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Dentistry vs. Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Pennsylvania DentistsPregnancy is, probably, the most beautiful period in the life of every woman. But, besides great feelings and happy moments in life, health of the pregnant woman may be at risk. The fact is that the immune system and the amount of calcium in the body are usually sharply reduced, and this is what may cause the destruction of tooth enamel or caries. So, let’s find out how necessary is it to visit the dentist and proceed the dental treatment during pregnancy and whether you should do it at all.

Unfortunately, today, there is a widespread myth that dental treatment during pregnancy is not only deprecated, but is contraindicated since the anesthesia and other processes could harm the health of the baby. As a consequence, future moms suffer from a toothache during the whole pregnancy and when the baby is born, it turns out that during the period of breast-feeding visit to the doctor is still banned. But at the same time none of them think about how not treated teeth can harm the baby.

Pennsylvania dentists warn: «Any cavity of decay in the tooth of a future mother, decayed tooth, or inflammation in the mouth primarily is centers of chronic infection, which can spread throughout the body while eating. If the nidus is located in the root tip of a tooth, or between the roots of the teeth, the infection can immediately spread through the bloodstream. » In such cases, the body spends more internal resources to combat the spread of the infection instead of keeping the fetus. As a reaction, complications during gestation or late toxicosis are possible.

Another reason to go to the dentist during pregnancy is that the future mom is in need of a healthy and varied diet for proper development of the fetus. A damaged teeth or constant pain prevent proper and thorough mastication of food, so that the baby does not receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals, because they are poorly absorbed in the body.
Pennsylvania Dentists and Oral Hygiene
Probably, it is not necessary to talk much about oral hygiene during pregnancy, but anyway. As it was already mentioned, during pregnancy the immunity falls and many processes and sluggish oral diseases can be accelerated. It’s not as terrible as it may seem, but in this situation visit to the dentist is essential. But, in order to make this need not to appear, it is necessary to remember how important is to brush teeth at least twice a day. After all, prevention of the disease is always better than treatment.

Often, a visit to the dentist cause negative feelings in people. Most often, people associate it with pain, inconvenience and with humming drill. What can we say about pregnant women, whose psychological state is much more unstable than one of the average person? All these mean that such feelings like stress and pain are contraindicated for these women. Therefore, when the intervention of dentist is needed, the right kind of anesthesia is the key to success. There is good news for anyone who has strong belief that any anesthesia may harm the baby. This is not true. Today, there are a number of pain medications that do not have contraindications to the use during pregnancy (they do not reach the fetus through the placenta and do not cause any change in the pregnancy, gestation and fetal development).

Looking back on everything aforesaid, we can safely conclude that going to the dentist during pregnancy is possible and necessary, and there is nothing to be afraid of. Modern technologies make the process of treatment minimally stressful and absolutely painless. In order to find certified and experienced dentist in your state, try this service http://reviewfordentists.com/dentists/oklahoma.

Pregnancy is the best state in which a healthy woman can stay, so nobody should refuse themselves and their future babies to be healthy and beautiful.

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