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Invisalign by Dr. Vinograd

invisalign vs bracesWhy should you get Invisalign from Dr Daniel Vinograd?  He is truly a dentist like no other, because he focuses not just on healthy teeth and gums, but the overall health of his patients. This means he not only focuses Invisalign treatment for straight teeth, but also for the psychological / emotional impact of an improved appearance. Because of his desire to see all of his patients happy and healthy, he has created six rules for healthy dental living, which will also have a marked effect on a person’s overall well being. How many of them do you follow?

  1. Remove processed food from your diet. You should instead replace them with more basic food groups, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, and protein.
  2. Take control of your own health! Never be afraid to ask a health professional a question, whether they be a nurse, doctor, or dentist. At the end of the day, you are the one that has to live with your body.
  3. Never accept dental materials that could be harmful. This is especially important if you are getting fillings; so called ‘silver’ fillings actually still contain a high level of mercury.
  4. Drink ozone enriched water. This has been proved to maintain oral health over many years, and does not have any of the toxins and additives that bottled water often contains.
  5. Understand how your body works. There is a link between the health of your teeth and your overall body health – and there are very definite links between systemic disease and your dental health. Ignoring one symptom will just mean that it will appear somewhere else.
  6. Consider your mental health as well as your physical health. If you are too stressed, finding it difficult to manage your anger, or constantly irritable, your mental health may be suffering as well as your physical health.

None of these rules are particularly difficult to follow, and if you may them a priority in your life, you will soon notice a difference in the way that you look and feel- and if you are considering Invisalign treatment, wouldn’t you want to be treated by someone who follows those tenants?


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