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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous

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Phillip: What can anybody say about Mary Tocco? She is one of the most knowledgeable people about vaccine biology that I’ve ever met. She’s very up to date with a number of issues nationally at the statewide public health aspects; internationally, she understands not only the biology, but also, she knows about your rights. She’s a major person in this area, both in the state of Michigan, in the United States. I think everybody should have her come and speak.

Mary Tocco: I’m all about information. I learned about this twenty-six years ago, and I’ll introduce all that in a minute, but I want you to not take my word for anything. I don’t want you to have faith in me. I don’t want you to trust me, because I believe that’s what got us in the trouble we’re in today, faith and trust in the system instead of taking personal responsibility.

One of the first things people ask me is why do you do this? How did you get involved? I am fortunate in that I began researching over twenty-six years ago, before I had my children. At that time, my husband was a chiropractic student, and we were going to have our family started, and we wanted to look into this thoroughly to make an informed decision, and twenty-six years ago, there was enough information out there that made me see that we could have some really serious problems with vaccines, and we made the educated decision to not vaccinate.

And then, back in 1995, ’95, in Michigan, they were going to pass a bill that would remove our philosophical exemption, and what that means is they were going to be removing some of our rights to make a decision on vaccines. And I got busy with a group called Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines. And it’s not an anti-vaccine group, it’s a group that is there to protect your rights and make sure that you have a right to choose whether or not to vaccinate. And so I got involved with that group, I’m the director of vaccine research and education for that group. We went into Lansing, which is our capital. We were able to take four hundred families from Michigan in there before the government health policy committee, and we were able to stop the bill from passing. That is why Michigan is one of only fifteen states now that has a philosophical exemption, which I will explain what that means down the road.

So that’s how I got involved. Then I realized parents don’t really have any idea what’s in those shots. In fact, most doctors don’t really know what’s in those shots, and I was frustrated because oftentimes, I’d be talking to my friends and other family members and saying “Have you ever thought to question what’s in those vaccines?” Why don’t we ask the question, “What’s in these shots? Are they necessary?”

And I realized that most people didn’t have a clue, so I started doing lectures over eight years ago, and I traveled all around Michigan, and over the years, my audiences had become bigger and bigger, and I reached thousands and thousands of parents here in Michigan, as well as in other states. My goal is to reach more parents before they have their children – and if not, after. But this also affects senior citizens and adults, and as I’m going to show you, they’ve passed the adult vaccine act, and they have a lot of vaccines that they intend on giving every American, and you need to know what it is that they’re asking you to inject into your body so that you can make that informed decision.

I’ve been an independent researched for twenty-five years. When I say independent, I mean no one’s paying me. No one’s paying me. I’m not on anyone’s payroll, and that’s very important, because I find that almost all of the documentation out there that is pro-vaccine is supported by pharmaceutical company money. You must understand that we have a huge multi-billion dollar industry that is supported by billions and billions of dollars coming from the pharmaceutical industry. So independent is important.

I was in the chiropractic healthcare field. I ran a chiropractic office for over twenty-three years, and I raised my children outside the medical model. And what that means is that I made the decision that we weren’t going to use drugs on healthy children. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m anti-medical. There is a place in society for medicine. If you’re diabetic, by all means, you need insulin. But I found that there’s  a more vitalistic approach to health care, and as I learned more about that, I decided that drugs are toxins, and that I don’t want them in my children’s’ body unless it’s absolutely medically necessary.

Well, when you make that decision, you have to learn how to promote health. You have to be proactive in promoting health, and I utilized chiropractic, good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition is so very important, and just the whole healthcare environment in our family was just wellness care, so I encourage you that as you make your decisions about vaccines, to think about, you know, we’re going to talk about where you get your healthcare beliefs.

I also am part of the autism autoimmunity project of Michigan, and they have a website, [inaudible] dot info, and we believe that the autism epidemic in this country is directly related to vaccinations. In fact, we believe that vaccines are the number one cause. Not the only cause; there are certainly other causes – environmental, our food, the way we eat – but we believe that vaccines are by far the most biggest insult that you could do to the human body that could lead to autism and other neurological disorders.

I have five children, like I said, and none of them have been vaccinated, and they’re all incredibly healthy. I do this because I want every parent to have the opportunity to make an informed decision. I’ve met too many parents who have come up to me with tears running down their face saying, “My child was developing perfectly normally. We went in for a routine well-being visit. My child got seven shots, and I watched my child slip into severe autism or learning problems or whatever.” So that’s what my passion is. I don’t want to see more children injured unnecessarily.

In order to educate the public, I actually formed the precious health foundation, and I do have other talks that I’m going to be working on. One of them is called How to Raise Children, Nature’s Way. You see, if you’re not going to vaccinate and you’re not going to do antibiotics, you need to know how to promote their health, so look for an upcoming DVD on that subject.

So some of the topics I’ll be covering are what are the known toxins in vaccines. You see, I believe that you need to know this. Unless you know this, you can’t make an informed decision, and when you go on and sign that consent form at that doctor’s office before you get a vaccine, you’re saying that you’re consenting to something. Well, I think you need to know what it is you’re consenting to, and I also don’t think your doctor knows what you might be consenting to, or what he’s consenting to on your behalf. So what are the known toxins? When did we begin using vaccinations? Did vaccines really eradicate illness and disease as we’ve been told? What are your rights? As a parent, do you have a right to say no? And it varies from state to state. We’ll be discussing that. What is the difference between natural exposure to infectious illnesses versus unnatural exposure through injectable vaccines? You see, our immune system responds to both, and I want you to know the different responses that it does for each of those. Could the vaccines be causing other illnesses? And then, at the end, we’re going to talk about what are the recognizable signs of vaccine injury, because many of them get overlooked by the medical community, and many times, parents don’t even have a clue that their child has suffered a severe reaction. They need to know what a severe reaction is.

I think it’s very important you understand where we get our healthcare beliefs from. You see, we do everything, all of our healthcare choices are based on our belief system, right? If you were raised in a family where your dad was a medical doctor or your mother was a nurse, there’s a good chance that you believe that every time you have a sniffle or a symptom or whatever that you have to take a pill to get rid of it, right? Our healthcare beliefs, many times, are based on what we’ve been exposed to. So I believe our family is our primary exposure to our healthcare beliefs.

I had the opportunity to grow up in a very large family, and my mother utilized a chiropractor. She had severe migraine headaches, and she was tired of doing all the drugs, medication that would make her sick, and she went to see a chiropractor. Now, this was back in the early seventies, and this was back when they were still called quacks, right? And she had such good results with the chiropractor that she began to take us children in whenever we needed care, and I ended up having a whiplash injury, and went to the chiropractor, and all kinds of health problems cleared up. You see, that had a profound effect on my belief system. Had my mother never utilized a chiropractor, God only knows. It’s oftentimes what we’re exposed to.

Also, our schools make a huge impact on what we believe. Children are taught from kindergarten on that vaccines are the best thing, and they’re taught about nutrition in school. Many times I don’t necessarily agree with what they’re being taught. Our environment that we live in. If you live out west, there’s a lot more natural health food restaurants, people are a lot more into fitness, they’re very conscious of their diet, of nutrition. It’s more popular to be fit and to be healthy out there, and yet on the east coast, it’s just kind of the opposite. We’re like a decade behind them, okay? Things are just, it takes forever for them to get over here, but if you grew up out west, there’s a good chance you know a little more about natural health than they do on the east coast.

We know that the media, the newspaper, magazines, spend millions of dollars getting you to buy their drugs and medication. Just open up any of your popular magazines for parents. You know, you see huge, glossy full page ads talking about the latest and greatest medication or drug, so they’re spending billions of dollars advertising to us about health, and you know, that has a huge impact, and I’m going to let you show me how much impact it has on you, because you’re going to play along something with me in just a second.

Also, our current system. Right now, we have our drugs advertised on television. I met a woman from Australia a couple years ago, and I said, “What do you see is the big difference in America?” She said, “I cannot believe you guys have pharmaceutical drugs being marketed on the television.” Commercial after commercial after commercial. She said, “In Australia, this would never happen because this is between you and your medical doctor.” She said, “But here, they’re marketing to kids.” Kids are watching TV for hours. Think about it. The other night, we sat down to watch TV, and no joke, every commercial on the television for two straight hours, every commercial was a medically oriented – take this drug for this – and of course they go and they tell you all the side effects, and you sit and you listen to the side effects, and you’re thinking, “Wow, who’d ever take that drug?” But mark my words, it’s working. They spend billions of dollars on advertising so that we all run to our doctor and ask our doctor for medication and drugs. And if you don’t get them from him, you run to the nearest drug store, right?

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