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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P3

Now, when that child is born, just like you and I, its exposure through any infectious illness is through the nose and mucous membrane when we come in contact with it. As soon as this happens, the body begins immediately to identify whatever that foreign thing is before we even know we’re exposed. And by the way, Dr. [inaudible] says that a brand new child goes through this thousands and thousands of times every day because it’s exposed to this whole new environment. So we’re being exposed to spores and fungus and mold and mildew and bacteria and viruses and dust and all kinds of things, but when something foreign that doesn’t belong there, it gets identified, the tonsils are involved – all the detoxing organs, by the way, are the immune system. We have the lymphatic system, which is made up of thousands of lymph nodes. We have lymph vessels and intricately connected [inaudible] glands, the tonsils, the stomach, the spleen, and the nervous system, and the digestive system are all part of that immune system.

So the body immediately prepares to deal with this new visitor by initiative white blood cells called lymphocytes, and then t cells, which attack the organ directly. Antibodies in the blood are specialized in responding to the foreign invader. In fact, when the TH1 cell gets involved, your body develops lifelong immunity, and it’s very important you understand that. The object to these infectious illnesses is for us to have lifelong immunity. Would you agree? You get exposed, you have immunity. Well, the normal method is TH1 cells get involved, and you have lifelong immunity. When the invader reaches the gut, by the way, this is when you have the fevers, you might feel nauseated, your child might throw up a little bit, might have diarrhea, it’s when your joints begin to ache. By the way, this is normal immune function. But your body is dealing with it appropriately, and many times, people think that the fever is bad.

When I was first raising my first child, everybody, as soon as their child got a fever, would run for the medicine cabinet. Oh my gosh, this fever’s going to cause my child to die or have seizures. And I had just learned the year before that fevers are part of the normal immune system function, and that they play a critical role in dealing with whatever foreign invader is there. So fever and sweats are all part of your immune function. Does that mean it’s good? Yes. So what do we do when we take something to take the fever down or to remove the symptom? Are we really helping our bodies out? You need to think about that.

Okay, this process is very important for immune development, and it also is how we detoxify our body. There is no system in the human body – listen to this, this is very important – there is no system in the human body which gets strengthened by avoiding challenges, but only through overcoming them. You know, if you want to improve your cardiovascular, you go out and you work out and you get your heartbeat going. You work it, you challenge it. You want to develop muscle, you challenge it through weights. Okay? Every system in the body is the same way. As it deals with challenges and overcomes it, the body gets stronger, and that’s how I raised my children.

You know, when my kids would have a fever, I would say, “Boy, now you get special treatment. We’re going to lay on the couch and we’re going to make homemade chicken soup, we’re going to baby you. We’re going to take really good care of you. You get to watch TV all day, and your body’s working,” and I would pat them on the back, and say, “It’s okay. You’re going to be just fine.” And when they’d get swollen glands, I’d say, “Yep, boy, those are your glands working. And that’s how God intended it. Isn’t it awesome? Now, it’s not fun, but this means you’ve got to lay down and rest and drink lots of fluids and listen to your body.” When they would throw up, I’d say, “Oh, your body’s kicking it out. Something’s in there that doesn’t belong there.” And, “Oh, mama, I’ve got to go to the bathroom, I’ve got the runs.” “Go get it out.”

Seriously. My children, we never talked about sickness. We talked about this is your body doing what it’s intended to do, and when you think like that, you realize that you have to have the utmost respect for the human body, because it knows way more than we do, and man and his educated brain gets in there and tries to figure it all out, you see, and in fact, the medical model does the opposite of what the body’s doing, and I’m going to talk about that in just a minute.

So anyway, if you challenge the immune system and it overcomes, it is a stronger, healthier immune system. I call it aerobics for the immune system, and literally, I like to see a child run a fever. [Inaudible] wow, their body’s working well. And if children are not well, there are so many things you can do to proactively help that body function better, and that’s a whole ‘nother talk.

So just so you know, the final stage of all of these infectious illnesses is usually the rash. Chickenpox, measles, [inaudible] – and isn’t that when we diagnose it and go, “Oh, chickenpox.” See, you didn’t know, but your child was dealing with that for like seven days before it broke out in a rash. We had no clue, but that’s the final stage. That’s the shedding process that goes through when we shed through the skin, and so that really helped me to understand that my child is okay, this is the final stage.

And by the way, when my kids got chickenpox, I was delighted, because they now had the opportunity to strengthen their immune system and get through it, and most children do just fine with chickenpox, and we’re going to talk about that vaccine up the road here. Now, is it fun? No. It’s no fun having children on the couch, running a fever, and it can even get scary sometimes, and by all means, if you feel it’s a medical emergency, take them in to the [inaudible] or go to the hospital, whatever.

One of my favorite books, and I don’t have it, is a book written by Robert Mendelson, and I’m going to talk about Robert Mendelson a lot because he wrote a book How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor. This was the first book I read over twenty-six years ago, and he explains how the human body works, how the immune system works, and how these infectious illnesses actually help develop the immune system. And I just love this man. His books are still available, and I encourage you to get his book called How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor, because it goes through all the infectious illnesses that children go through, and he identifies when it becomes a medical emergency and when it’s not, and he tells you how to deal with it at home.

So moving on. Now, let’s look at the allopathic model. The allopathic model is the medical model we live in, and they call this sickness, but let me ask you, if you go to the restaurant and you get a hold of some bad seafood and you go home and you vomit and you throw up, is that a good thing? It’s a good thing, right? Because if you didn’t, you would probably die, and yet think about it. It’s your body detoxing, it’s your body eliminating. It’s very similar to that process when children go through infectious illnesses, but the allopathic model calls this sickness, and of course, the method of treatment is to drug the body, reduce the symptoms, and go against what the body is doing, and that’s why I’m really into holistic health, understanding the whole body and how it all works together, and I encourage you – there’s so much information out there. There’s no reason why everyone now can’t make informed decisions about all healthcare options.

So let’s look at when you inject a vaccine, how that differs. By the way, when children are not vaccinated and they’re just living in the world, they get exposed very gradually to infectious illnesses. It’s not like all in one day, they have eight infectious illnesses that they have to deal with, right? So when we vaccinate through injection, we are not only changing the timing of the exposure, but the method, and those are two of the biggest problems I have with vaccines: the timing and the method. So when we vaccinate, we bypass the normal method, and we inject right into the muscle. Now, again, they’re not just getting the virus or the bacteria; they’re getting all of the neurotoxins I described, and the immune system has no clue what’s about to happen. So you bypass the normal system. It goes into the muscle. If it gets into the blood system, organs are in danger for getting affected by the vaccine as well, and I believe that’s what’s happening with all the neurotoxins in vaccines. They’re not just staying in the muscle. They’re not being dealt with the same way infectious illness would. They’re getting to the vital organs of the body, and I’m going to show you how.

So not only are we changing the method of exposure, but the timing, and I want to tell you that when you bypass the normal method and you inject, TH2 cells are stimulated, and when TH2 cells get stimulated, you do not have lifelong immunity, okay? So your job as a parent is to decide is my child better off getting the infectious illness or getting the vaccine? And again, I’m not telling you what to do; I’m just showing you a whole lot of information that you haven’t been able to dig up. You know, it’s one of those things that’s right out there in the medical literature, but it’s completely out of sight. It’s like hidden, and yet it’s right there.

Okay, so let’s talk about what we’re doing day one in the hospital. Right now, babies that are born, it is recommended that they get the hepatitis B vaccine. Now, hepatitis is usually an adult disease, and the way people get hepatitis is by having many, many, multiple sexual partners or dirty needles. It’s a blood transfer disease, and the normal exposure, again, is when you’re a sexually active adult, and we know American kids grow up fast. Do you think that your baby is going to be involved in sex and drug use in the first seven years of life? They say that this vaccine, at best, will protect your child for seven years. But this is what we’re doing. We’re injecting hepatitis B vaccine right into these babies.

I will tell you, number one, there are no long term safety studies whatsoever. In fact, they only tested this vaccine out on five to seven year olds. It was never tested on infants, so your babies are the guinea pigs, as they are on all vaccines, which I’ll show you. When you bypass the normal route, as I said, the virus or the neurotoxin can get into the blood and expose organs that should not be exposed, and my concern, I really believe the hepatitis B vaccine is the most nonscientific vaccine out there. It was developed for the prostitutes and the drug users, just so you know, and when they couldn’t get it to them, they weren’t interested in purchasing it or buying it, they literally went into Congress and said, “What do we do with it?” And they said, “Let’s give it to the babies.”

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