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The lower denture ordeal

sore denturesPeople who have a lot of cavities or other troubles with their teeth sometimes get to feeling like they want nothing more than to end the pain. For many of these people the obvious and immediate answer is to get rid of the problem, even if it means pulling the teeth that are causing the pain. What they may not realize is that dentures can cause even more problems and people frequently struggle more with dentures than with natural teeth. These people do not realize how much trouble dentures, lower dentures in particular, can be.
Thanks to modern dentistry, fewer people are having trouble with lowers dentures then used to be the case, but many do still experience a lot of pain from dentures that place pressure on the gums, and embarrassment caused by dentures that move when talking or eating.

Problems occur much more frequently with lower dentures than with upper dentures. There was once a dentist went so far as to tell people,“I usually charge only for my upper dentures and I give my lower dentures for free because inevitably, patients come back with great problems with their lower dentures.”

Why do lower dentures cause so much more trouble than upper dentures? There are a number of reasons. Well-made upper dentures can get a good, effective seal with just a good impression. The seal is even better when denture flanges and post stem are stable. Because the upper arch of the mouth does not move, upper dentures can be held in place with just a good seal. All of the work in the mouth, including chewing and talking, is done by the jaw on the lower part of the mouth. Not only are the lower jaw in the tongue constantly moving during these activities, the lower part of the mouth tends to move with the tongue, causing the lower dentures to move as well.

Added to this, teeth are critical to the structure of the jawbone. Without teeth, the bone in the jaw tends to wear away. This causes the gums to shrink the dentures to longer fit the same. Ill fitting dentures cause friction and pressure that can cause sores which can become infected.

All of these factors together make lower dentures difficult.

Statistics show that about 90% of people with lower dentures are dissatisfied, the opposite is true for upper dentures. Most denture wearers are happy with upper dentures. Many dentists find lower dentures to be the most challenging aspect of dentistry, and the one that causes the most problems for the patient.

Some denture wearers have been able to get relief through the use of implants, but traditional standard diameter implants post two major obstacles for many patients. The first obstacle has been the cost of placement. Standard diameter implants are large and require invasive and costly surgery, which can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Even for patients who might be able to afford the cost of surgery, insufficient bone in the jaw can make them poor candidates, because implants require certain amount of bone in the jaw to properly support them.

New advances in dental implant technology can help lower dentures to fit better and stay firmly in place. Small-diameter implants can drastically change the quality of life for many denture wearers and offer them a feeling of confidence that some may have not had in years.

Smaller diameter implants are much easier and less costly to place. Miniature sized implants are placed using a less invasive procedure requiring only local anesthesia and no stitches. Even better, the patient’s existing dentures can be refitted to work with the new implants. This can all be done in one visit, and with much less expense than traditional implants. The new implants also require much less bone than larger implants.

With the smaller implants, dentists can refit existing dentures so that they simply snap onto the implants and remain firmly in place even during speech meeting. Of course the ideal circumstance involves natural healthy teeth, but when natural teeth do deteriorate, smaller implants can make the transition to dentures easier.
Being able to improve the quality of a patient’s life is a great feeling for any dentist especially when the patient has suffered for years believing there was no other option. Watching a patient smile, perhaps for the first time in years, is heartwarming.

If you are one of the many to have struggled with pain and embarrassment due to ill fitting dentures talk to your dentist to find out if implants are right for you.
If you prefer, you can talk to your dentist about whether you have sufficient bone for a fixed prosthetic with traditional implants, but if this is not a good option for you, you do not have to suffer.

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