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Dental Implants.. Are Not All Created Equal

Dental implants have transformed the modern practice of dentistry, but all implants are not created equal. There are two main materials used in modern dental implants: Titanium and Zirconia.  Titanium has been used for a long time with good results and it is widely available. The downside to using titanium is that, while it is […]

Dental Implants – Teeth with Titanium P7

Question back there, sir. Okay.  So, two separate questions.  First one is what is titanium?  Titanium is in the periodic table.  It’s an element.  It’s not an alloy.  It’s found as titanium.  Tons of it.  It’s found all over the place.  It’s not a very expensive metal.  Just getting titanium in a pure form is […]

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