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Gum Disease May Increase Pneumonia Risk By Up To 40 Percent

It’s a staggering statistic to comprehend, but recent research has shown that periodontal disease can increase your risk of a certain kind of pneumonia by up to 40 percent, perhaps indicating an urgent need to get gum disease under control before it spawns or contributes to other even more serious conditions. A review of almost […]

How Gum Health Interacts With Your Other Health Conditions

Did you know that proper oral hygiene is essential for good health overall? That’s right: brushing and flossing your teeth and maintaining a regular program of dental office visits can help you stave off and prevent the worsening of a variety of medical conditions. While it may not seem possible at first, there’s a link […]

The Female Perspective Series: Gum Disease

Dr. BreeAnn Christiansen Transcribed: “Hi there! I’m Dr BreeAnn Christiansen, a holistic dentist in San Diego at San Diego Dentist. Today I’m going to talk to you about gum disease and how it relates to women. So what is gum disease? Gum disease is characterized by inflammation of the gum tissue, which eventually leads to […]

Minimally Invasive Dental Ozone Is Changing How We Treat Patients

New dental treatment methods are making dentistry easier, less painful and more effective than ever before. If you haven’t visited a dentist in a while, you may not realize how much things have changed. And no change shows more promise and is providing more real results than the introduction of dental ozone therapy. This kind […]

Periodontal Disease Can Affect Pregnancy

A new study has found that a pregnant mother’s placenta has an array of bacteria that may impact the health of the baby. This may help provide an explanation for why periodontal disease and urinary tract infections are strongly linked to premature birth and why treating the diseases during the pregnancy do not necessary lower […]

Gum Disease & Your Overall Health

Gum (Periodontal) Disease – The Bacteria To many of us, it comes as a surprise that our overall health is often contingent on having healthy gums. The health of our gums is an indicator of overall health, and gum disease can be both the cause of, and a symptom of disease elsewhere in the body. […]

Biocompatible Dentistry Is The Right Choice For Thoughtful, Analytic People

Biocompatible dentists are often asked how patients can learn more about their dental health – and what issues people need to be considering as they think about the intersection between their oral health and their overall health. As biological dentist Dr. Daniel Vinograd pointed out in a recent UCSD lecture, there’s actually quite a lot […]

Ease Your Dental Anxiety with Aromatherapy at San Diego Dentist

There are few settings that are more widely anxiety provoking than going to the dentist.  As many as 20% of adults put off routine dental care until they have a problem that causes a great deal of pain.  As a result, small problems become large and painful problems, which require invasive (and often uncomfortable) procedures […]

Could Good Oral Hygiene Prevent Cancer?

You knew brushing and flossing could prevent cavities, bad breath and gum disease.  Perhaps you even knew that good oral hygiene could reduce your risk of heart disease.  But did you know that these habits could also reduce your risk of cancer? Research conducted by a team from Hebrew University’s School of Medicine and School […]

Invisalign by Dr. Vinograd

Why should you get Invisalign from Dr Daniel Vinograd?  He is truly a dentist like no other, because he focuses not just on healthy teeth and gums, but the overall health of his patients. This means he not only focuses Invisalign treatment for straight teeth, but also for the psychological / emotional impact of an […]

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