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Myths and Fact About Dentures

Myth – Dentures can last forever The reality is that though the material dentures are made from his durable, it is not meant to last forever. Dentures can easily break if dropped on a hard surface, and the fit changes over time so that they need to be replaced regularly. Even with scrupulous care the […]

Taking care of your dentures

It may seem that getting dentures means that you can get by without brushing your teeth, but this is not true. If you have dentures you need to clean them every day to prevent bad breath, inflamed gums, sores, and infection. Keep your dentures clean to prevent buildup of plaque, food particles, tartar, and stains. […]

Uncomfortable Lower Dentures – The Problems & Solutions

The problems with lower dentures are so common that a popular dental school joke suggests you should charge $4,000 for upper dentures and do the lower one for free.  Then when the patient complains about them, you can ask what they expect when they get it for free.  The fact is, surveys show that 80% […]

Dental Spas – The Latest Medical Craze

Going to the dentist can be a frightening experience. Most people would do anything to avoid it. This fear is known as dental anxiety or dental phobia, and affects up to 20 percent of Americans. It basically leaves people terrified and panic-stricken. Some patients experience severe anxiety, flu-like symptoms, nervousness, and sleeping problems before a […]

Denture – Study Results

Patients with substantial bone loss in the lower jaw who wear traditional lower dentures often deal with several issues, including difficulty holding them in place, trouble with speaking and eating, pain especially from pressure spots and friction, and sores caused by rubbing. Some patients are able to have implants in the lower jaw that can […]

The lower denture ordeal

People who have a lot of cavities or other troubles with their teeth sometimes get to feeling like they want nothing more than to end the pain. For many of these people the obvious and immediate answer is to get rid of the problem, even if it means pulling the teeth that are causing the […]

Problems with Denture Adhesive

When dentures are placed in the mouth, there is a tiny gap between the denture in the gums. When dentures are new, and fit well, the space is virtually microscopic and as soon as the dentures are in place the gap fills with saliva and a seal is created that holds the denture firmly on […]

The Dental Prosthetist and their Future Role in Oral Health P8

Aging on the prostetus workforce the average age of the prostetus workforce is going up. You can see its risen from  2000 to nearly over  50 and most people in the room, looking around a little bit , there’s  quite a few of you that are  aged over  40 which is great to see but […]

The Dental Prosthetist and their Future Role in Oral Health P6

We’ve got tooth loss , we got patients , we’ve got demand , we’re now in the  oh my gosh can we  actually provide services to  meet  that demand . What is happening at the moment? This shows you dentures, extractions and fillings according to age group. Dentures on the black bar, extractions on the […]

Why You Should Want Dental Implants

Dental implants are available to replace teeth that have been extracted so that natural appearance and function can be restored. They can be used to provide the support and stability needed for a partial or denture or as a stand-alone solution when an appliance isn‘t desirable. A dental implant is simply an artificial tooth with […]

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