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Minimally Invasive Dental Ozone Is Changing How We Treat Patients

Ozone (O3)New dental treatment methods are making dentistry easier, less painful and more effective than ever before. If you haven’t visited a dentist in a while, you may not realize how much things have changed. And no change shows more promise and is providing more real results than the introduction of dental ozone therapy.

This kind of minimally invasive treatment is a clean and comfortable way to improve a variety of oral health issues. In particular, dental ozone therapy can be especially effective in treating early decay, often preventing the need for fillings. When we’ve used dental ozone therapy on teeth that are just starting to show signs of decay, we’ve often avoided drilling, saving many teeth that would have otherwise required fillings.

The most astounding thing about dental ozone therapy is that it can actually penetrate through the enamel layer of your teeth and help improve and even heal the inner structures of tooth. No other treatment method can do that effectively. Depending on exactly how long an area is exposed to ozone and the concentration, the penetration can go several millimeters deep.

Before any small filling, we must now ask ourselves whether its better to try to heal the issue with dental ozone or to solve the issue with a filling. Drilling and cutting is still required in some cases, but it isn’t always. And it’s great to have additional tools in our toolkit for treating early decay.

Since cavities begin in an acid environment that exists below the surface of the tooth, we can use ozone to kill the bacteria that’s in the acid and make the waste products safe as well. This generates a new and healthier environment within the entire mouth that’s hostile to bacteria and other pathogens that can do you harm. It’s possible that this newly created health oral environment can be maintained with repeated treatment.

Defining Ozone

It isn’t hard to understand ozone at all. Put in the simplest way possible, ozone is three oxygen atoms that are joined up. That’s all there is to it. Ozone is an elemental type of oxygen that happens naturally in the atmosphere as a result of the interaction of oxygen with UV light or lightning, for example.

But here’s the great thing: in a dental clinic, we can use a machine called an ozone generator to create an effect similar to lightning and create safe and beneficial ozone. That’s the same natural ozone that’s found in decreasing quantity 50,000 feet up in the air. And in situations where there’s air pollution, ozone is present as evidence of the planet attempting to heal itself.

In dentistry, ozone is proving particularly useful because of its impact as a powerful oxidizer. This kind of oxidant can kill things like fungi, bacteria, virus and other pathogens with relative ease. We can also accomplish the same thing with chlorine, but chlorine is a toxic chemical that can have harmful side effects. Plus, a single ozone molecule can do the work of 3,000 to perhaps as many as 10,000 chlorine molecules — and do that work thousands of times quicker.

We Can Actually Undo Cavities And More

Millions of people around the world have been treated using effective and safe dental ozone, but there have never been any recorded side effects when dental ozone is used correctly. The amazing ozone generator creates a very richly oxygenated atmosphere in your mouth that can help put a stop to decay, help the body remineralize and heal the tooth damage and so much more.

Other healthcare and related fields are finding benefits from ozone therapy as well, further proving its usefulness. These include places like the vet’s office, the dermatologist’s office and in the HIV+ community where nothing’s more important than killing harmful virus and bacteria. Ozone is also proving useful in treating foot ulcers in diabetics and MRSA infections that, by definition, don’t respond well to traditional antibiotic remedies.

Today, thousands of dentists join these other offices and communities where ozone is making a real difference. In dentistry, we’re using dental ozone for disease, decay, root canals, canker sores and even bone infections and problems with sensitivity.

Oral Infections Are The Enemy

Oral infections are the enemy of good oral health, but our ozone generator can help with infections of the mouth. We can take simple medical-grade oxygen that’s been used in medicine for decades and turn it into ozone that can heal and treat mouth conditions. Our ozone generator uses a corona discharge reaction that mimics the way lightning works. Research has proven that a machine like the one we use in our office can generate ozone in the proper concentration for killing pathogens of many types.

Much of what we do in this office involves fighting off dental infections. Bacteria as well as fungi and viruses are the causes of these insidious infections. In some cases, a single organism is responsible for a patient’s misery while sometimes many organisms of different types are involved. And these pathogens interact with other systems in the body in the same way that problems elsewhere in the body can lead to dental infections. That’s why dental infections can be so much of problem to bring under control. Infected areas continually get reinfected, leading to long-term problems with dental health and overall health in general.

But most pathogenic organisms share something in common: they can be destroyed when ozone punches a hole through their cellular membrane and causes them to die. In fact, there aren’t many pathogens that can survive when there’s ozone around. Studies have indicated that your body’s own antibodies actually make ozone to kill some kinds of invading organisms, but your body may not be able to create enough ozone to do the job. That’s where dental ozone can come to the rescue. We continue the work where nature leaves off.

Goals Of Ozone Therapy

There are many things we do with dental ozone therapy. Evidence-based science proves that ozone can be effectively used as part of the usual standard of care for these purposes:

  • getting rid of pathogens
  • setting up the correct oxygen metabolism situation
  • created a friendly ecology in the mouth
  • increasing circulation in the mouth
  • activating your own immune system
  • stimulating your natural antioxidant system
  • and more.

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Let Us Help You

Isn’t it time for you to explore the how dental ozone therapy can help you? We have solutions available for every kind of dental and oral health issue, and dental ozone is often part of the solution.

Our complete ozone periodontal program consists of many elements, including complete and periodic oral health evaluations, regular cleanings, oral cancer screenings, removal of damaged tissue throughout the mouth, coaching about how to perform your own oral hygiene program at home, irrigation with ozone, injection of ozone with MI desensitizer paste for increased comfort and a take-home kit with instructions you can follow up to enhance results.

It’s possible that dental ozone can be part of your total oral healthcare plan, and we want to help you reach your goal of increasing the health of your mouth and keeping it healthy for the long term. It’s what we do for people like you every day. Just call (619) 630-7174

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