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Goals of Training in Botox and Dermal Fillers

2014- Online Botox Training For Physicians & Medical Professionals

Comprehensive training in Botox and dermal fillers will provide extensive knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas.  Some things you can expect to get out of a training course in Botox and fillers include:
hands on botox training

  • Acquire skills and knowledge of the performance of the most commonly used techniques for using injectable dermal fillers or Botox.
  • Learn all of the major dermal fillers that are available for use by licensed aesthetic healthcare professionals.  Some professionals try to get by with only learning one or two popular and easy to administer products.  This is a huge mistake because you never know when you may have a patient ask for a product by name, either because they heard about it on TV or because a friend or relative had it and recommended it.  A good comprehensive course will teach you about all of your options.
  • Gain a complete understanding of the various problems with which a patient may present and learn about all of the options and best techniques to address the problem.
  • Learn the major protocols concerning intended use, and optimal placement and techniques for injecting each product.
  • Learn how to identify who is, and more importantly who may not be, a good candidate for treatment.  Not everyone will be able to get great results from fillers.
  • Learn how to explain the best option to your patient and help them to understand how it will help them achieve the results they want.
  • Learn the recommended techniques for using injections in various areas of the face and practice the skills needed to use these techniques.
  • Learn about contraindications, potential side effects and risks associated with each product.
  • Learn about options for anesthesia and facial nerve blocks for your patients and learn how to administer them.
  • Learn about the techniques used to correct or reduce conditions such as jowls, pre jowl sulcus, hollow cheeks, thin lips, weak chins or jaw lines, undereye bags, lines and wrinkles.
  • Get a chance to actually practice using the various techniques to improve your injection skills.
  • Learn how to set realistic client expectations for outcomes.
  • Understand how often touch ups may be needed.
  • Learn about administrative matters related to these procedures, including marketing, pricing, packaging and client consultation.

Thousands of doctors across the country have incorporated Botox and dermal fillers into their business and are now seeing the benefits of these procedures.  What are you waiting for?

For more details, visit: http://botoxtraining.org

Reference: Botulinum Toxin Injection Coaching

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