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The Truth About Fluoride P3


Ian:  If ‘m to extrapolate  what  you just said there  then if a woman is drinking fluoridated  water and she is braes t feeding then somewhere along the  line that fluoridated water  will not  then show up in here  breast milk .


Paul: it doesn’t increase it very much. The average level in a non-fluoridated community is about. 004, in a fluoridated community it   goes up to about .01. There is an increase but there seems to be a mechanism in the body to keep fluoridate from the nursing infant.


Ian : What else would and we don’t know for sure but   what  else  do you think an increase  of fluoride in our bodies  for people  in different social economic  groups or  just in different countries what else could  fluoride be responsible for  that we may  not even have science for  yet but you suspect that florid e may be a contributing  factor in a health issue .



Paul: what we know from around the world in communities which have high natural levels, their so called endemic areas for fluorosis in India and china is that fluorosis has two components. One is dental fluorosis   , in the beginning you see dental fluorosis and as a child h grows up some of those children will get skeletal fluorosis when they become adults. it not only attacks the  teeth but it attacks the  bone  and  the esteem actually grows  out of the bone and the reason  why   you don’t see the dental fluorosis until the secondary teeth emerge , parents get the shock when the kids are 8 or 9 and the  permanent tenth start coming out you see the  dental fluorosis , the while specks or streaks  on their teeth . That’s because the fluoride is loaded up in the bone, it accumulates in the bone. About 50% more for kids accumulates ion the bone. 50% of all the fluoride that you take in each day from tooth paste, from water or wherever it concentrates in the bone steadily increasing over your life. The concept here is twofold.  In the beginning the first symptoms of  fluoride  damage to the bone and Thais  has been observed in India and china and hundreds  of studies of symptoms that ids  identical to arthritis ,  stiffness of the joints , pains in the joins , pain in the bone that’s the first symptoms of fluoride  poising of the bone and as the fluoride  continues to accumulate it makes  the bones more brittle and so a big concern  is that  by the time you have been  exposed the 50 , 60 , 70 odd years  of fluoridated  water then you may see an  increase in hip fractures in  the alto my . The human studies, the epidemical logical studies are met. some studies have shown  an increase in hip fractures, other studies  have not found this but again  you   have only been fluoridated   now  for 60 years so nan the future  we  will have  people who have lived 70  years , 80 years , 90 years in fluoridated communities  and there i think it’s going to become more  obvious that we’re  not just damaging the teeth of people we  are damaging the bones.


The other issues is we can see dental fluorosis but what about what you can’t see, what about the baby. Let’s go back again to the bottle fed baby. That bottle fed baby is get 250 times more fluoride than nature intended. what’s that fluoride  doing to  the  developing  brain , the  endocrine  system , the thyroid glands , the pineal gland and in the  fluoridated countries they really haven’t  done the studies but we’re beginning to find these studies  being done in  India and china. Theirs   now been 24 studies which show w an association between moderate to high exposure to fluoride and lowered IQ in children and that’s very disturbing and the dosses are not that much higher than what our kids are getting today.



Ian: The argument here is that having a neurological effect?

Paul:  it isn’t just we are seeing lowered IQ we know that fluoride damages the brain and ways with these issues because they use high dosages in animal. It’s a question of does you high dose animal experiment give you a good window into a low dose for human beings. That’s why the IQ studies are so important because they are looking at much lower doses than we have used in animals.



Ian: We’re talking about the vase against fluoride in water and the impact on poorer kids. The reason that we can say that is that in certain economic groups they are not going to be likely to use bottle water and other people can use bottled water all the time. Do all bottled water contain fluoride? Do some of them make sure they don’t have it?


Paul: we don’t know. In America the bottle water companies are not required to list the elementally composition but they are in Canada and Europe. If you go to Europe they tell you what the levels are but not in America. We are flying blind on that.


Ian: Why?


Paul:   You need to contact the manufacturer to find out how much fluoride is in the bottle water.


Ian: Some may be fluoride free but they are not   advertising that on their bottles.


Paul:  Some of them have advertised that they have added floured to the water, nursery water. they are  selling water in supermarkets  deliberately  to give the baby fluoridated water which is absolutely crazy which is crazy because it’s the first year which the kids are  most vulnerable to dental fluorosis but to go back to the  low income for a moment . This is one of the emotive argument used to promote fluoridate. We have to do this to help poor kids.   This is the argument because they are not getting a dental treatment and they can’t afford the tooth treatment.  it’s  very punishes  because  as you pointed out  its precisely the low income families that  cannot  afford avoidance measure ,  either  using reversal osmosis  distillation or  buying bottled water  on the one hand and secondly its more than likely that you are going to get  poor  nutrition from low income  families and when you have poor nutrition then fluoride is worse. Fluoride toxicity is exasperated. If you have  low calcium , low vitamins and so it’s not only that they can’t avoid  it with low income families but you’re  going to be  more vulnerable . we already now  incidentally  from the  centre of disease and  control that  clack children and Mexican American children in the united states  have higher dental fluorosis  rates .  The eye have higher rates of dental fluorosis meaning that they are more vulnerable for a variety of reasons. One of them may be what i just say   poorer nutrition. Another one is a higher instance of lactose intolerance in back family so they are for a variety of reasons and these warnings are not being given. Nobody is warring parents or any families not to use tap water to make up baby formula.  Even if the concern was to end with dental fluorosis which they admit, even if that was the only concern thy should be warning parents not to   use tap water to make yup formula but they are not doing that because they are scared of threatening their precious fluoridation program.




Ian: Real quickly you have mentioned the reverse osmosis processes.  Are you talking about a pure water system or one of the filters that you would put on a tap does it take the fluoride   out?


Paul:  Some do but not the cheap ones.  The typical carbon filters, the Brita filters and so on they do no remove it.


Ian: We haven’t talked about the cost. About how much s does it cost to   add fluoride to the water supply and how do they measure floured in the   water supply. Is there a trickle that goes in or are some people getting more fluoride depending on where they are these are the origins of the water system in a community versus other people j that maybe be further   away or not. we’ll  find out how much its costing and is everybody  giving the same  amount of fluoride , The Case against Fluoride next on Coast to Cost , This is Ian Punnett.


Again tweeting @deconpunnett. I’ll be doing two shows next week. I’ll be doing the Friday night show and the Saturday night show. i believe i will be in  New York city for the premier of The Rise of the Planets of The Apes, very cool and hoping it will be as good as what i saw  preliminary what  it was shaped up to be . We’ll talk about that next weekend on Coast to Coast and The Case against Fluoride continues, how hazardous waste c ended up in our drinking water and the bad science and powerful  politics that keeps it there.  They would say follow the money on this.  How much is it costing to put fluoride in the water?  Who are the people that are getting paid to keep fluoride in the American water system? Only one of eight countries in the world, maybe it’s not a cost basis system   alone. We have to re consider that on Coast to Coast this is Ian Punnet.


We’re talking with Dr Paul Connett who is with St Lawrence University as well as the head as the Florida Action Network. The Case Against  Florida is actually the name  if the book and on any way you look hat  fluoride you look at it  in terms of  is it a medicine then  is unethical  to give people without  them having a choice on it . if  its hazardous waste  its unethical to give people  something which is also used as  a poison … omits in ethical to give it to people  if it  affects  different people  , in different socio  economic grouses  differently and then we get into the argument of what  is the cost  of adding fluoride to water. These are huge water systems so   who is paying for that and who is benefiting.


Paul: it’s a huge cost and especially in big cities. It’s costing New York something like 7 our 8 million dollars per year   for the chemicals let alone when you have to repair the systems and change the delivery systems. So for big cities we are talking millions of dollars per year, smaller towns thousands of dollars per year. But even that Ian if you were using pharmaceutical grade fluoride, if you were using the same kind of fluoride that is in dental products you could not afford to do this. The only reason the big cities can use fluoride chemicals to use this fluoridation is they are using the hazardous waste largely produced by the phosphate fertilization industry.  The phosphate fertilizer when you are making soluble phosphate heats up phosphate rocks with sulphuric acids. This releases two very toxic gasses into the environment.  for about a hundred years these gasses  decimated the  local vegetation , cripple cattle  etc. and  eventually they were required to put wet scrubbers on  a spray of water  and that spray of water n converted  these gases into a solution called hexaflourotic acid and it’s that scrubbing liqueur , untreated which  gets put into tanker  trucks and is shipped  around the country and put into our water  supplies. They can dump this into the sea buy international law. its too concentrated  to dup locally bit f they  can find d somewhere to dilute this down , the  180 000 to one  then they can get  rid of it .  It’s one of the idiom syncretise of American Hazardous Waste regulations.


If someone buys a hazardous product from you it’s no longer classified as hazardous waste it n becomes a product. that’s what’s  happening , i haven’t made  it up . This isn’t Monty Pryce and this is absolutely what is happening. We are taking a hazardous waste from the phosphate fertilizer   industry and dumping it into our drinking water. The answer to pollution is dilution.



Ian: Say for a water  system  as big as  New York  7 -8 million dollars that’s insignificant though  financially and i would  imagine for a smaller city  it’s not that much money to add  fluoride  right ?


Paul: Not if you divide it by the population .i cant believe they would accept any taxes of   you divide the total by the total number of population it doesn’t seem very much but when you are talking about something that is damaging   your teeth and causing dental fluorosis and other problems that’s where the money is going to be and its unnecessary damage to our health.

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