesses dropped right off completely. In fact, according to mothering magazine, and also Neal Miller’s books – I’m going to refer to a couple of these through the talk. Mothering magazine is a great magazine that supports natural childbirth, breastfeeding. You know, it encourages people to get back to nature, and they’ve done a couple wonderful additions studying the vaccines, and also, Neal Miller’s books are some of the ones that I carry in the back. He’s a researcher for vaccines. He’s got a great website, thinktwice.com, that I send everybody to, and I’m going to use some of his charts as well, but this polio chart came from both of them, Neal Miller and mothering.

And we had two types of polio that were introduced: we had the kill virus by Jonah [inaudible] in 1956, and the live virus by Albert [inaudible] in 1962, and as you can see from these charts, the death rate had declined dramatically before they introduced the polio vaccine. Polio is not as deadly as most would believe. I have just recently spent hours and hours looking over Dr. [inaudible] information. She is a physician who used to vaccinate who is now helping to help children who are autistic and have neurological problems because of vaccines, and she has studied all of the CVC’s records. You know, she would be a great person to get her DVD if you’re a medical person or if you want deeper research.

She has just analyzed it and does a wonderful job showing you all of the stats that come from the CDC’s own records. But anyway, polio, as I said, is not as deadly. They say ninety percent of the time, people wouldn’t even have symptoms of polio, okay? Anyway, the measles was also introduced in 1962, the measles vaccine, and again, you can see measles was almost nonexistent, the death rate, and it is not life-threatening in most people.

Now, I grew up in a very large family. We had eleven children, and all of us got the normal infectious illnesses, and all the neighborhoods got them, and I will have to say that I never heard of anyone dying from those infectious illnesses unless – and even statistically, you’ll find out that it’s very rare – unless they are autoimmune compromised. If they have an immune system compromise already going on, or if they have some sort of disease or illness, that’s the only time these infectious illnesses are life-threatening, especially with modern, you know, if you go to the emergency room, they can treat whatever illness it is you have. They’re not life-threatening, and that’s one of the things that gets people running into those health departments and your pediatrician. They’re [inaudible] called life-threatening illnesses.

You see, I have found that fear is the big motivator, that we’re running in fear to get our shots, and I just believe if you had more information, you might not be so fearful, and then you could make an informed decision. And as we go on, you’ll see the pertussis, whooping cough. Whooping cough is not fun. I had one of my children actually got it. I’m assuming he caught it from a child who was recently vaccinated in our neighborhood because it was a live viral vaccine back in the late, mid-eighties, and it’s not fun. My son was eighteen months, but he got through it okay. It’s a respiratory condition. It’s only very dangerous in young children because they can’t cough. They don’t have that coughing reflex, but again, we have hospitals and we have doctors who can help treat if your child gets whooping cough. It’s not a deadly disease all the time.

But anyway, you can see that it was almost completely gone when we introduced the vaccine. It was seventy-five to eighty percent gone, and then smallpox. We have all heard that the smallpox was eradicated from the vaccine, and yet ten percent of the world got this shot, and again, according to Dr. [inaudible], she did a thorough research in the CDC’s own records, and only ten percent of the world got the smallpox vaccine, and yet you hear this all the time, that because of that vaccine, smallpox has been eradicated.

In fact, for the first time since 9/11, they had a meeting in Atlanta, they had the advisory committee on immunization present to decide whether or not they were going to bring the smallpox vaccine back. Do you remember after 9/11 they thought it was a threat, and they actually came out and said, this is their quote. They said that the advisory committee on immunization practices said that smallpox would have died out anyway, regardless of the vaccine, and they recommended not to [inaudible]. They admit it. They know.

I want to talk specifically about thimerosol now. Thimerosol is a form of [inaudible] mercury, and Congressman Dan Burton is one of my heroes. I just love him. He was the chair of the government health reform committee in Washington, and he held hearings in 2000 investigating vaccine licensing, regulation, the safety of childhood vaccines, the anthrax vaccine given to [inaudible] vets, and many other things related to vaccines because he had two of his grandchildren suffer severe reactions.

Now, his first grandchild was a girl, and she after having the hepatitis B vaccine had a severe reaction and ended up in the hospital, but recovered okay, but then his grandson who was a hoped-to-be basketball player ended up going in for his well-baby visit at about eighteen months, got his vaccines, came home, and regressed into severe autism. Now, Congressman Burton knew. That family knew something profound happened the day he went in for his well-baby visit. They were broken-hearted. They began to do blood testing, and he found out that his grandson had very, very high levels of mercury in his blood, and he thought, “Where could this child have gotten it from?”

Further investigation: it came from his vaccines, so he began to hold hearings in Washington in the year 2000 to look at how are these things being made? What is mercury doing in our vaccines? Where are the safety studies? Is the FDA doing their job? Is the center for disease control doing their job? Is the institute of medicine who are helping to mandate this, are they doing their job? And what he found was absolutely shocking. Of course, he discovered thimerosol, and he found that there were fifty vaccines that contained high levels of thimerosol, and in his letter to secretary [inaudible], he said that mercury is in neurotoxin and that the FDA has failed to recall fifty vaccines.

You see, he asked for an immediate recall on fifty vaccines. Now, these vaccines were out all over the country. And none of them were pulled off the market. All of them were used up, and I’m going to tell you how many children’s lives are at risk, but the fact is, who remembers the Tylenol scare back in the 90s? One or two people died from Tylenol, and they pulled every Tylenol off of every single shelf on the whole country, and nothing, it was on the news for every single station for a whole week. That’s all you heard about was Tylenol. Why is it, then, that we have a Congressman whose own grandchild he believed was injured from these vaccines could not get vaccines recalled?

He goes on to say that mercury is a neurotoxin, and yet the FDA failed to recall fifty of them, and on their own website, the FDA states that lead, cadmium, and mercury are compounds that are toxic elements that are very toxic, even at relatively low levels, and he says every day that these vaccines are given, eight thousand children are at risk.

Now, I decided to go ahead and do the math. You see, he said eight thousand children are getting vaccinated per day, times three hundred and sixty five days a year. One year, that brings it up to two million, nine hundred and twenty thousand children in one year are going through risk getting these vaccines, and then you multiply that time the amount of years it took for us to use them up. It took until late 2003. We put eleven million lives at risk to continue giving these vaccines. These vaccines contain the full amount, by the way, and vaccines, most people don’t realize this, but they’re approved individually.

You see, the measles vaccine was approved individually, then the mumps was approved, and what they do is they threw them together, they found that children were not going to come in for twenty-three different doses in one year, so they put them in cocktails, and there was no safety studies on whether or not these cocktails were going to cause a problem in the human body. Now, I don’t know about you, but I think that vaccines should be extremely safe. I think that safety studies should be ongoing all the time. I believe that we should be looking at the long-term effects of multiple vaccines given to children, infants, every two months, the first two years of their lives, and yet there isn’t one long term safety study done on any of the vaccines. That’s why for fifty years we were using thimerosol and no one knew it. Okay?

So thimerosol, by the way, is a stabilizer, a preservative, and also a sanitizer, and the manufacturer of thimerosol is a company named [inaudible]. Now, [inaudible] for the last four, five years have been scrambling to protect themselves from lawsuits like crazy, and unfortunately, our government has been helping them with this process. Do you think the FDA, the institute of medicine, the center for disease control, do you think that they should be able to own stock in the pharmaceutical industries while sitting on these boards? How about owning a patent on a vaccine that’s being developed? Don’t you think that’d be a little bit of a conflict?

Well, Congressman Burton found out that there’s so much conflict of interest going on. He said that eighty-five percent of all of the boards in Washington own some sort of patent or have financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies where they’re getting paid to talk about vaccines or to study them. For example, individuals on the advisory committee own patents on the vaccine schedule. He said the committee chair, Dr. John [inaudible], owns stock in [inaudible], one of the largest pharmaceutical companies back in 2000, valued at twenty-six thousand dollars. Actually, Dr. [inaudible] gets paid to go around the country teaching doctors that vaccines are safe, and that was part of the Wall Street Journal.

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