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Taking care of your dentures

woman with denturesIt may seem that getting dentures means that you can get by without brushing your teeth, but this is not true. If you have dentures you need to clean them every day to prevent bad breath, inflamed gums, sores, and infection. Keep your dentures clean to prevent buildup of plaque, food particles, tartar, and stains.

Keeping your dentures clean is simply a matter of brushing all denture surfaces thoroughly with a soft nylon toothbrush, using a toothpaste or denture cleaner that is mildly abrasive. In between brushing, to rinse your dentures under running water every time you eat. Your dentures also need to be soaked in a denture solution for at least 30 minutes every day. Soaking will help prevent the dentures from absorbing odors and bacteria that can cause bad breath as well as removing superficial stains. Always rinse your dentures with clean water before putting them back in your mouth.

Observe the following precautions in order to keep your dentures fitting well:

1. Whenever handling your dentures, do so over a towel or a sink filled with water. Dentures can break if dropped, and a towel or single water can cushion the fall.

2. When soaking dentures, keep the water lukewarm. Water that is too hot can work dentures, making them not fit well.

3. The surface of dentures is easily scratched, and scratches can give bacteria and plaque places to hide, which can cause odor and stains. To prevent this, always use soft bristle brushes and mildly abrasive cleaners.

4. If tartar accumulates on your dentures, resist any temptation to clean them with a sharp object to prevent scratching them. Take them to your dentist to have them professionally cleaned.

5. If you notice any stains on your dentures, take them to the dentist. Do not attempt to bleach them as this could whiten the paint portion.

6. If your dentures are allowed to dry out too much for too long it can change their shape causing them to no longer fit well. Keep your dentures moist when they’re not in your mouth by leaving them in a container of water or denture cleaner. If if there are any metal parts to your denture, your dentist will talk to you about the best way to care for them to prevent them from tarnishing.

7. Most dentist will recommend that you remove your dentures at night. This gives your gums a chance to rest without the rubbing from the dentures. Constant pressure can increase erosion of the bone in the jaw, and change the way your dentures fit. Pressure and friction can also cause sores which can then become infected.

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