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Intraoral Scanner Offers Accurate 3D Impressions in Minutes

intraoral 3d impressionsThe Carestream CS 3500 intraoral scanner is an exciting new handheld device that provides a fast and easy way to obtain dental impressions that are much more accurate than traditional methods.

The scanner connects directly to our computers with a USB connection.  Not only are we able to send your images directly to the lab in minutes, because the scanner plugs directly into our computers, we are able to keep all of your information in one secure location.  This also cuts down on our administrative tasks, freeing us up to focus on what’s truly important, patient care.

Once the scanner is connected to the computer, it can be used right-handed or left-handed.  It has a light projection system that lets us focus on you, not a computer monitor, while creating a highly detailed and accurate digital impression, allowing our lab to then create a precise crown or other restoration.

The scanner has two modes.  The first is a guide mode, useful for learning to use the device.  In guide mode, the scanner analyzes the field of view to ensure that the device will be able to get a good scan.  This allows all of our staff to be proficient in the use of the device, meaning you don’t have to wait for one specific person to be able to do your scan.

The second mode is feedback mode.  In this mode, the scanner uses two small lights, a green light when the device is getting a good impression, and a red light when an error has occurred.  When the red light appears, we are able to correct the error immediately.

Once the scanner is plugged into the computer, the scan is complete in a minute or so, two minutes for a full arch.  No mixing up powders, or waiting for the mold to set.  Once the scan is complete, the digital images can be sent directly to the lab in minutes.  The scanner can also obtain full-color close up images so the technicians in the lab can confidently create a precise restoration with no uncertainty.  The full color images clearly show the difference between enamel/dentin and and soft tissue.

The device has two sizes of tip, standard for adults, and small for children or those with a strong gag reflex.  The CS 3500 was designed to make your intraoral impressions as easy and comfortable as possible.

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