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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P9

And one of Neal Miller’s books actually goes into it in great detail, so if you know someone who suffers with Gulf War syndrome or you’re interested, go to his website and you can find out. He has a Senate testimony. He talks about where pregnant women actually had immediate abortions after that their babies […]

Biocompatible Dentistry Is The Right Choice For Thoughtful, Analytic People

Biocompatible dentists are often asked how patients can learn more about their dental health – and what issues people need to be considering as they think about the intersection between their oral health and their overall health. As biological dentist Dr. Daniel Vinograd pointed out in a recent UCSD lecture, there’s actually quite a lot […]

San Diego Dental Practice

Doctor Daniel Vinograd, DDS While there are hundreds of dentists in San Diego, Doctor Daniel Vinograd,  DDS, is a holistic dentist with more than 30 years experience in dental excellence – treating you with warmth and kindness. In addition, he promotes systemic health and overall wellbeing through a series of principles he lives by and […]

Healing Reactions and Dental Issues

SPEAKER 1: Am I on? I don’t hear you.   DR. SMITH: Okay, hello. All right, we’re really getting a lot more questions and a lot of things coming up as you learn more and more. I know a lot more questions come up in the mind, and our panel, hopefully you can cover any […]

Dr. Vinograd’s 3rd Lecture on Holistic Dentistry to The Gerson Institute

  This Saturday, 10/26/2013, Dr. Vinograd will be giving his third lecture to the Gerson Institiute concerning the best, non-toxic options in dentistry for their patients. The Gerson Institute is an international non-profit organization, dedicated to alternative, non-toxic treatment of cancer patients. The lecture will be broadcast worldwide, with an interactive Q and A from […]

Holistic Dentist San Diego

. (619) 630-7174 Email: daniel@drvinograd.com Holistic Dentist San Diego: About Dr. Vinograd As a holistic dentist in San Diego, Dr. Daniel Vinograd has more than 30 years experience in satisfying and improving the lives of his patients – by encouraging healthier lifestyles. Inspired by nature, he has created the following list of principles that he […]

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