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3 Great Options To Make Your Own Toothpaste..

See these 3 recipe options for healthy homemade toothpaste at: http://craftingagreenworld.com/2015/01/17/spotted-how-to-make-toothpaste-no-really/

Great new recipe for remineralizing homemade toothpaste

A great new homemade toothpaste recipe by lindsay leigh bentley.. Recipe available at http://lindsayleighbentley.com/2012/09/03/be-well-homemade-toothpaste/

Featured: Homemade Probiotic ToothPaste by Melody

A great natural, probiotic recipe by Melody, with play-by-play pictures to show how it’s made. Recipe available at: http://valleyhaberdashery.com/blog/14033387/toothpaste

Featured: Homemade Diatomaceous Earth Toothpaste by Danielle (aka Dandy)

Looking to mix it up from Dr. Vinograd’s homemade toothpaste recipe? Danielle has done her research, and all the ingredients are top notch.   Get her recipe at: http://lovelovething.com/homemade-diatomaceous-earth-toothpaste/

The Best Toothpaste Is Homemade (Infographic)

Understanding Your Toothache & Getting It Under Control

There are many reasons for toothaches, and all of them can be treated in some way. While the most common cause of a painful and annoying toothache is a cavity, gum disease also causes toothaches, and so do other problems with the mouth and the jaw. It’s absolutely essential that you have a toothache checked […]

How To Save A Chipped Tooth (Infographic)

Saving A Chipped Tooth

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it probably will unless you take preventative steps: You bite down on something hard and end up with a chipped tooth or a broken tooth. Almost everyone eventually experiences at least a minor chip, but there are things you can do to reduce pain until you see a […]

Understanding The Meridian Tooth Chart

A Meridian Tooth Diagram (or teeth chart), is simply a map correlating each tooth to it’s connected organs. Although this might seem outlandish, ancient Chinese medicine has taught for centuries that teeth are connected to other parts of the body in some way. The front teeth, for example, have a relationship with the kidneys. The […]

The Truth About Fluoride P5

  Ian: until last week there were still telling us that we needed to drink 8 glasses of water every day and most people who drink 8 glasses but do it right out of the tap.     Paul : the CDC looks as if the y are taking  responsibility  know , the CDC simply […]

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