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So the question I asked you is are your healthcare beliefs based on indoctrination or education? You know, I grew up in a traditional family. We went to the doctor when we needed to. Broken bones, stitches, if we’re really, really, really sick, but nowadays we do something totally different. How did we get so conditioned? How is it that every parent feels it is their obligation to take their baby in every two months for a well-baby visit? How did this happen? You see, when I was growing up, if we went once a year, like I said, for an emergency, stitches or whatever, that was a standard, or if we were really, really sick. That’s when penicillin was real popular. We’d go in for our shot of penicillin, but it was very rare that we went to the doctor, and most of the time, mother knew ways to take care of it at home, and one of the things that I like to do is I like to encourage people to get back to the basics and learn how to take care of the human body in such a way that we’re not throwing drugs into it constantly.

So there’s a big difference between indoctrination and education, and just to see, just to prove how conditioned we are, I’m going to ask you to reply to me, and reply, I want all of you to participate, okay? When I say this, answer me. Don’t squeeze the – okay, nice and loud so it can get picked up. How about pop, pop, fizz, fizz? How do you spell relief? How about M&Ms melt in your – not in – exactly. I like this one too. This kind of ages me, but Winston tastes good like a – now, do you know how old that is? When I was growing up, there were commercials on television, you see this tall, handsome cowboy riding on his horse smoking a cigarette, and they outlawed it. They said it was causing too much smoking, and yet we still know, twenty-something years later, we still know that commercial, so are we conditioned or what? Okay? I just had to have you prove it to yourself that you’re conditioned, and I believe our healthcare decisions are conditioned as well.

So my challenge to you is to stop and think about your healthcare beliefs. You see, when I went under chiropractic care and had healthcare problems, I had all these healthcare conditions go away, I had unlearned a lot of my unhealthy beliefs. I had to start thinking about health and really asking those critical questions, and I started asking, “Gee, is this medication good for my body? Do I need it? Is there a better way?” And so I’m really encouraging parents to take full responsibility for your health and your children’s health, and the only way you can do that is by examining what you do day in and day out.

So where did it all begin? When I tell people, you know you have a right to not vaccinate? They look at me with these eyes of “Why would I ever choose to not vaccinate?” And you should talk to senior citizens. They say, “Oh my gosh, vaccines have saved our world from all kinds of problems,” so people are often shocked that a person would choose not to vaccinate, but they also think that vaccines have been around forever, and I’m here to tell you that they haven’t been around that long. That for centuries and centuries and centuries, human beings lived without vaccines. Imagine that.

So according to [inaudible] who runs the national vaccine information center, between 1964 and 2002, the United States added eight vaccines where we originally had three. Now, I was born in the late, late 1950s, and back then, we got about three vaccines. We got an oral sugar cube – who got that sugar cube? Raise your hand. I’m going to tell you a lot of goodies about that. But we got the oral sugar cube, and then we got two injected vaccines. Keep in mind that we were five to six years of age. Five to six. You must keep that in mind, because what we’re doing now is you’re vaccinating them right after they come out of the womb, okay? But we were five to six years of age. A lot of development takes place in the first five to six years of life, okay? And then as I stated, they added eight new vaccines. We now have twenty-three doses in the mandatory vaccine schedule, and according to Ted [inaudible] who’s a chiropractor vaccine researcher, he actually broke down all the shots, and his summary is this: that you get twenty-three doses for fifteen different infectious diseases totaling seventy-two different bacterial viral components. Keep that in mind. That’s a lot of vaccines.

So the current schedule, just so you know, is the MMR, the measles, mumps, and rubella, which is a cocktail; the hepatitis A and hepatitis B; we have the new chickenpox called the varicella; the live and the dead polio; the [inaudible], which is influenza type B [inaudible] vaccine; the DPT, diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus; the [inaudible], which is for earaches and meningitis; and the new influenza vaccine, which they’re recommending children and babies getting twice a year, and then once a year for the rest of their life. And, of course, you know we have adult vaccines. We have our senior citizens getting flu shots and [inaudible] shots, so there’s a lot of vaccines out there.

Now, most importantly, you must know your rights. I think that if we don’t know our rights, we’re no different than slaves. I get calls from parents all the time saying, “My school nurse told me that my child has to be vaccinated by this Friday or my child can’t come to school. She told me it’s the law.” And I again refer to my website and let them know the written law is right at the website, that we still have a right to say no, and that again, if you don’t know your rights, you can’t enforce them, and I encourage them, you know, take this time to go in and educate your school nurse, let them know that yes, you do have a right to say no to vaccines. It’s a great opportunity to enlighten them.

And so there are three reasons why people – actually, three waivers that you can use, depending upon your state, and to find out what your state waiver rights are, you can go on to the NVIC website, and they have a complete listing of all the states and what exemptions are available to them.

But first of all, I want to talk to you about the religious exemption. Every state but one has a religious exemption available to them, and that means if for whatever reason it is against your religious convictions, you do not have to belong to a particular church, because your religion is your choice, and they still will honor this in almost all states but one, so that’s one exemption available to you. And for those of you who are Christian and believe in the Bible, I do have available, if you email me from my website, Biblical reasons to not vaccinate. The Bible has a lot to say about putting toxins into the human body.

Also, there’s a medical exemption. A medical exemption is for children who have asthma, diabetes, any kind of seizure disorder, or any other chronic immune disease. In the literature in the doctors’ offices in the inserts actually states that if your child has any type of immune problem, they should receive no further vaccines, okay? Also, if your child had a severe reaction after a vaccine, a seizure of some sort or collapse in the living room and stop breathing, that is a severe reaction, and many times, the doctors will not even mention that that’s a reaction, and if you ask, they’ll say, “No, that’s not a reaction. That’s not associated with the vaccine.” But that could be a severe reaction.

And then again, our most important right to waive is our philosophical exemption, and fifteen states have this, and it means based on whatever your belief is pertaining to vaccines. This is the one I use. This is the one, when I have to get my kids into school or whatever, I let them know that I choose not to vaccinate because I don’t feel they’re safe. I don’t like the lack of safety studies. I don’t believe putting toxins in the body – you know, it’s a great opportunity to educate those who might be uninformed, and so this is the one that we fought for, and we had in Michigan on behalf of the Michigan parents. So it’s very important to understand that laws and to exercise them.

And by the way, we have had some counties in Michigan that have passed ordinances, and they’re making it difficult for parents to get the written waiver form at school. And according to the law, it says that all you need is a written statement from the parent. It doesn’t have to be a particular form, but the schools are making it a little more difficult, and I just want you to know that some counties passed an ordinance, but right in the first paragraph of that ordinance, it says, “This ordinance cannot supersede any state law.” So if they push it, they’re violating your rights, and by all means, give me a call. I’ll be happy to call them on your behalf and let them know they’re violating your rights and you have a right to use the waiver form of whatever choice to get your children in school. So that covers the laws pertaining to vaccines.

What is the difference between a normal exposure to an infectious illness and unnatural exposure through vaccine injection? You must understand how the immune system functions in order to get it, because otherwise, you live in fear, okay? And I had the opportunity to sit in and listen to Dr. [inaudible] who is a chiropractor immunologist, and it was wonderful because he gave a really basic, fundamental [inaudible] of how the immune system works when exposed to an infectious illness.

As a child develops in the womb, if nothing interferes with that development, the child has two eyes, a nose, two ears, little toes, everything where it belongs, okay? When they’re born nine months later, they are underdeveloped. Every part of their body is underdeveloped except for one: the brain stem. The brain stem sits right back here, and it has been in charge since conception. The brain stem is the only organ fully developed and fully functioning at first, and it is controlling everything. It’s what makes that baby take its first breath, okay? It’s incredible in what it does, and that’s why I’m a big promoter of chiropractic. I think we have to make sure there’s no pressure on that brain stem for newborns. But anyway, the brain stem is controlling everything in the human body. So we have a child whose brain, it’s digestive system, the myelin coating on its nerves, the bone, the muscle, everything is underdeveloped. Wouldn’t you think this is when we need to protect them from neurotoxins because they’re developing? Especially neurotoxins that can interfere with the development of all these critical organs in the body? Okay.

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