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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P11

The manufacturer will make between three and five million per year, and it costs about two hundred and thirty-two per child for their four shots. The manufacturer states that this vaccine could be dangerous for babies younger than six weeks old, but recommends it for babies six weeks old and above. Well, what if your child is immune compromised? What if your child isn’t quite all that it should be on the day it goes in for the shot? What if your child is premature? You see, parents aren’t really being told this information. You’re trusting that your nurse who is going to administer this vaccine knows all the guidelines. You’re putting your faith into that person, okay, that they’ve done their due diligence and they know how to administer these vaccines. So be very careful who you put your faith and trust in.

In a report called the national center for health statistics in 1988, Dr. Jay Bart [inaudible] told the FDA that Prevnar may be seven times more toxic as the [inaudible] vaccine, possibly causing an estimated four hundred to seven hundred children to develop insulin dependent diabetes. Okay, another vaccine being implicated. And he goes on to say it make take three point five to ten years following the immunization for that pancreas to finally become injured, and since it was licensed in 2000 – this is the part that gets me – there have been over 3243 Prevnar-related averse events reported to the federal government.

And there’s a system called VAERS, vaccine adverse events reporting system. Legally, a doctor is supposed to file a report every time a child has an adverse event. Now, they admit that only ten percent at best of these events get reported, okay? But because of this, they actually had four hundred and seventy-six serious events and seventy-nine deaths from a vaccine for ear infections. So again, is the American republic really being told all that they need to know to make an informed decision about this vaccine?

And I found out that they went on and they actually put, after all of these adverse events were coming in, they actually went in and added seventeen new serious events to their list of events in the packaging. That tells you their safety studies are not good. If they’re finding out after the fact that it can cause all these adverse effects and then they put it in their manufacture insert after the fact, safety studies are not being done. So who are the guinea pigs?

Now, meningitis, there are several different vaccines designed to prevent bacterial meningitis. There’s the PNU immune 23 for senior citizens, the HIB for babies, Prevnar for babies, and the [inaudible] vaccine for college students. We’re hearing a lot about college students and bacterial meningitis. There are eighty-four different types of [inaudible] bacteria identified that cause bacterial meningitis. The vaccine cannot possibly protect you from all of them, so you know, if you have a child that’s going into college, just encourage them to be clean about their lifestyle, and all you can do is encourage them to be health-conscious, but there are no long-term safety studies done on these vaccines. None whatsoever.

I want to talk about a former FDA employee. His name is Dr. John Martin. His job was to look at vaccines for contamination, and he discovered a cell-damaging virus that he called the [inaudible] virus. Now, this was years ago. This was like ten, fifteen years ago. He documented it and he was able to prove that it came from the monkey kidneys used to produce the live polio vaccine. But it passes readily between humans and domestic pets.

He went on to say that these viruses fail to be effectively recognized by the immune system and lead to neuropsychotropic illnesses, including but not limiting autism. But what happened was he went to the FDA, and he told them, “I found something very serious. It was in the polio vaccine.” He called it the stealth virus because it has the ability to hide in the immune system, and he sent the [inaudible] reports, and they ignored them, and year after year he kept finding more and more of them, and he kept telling them about it, and finally the way that they dealt with him was they pulled his license. Okay? And he has now dedicated his life to going out there and talking to people about the stealth virus, but he also said that the FDA studied the polio vaccine and found DNA from the [inaudible] virus.

Okay, again, another monkey virus. They have proof that it was in all the vaccines, and he said it was in all the vaccines prior to 1992 and given to all Americans. This virus is not picked up by the immune system and can cause a persistent inflammation throughout the body. Now, how many of us have joint pain and discomfort and inflammation throughout our body? A lot of people suffer with these problems, so he’s saying he believes it’s the stealth and the [inaudible] virus that we got through the vaccines. He said the FDA covered up their discovery, knowing it was a great problem, and even though he opened dialogue with the CDC again, they pulled his license. He was stripped of his ability to have a laboratory.

I want to talk about vaccines and SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome. If you’ve ever met a parent who lost a baby to SIDS, it’s very sad, because they have what looks like a perfectly healthy child to goes to bed one day, napping or whatever, and dies while sleeping, and I actually had the opportunity to talk to the president of the SIDS foundation years ago in Michigan, and I asked her – she had a child who died from SIDS, and most of them, by the way, are boys, and I don’t know if you remember, but Boyd Haley was trying to figure out why most children who are autistic are boys, and he found that boys hold on to the thimerosol in the brain because of testosterone in their body and that it acts like a catalyst driving thimerosol deeper into the tissue and that he believes that’s why most children who are autistic are boys, okay?

Well, then I find out that most children who die from SIDS are also boys, but I asked this woman who’s the president of the Michigan SIDS foundation, “Have you ever looked at vaccines as being a probable cause?” And she said, “No, there’s no way.” And I said, “Go back to your –“ she has doctors who are on the board – I said, “Ask them if they’ve ever looked into the vaccines as being cause of SIDS, and she said she went back and they said, “There’s no way. There’s no way on earth.” So I began to do my research, and I would like to talk about Dr. Vera [inaudible]. She is a PhD, [inaudible] scientist, and back in 1895, she developed the first breathing monitor called the [inaudible] system, and it was for siblings whose brothers and sisters died with SIDS, and it was a very high-tech computer system where the babies had monitors monitoring their blood pressure and their respiration to try to understand why children die in their sleep, and this is her conclusion on the front of her book.

A hundred years of orthodox research shows that vaccines represented in a medical assault on the immune system. This is another great book. You can get it on, I believe, thinktwice.com. I’m hoping to offer these books on my website soon, but anyway, she says, “I found that the most prominent stressful event in babies studied was after their vaccines. This monitor recorded the breathing patterns,” and she said, “it was painfully obvious to me they were suffering from respiratory failure after getting vaccines.”

In her conclusion, she said, “Vaccines did not only prevent any infectious illnesses, they caused more suffering than any other human activity in the entire history of medical intervention.” It will be decades before mopping up after the disasters caused by vaccines. She said that all vaccines should be stopped immediately, and all families should be compensated appropriately. Well, after she came out with this, they began to ruin her. They basically took away all of her funding and she has now dedicated her life to doing what I’m doing, sharing information about the dangers of vaccines.

Let’s see, who else? They had a huge conference, a SIDS conference in 1970, and Harris [inaudible] was actually in Washington for this conference. There were ten countries there, and he said that the question was asked to this panel of experts: what is the difference between a SIDS death and a vaccine death? And no one had anything to say. They said there’s really no way we can tell the difference. But ironically, after that, Australia made vaccines non-compulsory. They told the people you don’t have to come in and get your children vaccinated until the age of two. Okay? They stopped mandating them for the age of two.

The very next year, fifty percent of the people opted out of the vaccines, and their SIDS rate dropped by fifty percent. Now, we have one of the worst SIDS rates of all industrialized, modernized countries, yet we have more doctors, more specialized neonatal care centers. We have the best equipment. We’ve got more drugs. It’s amazing that we can take a one pound baby that is born early, and we can help them to thrive, but what happens to our children? Why do we have children dying off at very high, alarming rates? In fact, somewhere I’ve got my stats in here of how many children die of SIDS every year. Okay, I don’t have it, but it’s available on my website. Anyway, so we do know that vaccines can cause sudden infant death syndrome. It’s one of those topics that needs to be further researched, and I’m hoping that as people become more aware of it, they realize that this research needs to be done.

I want to talk about hepatitis B. hepatitis B is the shot they’re giving children right at birth, and [inaudible] Fisher from the national vaccine information center said that it got licensed without adequate proof of long term safety. Studies included a few thousand children monitored for only four to five days after the vaccine to check for reaction. In 1994, the institute of medicine reported that there’s compelling scientific evidence to conclude that hepatitis B vaccine can cause shock and can end in death.

Now, hepatitis B is something that we’re screening for. Pregnant women get tons of blood taken during pregnancy. You pregnant women out there can attest, and I just actually had my first grandson, and my daughter said, “Mom, they took seven vials of blood,” and when I asked why, they’re testing for all of these diseases. So the pre-screen women to see who has hepatitis B. Why is it that they don’t pick the few who have hepatitis B or are carriers and recommend that their children get tested after birth and then give the vaccine if they choose? Being that it’s not a safe vaccine, it makes no sense to give it to every child across the board. And again, it’s just public awareness.

The chickenpox vaccine, which is the varicella [inaudible], was licensed in 1995, and it can cause chickenpox. Right here in [inaudible], Michigan, they just had a huge outbreak of chickenpox because I have nephews that go to school there, and when my brother went to school, the teachers say, “Oh, we have this huge outbreak of chickenpox, you shouldn’t come to school,” and he said, “Why?” And they said, “Well, you know, it’s contagious,” and we come to find out that the children who broke out with the chickenpox had all just recently been vaccinated. So he sent his son to school hoping to expose him so that he could get his chickenpox, okay? To strengthen his immune system, but we know that people who are getting the chickenpox vaccine are getting the chickenpox.

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