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Tips For Better Understanding About Dental Crowns

dental crownsIf you’ve been told you need a dental crown, you can have a better experience if you ask a few questions and check on a few things to make sure you’re getting the highest quality of care and a restoration that will last for as long as possible.

Here are some things to consider:

Is the crown American made? Some dentists save money by using overseas dental labs in China or perhaps Costa Rica. In most of these foreign labs, the technicians use less expensive materials and even low-quality recycled dental metals or porcelain. If you have any concerns, ask for the lab slip that shows how much gold and porcelain is being used and where the restoration was made.

What’s the lifespan of the crown? And is there a breakage warranty? You can usually expect good crowns to last 10 to 15 years with good oral hygiene. But a crown made of inferior products could break down in half that time or less. Some dental labs will offer a one-year warranty on crowns. The warranty and the lifespan issue is most important with non-metal crowns.

Will a lab-made provisional crown be used? It can help to make the right color and shape decision if the dentist has the lab make a provisional or trial crown. This is also often used if the mouth must heal before a permanent crown can be placed. A lab-created temp crown allows you to see what your new crown will look like in shape and color, then a permanent can be made of better materials to match. If you don’t like it, adjustments can be made when the permanent crown is fabricated. While there is often an additional charge for a provisional crown, it can make a lot of sense. Expect the final crown to be stronger and look more natural than the provisional crown.

Can you see the crown before it’s put in your mouth? It belongs to you, and you have a right to see it before it’s placed. You need to be able to see that the color and shape are the way you want them to be before permanent placement in your mouth. It’s essential that you voice any concerns you have because this is something that will be in your mouth for years and needs to be made to your specifications. Work with the dentist to make any adjustments necessary before permanent placement of the crown.

Every dentist has a responsibility to provide a high standard of care that meets your needs and responds to your desires. Even a low-quality crown should fit well and completely restore natural function, but you have a right to insist on the best quality you can afford.

Not all crowns are the same, and neither are all dentists or dental labs. Insist on a good quality dental crown that completely meets your needs so that no one will even know you have a crown in your mouth. When you work with the right dentist, it’s not hard to get the results you want.

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