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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P9

And one of Neal Miller’s books actually goes into it in great detail, so if you know someone who suffers with Gulf War syndrome or you’re interested, go to his website and you can find out. He has a Senate testimony. He talks about where pregnant women actually had immediate abortions after that their babies just died and their body aborted them after the vaccine. By the way,t hey got the anthrax vaccine. It is considered an experimental vaccine, and several times, it’s been in court to stop and halt giving our servicemen this vaccine, and there’s a great radio program called The Power Hour. If you go on the internet, Dr. [inaudible] talks about this all the time. She has a great program. But anyway, France did not do the Gulf War shots, and they have no Gulf War syndrome. And it also, [inaudible] said that a large amount of our soldiers who never were deployed have Gulf War syndrome, so where’s the public outcry? These are people who go to fight for our country and for what is right. Our government is pretty much just ignoring them, okay, because it’s vaccine-related again.

Boyd [inaudible] is from the University of Kentucky. He’s referred to as the doctor of mercury. He did research for the institute of medicine, and he was able to show how mercury interferes with enzyme function in the brain. He has testified before Congressman Burton and shows how mercury, when given very small amounts, will go in and actually stop enzyme function immediately. Now, even though he’s been able to prove this, the institute of medicine still says there’s no conclusive study that shows, okay? So he also found that he studied young children, actually newborns, and he was able to take blood from their cord and check it for the amount of mercury in it, and he also took hair samples, and what he found was that brand new babies are being born with a full load of mercury, and that if their mother has a mouthful of amalgam fillings, which contain mercury, that that child will be exposed to mercury vapors while developing, and I also believe if that mother received her vaccinations, it, of course, increases that baby’s load.

But he found that babies are born now will a full load of mercury, predisposing them to allergic reactions when they get their first shot of mercury through their vaccines, okay? So pregnant mothers need to be very careful what they eat, of course, during pregnancy. If you have a full mouth of amalgams, do not remove them if you plan on getting pregnant. Do not remove them while you’re pregnant. That can cause severe problems. There’s a whole protocol for amalgam removal that I can share with you. I work with Dr. Phillip [inaudible], he’s given me a whole protocol about how to go about safely removing amalgam fillings because it’s a good thing to get them out, but don’t do it if you’re planning to have a baby soon or if you’re nursing your baby, okay? But anyway, I wanted to let you know about his studies because he basically shows how babies can be born with autism now. Okay?

Now, the polio vaccine has been around for over fifty-five years, and yet there are no long term studies on it, and I want to talk about Howard [inaudible]. He earned his degree in microbiology from the University of Michigan Medical School. He worked in the department of pathology in Washington University. He is involved in molecular and cellular engineering at the [inaudible] corporation. He’s a senior scientist at the Institute of Medicine [inaudible] cancer research at the medical research institute in San Francisco. He worked with both [inaudible] and [inaudible] who developed the polio vaccine. Howard [inaudible] actually developed the vaccine for cats for leukemia, so he’s been involved in vaccines for many, many, many years, and he said that [inaudible] and [inaudible] were constantly badmouthing each other’s vaccines, blaming it on the outbreaks of polio in the country.

But anyway, I thought that this was interesting. He studied that sugar cube that many of us received, okay, that polio sugar cube. It was a live virus sugar cube, and he said back then, we didn’t know it, but that sugar cube contained twenty-six retro viruses from the African [inaudible] monkeys. That is foreign to our body, okay? If you’re curious about a retro virus, go do your study on it. That’s not a good thing, to get foreign retro viruses from animals in our human body, but he believes that ninety-eight million Americans received this vaccine between 1955 and 1961, and that it is one of the main causes of the huge increase in cancers. All of his family members have died of cancer, and that’s why he’s gone into cancer research. He says they’re actually finding the virus in brain tumors of people that are sixty and seventy years of age, so that’s pretty scary. You see, they don’t really know what was in those vaccines, and most people don’t really know what’s in them today. Okay? It’s all just a big guess.

I want to talk about measles and the autism connection. Andrew Wakefield is from the [inaudible] hospital in London, England where he was an inflammatory bowel disease specialist. He was the first to successfully transplant a colon in a human being, so he’s not a slouch. He got numerous awards. Anyway, he started to see children coming into his practice with severe bowel problems. You know, children don’t usually have bowel problems. It used to be when you got older, you know, Crohn’s disease. Actually, Crohn’s disease was nonexistent in children twenty years ago. It was nonexistent, and I heard that from a Crohn’s specialist who spoke in Washington. He said it was nonexistent. Now all of a sudden, we have children with Crohn’s disease.

Andrew Wakefield started to see children coming in with severe gut problems, and they all had one thing in common: they were autistic. And he thought what’s the correlation? Why are these kids with autism having gut problems? He said he looked through everything written on autism. There was not one mention of gut problems. You see, I believe, like he believes, that we’re going to rewrite the definition of autism, because autism right now, they’re blending it all in the head, that it’s all a problem of the brain, and he’s saying no, it’s a much bigger problem. It’s a much bigger problem, because the gut is involved.

Well, he ended up taking twelve of his patients and he actually took tissue from their colon and looked at it under a microscope, and what he found was that these children were suffering with a persistent measles infection in their colon. And he thought how could this be? Well, they went back, he pulled their records. All of them had received the live measles virus through their vaccine. That was the only exposure they had. Okay? So he thought this is really alarming. I mean, I’ve met Andrew Wakefield several time. He still says he’s pro vaccine. He has several children; he vaccinated his own kids. This was before he knew, though, and he said, “You know, I couldn’t believe that this was happening.”

So he ended up doing a thorough study, and he wrote a peer reviewed paper. He had a whole team of experts with him, by the way, and they printed it in their journal, and soon after they printed it in this journal, all of his funding was taken away. Eventually, they pulled his license. He no longer can practice in this country. He is now in the United States. He’s done numerous conferences all around the country, mostly autism conferences where he shows you the gut of a healthy child and what the intestine looks of these autistic kids. And by the way, Congressman Burton has seen all of his testimony on several different occasions and believes that there is something to it, but again, the institute of medicine says, “Oh, no way. No way. This couldn’t be.”

You see, they refuse to identify it and see that it could possibly be. Since this happened, which was like in 2001, 2002, many, many physicians in the United States who are treating autistic kids have done the same analysis and find the same problem, and one of the first things they do is they go in and they try to clean that colon out and try to heal and repair it, because what they’re suffering with is he found that they cannot absorb protein. They don’t break down and absorb nutrients and minerals. He said their brains were deficient in zinc and other essential vitamins for function. He said they have leaky gut syndrome. They have gut bugs. They have yeast problems. They have candida, all kinds of other problems in their colon, and so bottom line is, we now know if you have autistic children and you want to help them, you must address the gut situation, and the good news is that there are hundreds of children who were diagnosed with autism whose parents are aware of this and are working with doctors that are trained in this area who are now bringing their children back.

I’ve met parents who say, “My daughter was very severe, and she is now in mainstream school.” So that’s the good news. See, if you know the cause, you can find a cure. Right? Well, if you take an autistic child and you heal up their gut and you detoxify the heavy metals and you start getting them the proper nutrition, minerals and vitamins that they can absorb and assimilate, and that child gets better, isn’t that like an indication that you’ve found the cause? And if you look at the cause and the cause is the vaccine, I mean, we don’t need to be rocket scientists to see this. In fact, I don’t even need the institute of medicine to say that that’s right, because I know in my own heart. I see it. Children are recovering from autism because they’re addressing the injury that occurred when they were vaccinated.

So the [inaudible] – this is an interesting study – the [inaudible], which is a British medical journal, did a study back in, I believe it was 1995, and they showed that children who were vaccinated were two and a half times more likely to get Crohn’s disease or other gut diseases than the unvaccinated. They’re a medical journal. Why is it that they crucified Andrew Wakefield? I believe that it’s because parents were alarmed and stopped doing the MMR vaccine. In fact, Japan banned the MMR for another reason. You see, the MMR is the measles, mumps, rubella. Remember I told you none of them had been studied for safety when given in a cocktail like that. Well, Japan banned the MMR vaccine 1993 after 1.8 million children were given two types of MMR, and record numbers developed non-viral meningitis. Okay? That means bacterial meningitis, and other adversary actions were recorded as well. They reconsidered again using it in 1999, but decided it was safer to give the single jab, so they give a single jab of measles instead of the combined shot, and they no longer have non-viral meningitis skyrocketing like ti was. Isn’t that a big indication?

This chart shows a marked increase of autism when we introduced the MMR in 1985. You can see that the MMR, again, some people believe the MMR – I’ve met parents who said, “My child was fine. We went in for the MMR shot, and it pushed my child into full-blown autism.” So I’ve heard that, and this chart shows how when the MMR was introduced in 1985, the incidence of autism began to go up dramatically. Now, mothering magazine, again, in the 1994 issue, showed some really interesting charts about the measles. You see, we get the vaccine because it’s supposed to protect us, right? Well, I’m going to show you that there really is not any guarantee of protection, because in highly-vaccinated populations, we see huge outbreaks of the very thing they’re getting vaccinated for, and this chart is from the mothering magazine, and it shows you that there were more children with measles that were vaccinated than with the unvaccinated.

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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P8

And I thought this was interesting. Dan [inaudible] wrote a paper, and he was studying the Pennsylvania Dutch countryside, the people, the Amish community, and he found that for the most part, most of the people he interviewed do not vaccinate, and they have very little or no autism. In fact, in his paper, which by the way, came out in April 19th of 2005, his paper stated that he found three cases of autism in the Amish community, and two of them were adopted children into the family who had received all their vaccines, and the third one was from a woman who became Amish after her children were vaccinated. So this leads me to believe that we need to look at the unvaccinated to find out if they, too, have the incidence of autism.

See, I speak all over. I meet hundreds and hundreds of parents, and I have two things happen. I have parents come up to me who say “My child was developing perfectly normal. We’ve got videos to prove it. And they regressed into severe autism or started having severe seizure disorders or just stopped talking or lost all of their physical skills.” I hear a lot of that, and I also hear parents who come up to me and say, “You know, we chose not to vaccinate, and my kids are the healthiest children I know.” And of course, being part of the chiropractic community, I see that all the time. Everywhere I go.

Now, I will admit I have met one child who was never vaccinated who was autistic, but I believe that what’s happening now is we have three generations of vaccinated individuals. I would have been the first in the fifties and early sixties. My daughter’s of childbearing age, she’s in her mid-twenties. She would have been the second generation. And now the babies are coming out, third generation of vaccines, and we know that these types of neurotoxins do not get eliminated. So I believe that what we’re having here is we’re having a genetic problem, we’re actually altering the genes, and there are doctors who reinforce this.

I’ll be sharing with you, but we have children who are born with autism now, but most of the time, the parents who don’t vaccinate always have these wonderful, healthy kids. And see, I’ve been saying for years we need to study the unvaccinated. We need to look at the incidence of learning problems, asthma, Crohn’s disease, digestive problems. Of course, autism, eye problems. We need to see if the unvaccinated children just might not be better off, and I’ve got a database of, gosh, at least a hundred and fifty kids, and if you have a child that’s never been vaccinated and you would like to be part of this study, email me your name and address and phone number and stuff and I’ll keep it in my records, because someday I hope to meet an independent researcher who says, “Yes, this is a valuable study.”

You see, if we’re mandating them and recommending them, we should be able to look and see how the unvaccinated are doing to see if they’re any better off. Don’t you agree? And unfortunately, the burden of proof is now on the parents who have injured children. You see, I believe the burden of proof should be on our government to prove to us that they’re safe, and the flawed studies that they reference is not good enough for me, and it’s because every study they refer to is backed by a pharmaceutical company who makes vaccines. You see, we need to have an independent panel of doctors who have no financial ties who will go and really study this issue. That’s what I’m hoping to accomplish.

I want to talk about the director of autism research. He developed the institute in the founder of the autism society of America. His name is Dr. Bernard [inaudible], and he’s internationally known and recognized as an expert in autism, and recently he did a scientific press release of our group, the autism autoimmunity project, and this is his quote. “The vaccine manufacturers, the CDC, and the FDA, and the various medical associations have failed miserably in their duty to protect our children. Rather than acknowledge their role in creating the immense, catastrophic rise in autism, they have resorted to denial and obstruction. They stand to lose their credibility and billions of dollars of liability lawsuits which will soon reach our courts.” He said, “The truth must and will emerge,” and right now I have heard that the same law firm that took on the tobacco industry is now taking on parents who [inaudible] child was vaccine injured through thimerosol.

So you know, it might take us years, years and years to prove it, but unfortunately, right now, if you have a child that’s injured, there’s nothing you can do about it. The expense of taking care of that child is pretty much on yourself, and I really believe that it’s a catastrophe that’s just due to hit our country.

I want to talk about homeland security prevention. You remember I mentioned Eli Lily is the manufacturer of thimerosol. Well, you see, our government, when we passed the vaccine assistant act in 1965, we agreed with them to get the vaccines out on a mass scale, and our government actually removed all liability from the drug companies at that time for injuries, and Eli Lily, as I said, put thimerosol in without any approval, so when we, after 9/11, and we had that homeland security provision, or that bill being passed in Washington, out of nowhere, a paragraph showed up in that homeland security bill, and it stated that Eli Lily could not be sued for any injuries due to thimerosol and vaccines.

So we now have our government who is taking it upon themselves to slip provisions into bills protecting private industry. I have to tell you, Congressman Burton helped right the homeland security bill, and when he found this provision, he found out after it was passed that it had been slipped in literally minutes before they voted on it, so he didn’t read it. He found out, and he, of course, got very upset, because here he’s working very hard to expose all of this, and our government, someone in Washington is protecting the manufacturer who’s liable for all these injuries, and he notified several groups around the country. One of them was the autism [inaudible], the autism autoimmunity project. We have [inaudible] here in Michigan was actively fighting to get this provision pulled.

The autism autoimmunity project held two rallies in Washington. One was in January, one was in March. Congressman Burton was at these. And just to let you know, because of our efforts and because of all of the pressure put on them, they actually pulled that provision out, so that was a huge success on behalf of the American people. But they’ve been doing this constantly. It’s been in many, many bills, and what they’re taking is a buckshot approach now. They’re just putting it in so many bills that groups like us have to constantly be on top of it because they’re trying to pass these bills to protect Eli Lily, okay?

If you have a chance, look up Senate bill three. Senate bill three, right now, protects them from all liability. It’ll force everyone to take vaccines. It’ll forbid anyone to talk about vaccine ingredients. Doctors will not be allowed to disclose any vaccine ingredients. It’ll remove all kinds of protection for the babies of this country, and if that passes, we’re in big trouble, and like I said, there are many bills, right now, pending that have this type of language in them, so I just think we need to get involved, and how you can get involved is on a local level, you know? It’s really important that you find out who you’re voting for, how they stand on this issue, and our group, Michigan opposing mandatory vaccines, before any state election, we send out a survey, and we ask them specific questions such as do you believe parents should have a right to vaccinate or not? Do you believe that the government should be accountable to the people for vaccine safety? Do you believe that government officials should receive money from drug companies and sit on the boards? And we get these surveys back, and you’d be amazed. Most of them believe that we have a right to say no. Most of them don’t believe this is right, so if we get busy on a local level, we might be able to make some changes in Washington. Until then, you have to know what you’re up against.

Let’s talk about how vaccines can cause illness. In 1954, 1955, polio doubled in these five states. We had Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont just after the mass vaccine program started. And these are statistical records; these are real. So we’re vaccinating with something that is almost gone. Remember, the death rate of polio was almost nonexistent. We bring in this vaccine, and all of a sudden, polio shoots up like crazy. Well, what a great way to scare people in for more vaccine. Okay? And it’s been proven that the vaccine, the live [inaudible] vaccine caused almost all the polio. When they finally began to track it, they found out the 1980s that almost all the wild polio was caused from the vaccine.

They knew it, and I’ve been in Washington, and I’ve heard some of the best doctors talk about this, and I’ll reference one of them, Howard [inaudible]. He said they knew that that child was going to get a live vaccine and that it was going to shed it through its diaper and through its drool to the rest of the family and boost their immunity. The problem is if people were immune compromised at that time, they could end up with polio, paralytic polio, and I’ve met them, and I’ve seen them, and I know lawyers who have gone to court and fought on their behalf and won. Okay? So it caused polio as well, and the article I’m referring to is USA Today by Tim [inaudible].

Now, Robert [inaudible] is a chiropractor. He wrote a book called Mandatory Immunizations and You, and he shows a comparison before vaccines and three months after the vaccine program started. In this chart, chickenpox doubled, measles tripled, mumps went up two and a half times, and scarlet fever also went up. There’s proof that the unvaccinated children are at no greater risk of these infectious illnesses than the vaccinated, and yet don’t we hear all the time in the news if your children aren’t vaccinated, they’re putting all the others at risk? Well, think about that. If your child’s vaccinated, how could my unvaccinated child put your child at risk? If they work, you see. There’s a lot of things they say that really have no ground. They don’t have a ground to stand on here.

Anyway, I want to talk briefly about Gulf War syndrome. A lot of people suffer with Gulf War syndrome in this country, and basically, they’re just the forgotten few who served in our country, did their due diligence, and are just being completely ignored, but I had the chance to listen to a gentleman by the name of James [inaudible] III in Washington at a conference who was hired, he actually came up to speak about the Gulf War syndrome, and he’s an internationally known security consultant. He’s an expert in human exposure to toxic chemicals. He’s a media specialist in the army. He’s a special agent for counter terrorism. He has numerous medals. He was the first man called in after Agent Orange in Vietnam to find out what these guys were suffering with. He was also the first one called in to look at Gulf War syndrome, and he said that our soldiers were given fifteen to seventeen experimental vaccines, and that he believes that this is what the Gulf War syndrome was all about, and then he goes on to say ironically, all their records were lost, so we don’t even know what they were given.

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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P7

So another thing I discovered which I found was very shocking, if you’re RH negative, when you have a child, they want to recommend the rhogam shot. Now, I’m RH negative, so I know all about this, and back in the eighties when I had my first child, she was the only one born in a hospital. The last four were born at home. She was a planned home birth, but it didn’t work out. We ended up in the hospital, and they, at that time, recommended a rhogam shot, and what that does is it protects your future pregnancies, so if you have negative blood and your husband’s positive and the baby’s positive and your blood mixes with that baby’s blood, you can build up antibodies against positive blood, so your next pregnancy, if it’s positive, your body will fight against that pregnancy and can cause severe problems in the child. So they recommended a rhogam shot.

Of course, back then, we didn’t know it had mercury in it. I got the rhogam, but it was after my child was delivered, okay? I just found out within the last year that they have been giving women up to three rhogam shots while they’re developing their baby. I couldn’t believe this. It has twenty-five micrograms of mercury in it, and see, right now, our government wants everyone to think that autism is a genetic disease. They’re throwing billions of dollars into looking at the genetic cause for autism because we have a true autism epidemic in this country, but you have to consider the fact that mothers who are developing these babies are getting up to seventy-five micrograms of mercury while developing their babies, okay? This is very serious stuff.

I talked to Dr. Mark [inaudible], and he said, “Well, Mary, they have a thimerosol-free rhogam shot. They no longer are using the one with mercury.” Well, then I know another doctor, by the way, his name is Dr. Phillip [inaudible]. He has a degree in toxicology and medicine, and he has a five year old son who is vaccine injured. His own son. He is now a hundred percent behind me, supporting me in what I do, and fighting against these vaccines.

He said he had a mother come to him who has an autistic child. His job now is trying to help these autistic kids. He’s dedicating his life to helping to repair their body, and he told the mother who’s RH negative, “Make sure you don’t get a rhogam shot until after your baby’s born, and then make sure it’s a thimerosol-free one.” She went to her local hospital. She told them, “I won’t take a shot until after the baby’s born, and then I want thimerosol free,” and they said, “Sorry, we don’t carry it.” So even now, hospitals are still giving mothers the rhogam shot with twenty-five micrograms of mercury in it. Dr. [inaudible] ended up having to go on the internet, find a company, [inaudible] company was the only company you could find that made a thimerosol-free rhogam, and four days later, she came into his office. They had to overnight ship it, and she got her rhogam shot from him.

So even the medications outside of vaccines can have mercury in them, and I really think it’s not fair to give women twenty-five micrograms of mercury in this shot while they’re developing their fetus. That can go in and interfere with all kinds of development, and not tell that mother, “By the way, did you know that you’re getting mercury?” And I do a lot of radio and a lot of talk shows, and we just locally had a nurse promoting the flu vaccine for children on a local talk show. So I called in to the nurse, and I said, “By the way, do you know that that vaccine contains mercury, and are you informing the mothers who are bringing their brand new children, two month old, one year old, two year olds, are you informing them that they’re not just getting a flu vaccine, that there getting a full dose of mercury with that shot?” She said, “Well, no, and we know that there’s a thimerosol-free one available, but you have to special order it, and we don’t have it.” But you see, parents are being told to bring their babies in for these flu vaccines not realizing that there not just getting a flu virus, by the way, they’re getting a lot more other things, and I’ll cover more about that.

So we know that the rhogam shot can still contain the full level of mercury. Now, just to do a comparison, they’ve been using mercury in vaccines since the 1930s when they started experimenting. Congressman Burton found out that there’s only one study done on thimerosol for safety. Only one. And he found out that it was on thirty adults who I believe had bacterial meningitis, and they used thimerosol to treat them, and all thirty died, but they said it wasn’t because of thimerosol, and just so you know, [inaudible], the manufacturer of thimerosol, did not have FDA approval to put it in with the vaccines. When they decided to combine them into cocktails, they threw thimerosol in as a stabilizer. It has never been studied. Never. And yet, they still say they’re safe. Okay?

But when I would have gotten my two injections back in the 1950s when I was five years of age, we had about twenty-five micrograms per injection. I would have gotten about fifty micrograms of thimerosol. Then by 1970, they increased the number of vaccines, and as it went up, so did the thimerosol, and the average person would have gotten about seventy-five micrograms of mercury in their vaccines. By 1992, it jumped up to one hundred and eighty-seven point five micrograms of mercury, and by 2004, with the flu vaccine, it’s two hundred and twelve point five micrograms if they’re not thimerosol-free, okay? And I still question whether they’re not thimerosol free, because Dr. [inaudible] said if it’s considered a non-active ingredient, they don’t have to tell you what’s in there. Okay?

And my question is okay, we removed thimerosol. It’s a stabilizer. It’s a sanitizer. It’s a preservative. What did we replace it with? Show me the safety studies on whatever it is you replaced it with. Are they the same? Do they have a shelf-life now? Could they be more dangerous because we don’t have thimerosol in there killing the bacteria? You see, there’s a lot of questions with no answers, and these are the types of questions that will only be answered if we have independent people who are not sitting in Washington on boards with all kinds of financial gain who will look at it and investigate it, and that’s what I would like to see, independent research in these areas.

So let’s talk about autism now. It is considered the silent killer because it is affecting thousands and thousands of children. In fact, according to a great website, fightingautism.org, if you have a child with autism or if you’re a teacher and you want to see how this is affecting our globe, go to their website. I just was there this morning, and according to their website, every four minutes, a child is being diagnosed, and US population estimates right now are two hundred and eight million children who have autism, and it is costing our country, annually, six billion dollars to deal with this travesty, and you wonder why the government doesn’t want to admit that it’s the vaccines. What would happen? What would happen to our school systems?

Which, right now, talk to any elementary teacher and they’ll tell you they’re inundated with children with learning disabilities, neurological problems. One in six children right now have learning problems. We have hyperactivity, you know, all kinds of issues, and I believe that all of these children are suffering from some form of heavy metal toxicity in the brain or some form of neurotoxin in the body which affects the gut, as I’m going to share. It affects the whole digestive system, which affects the ability to absorb and process minerals and vitamins, and they have starving brains. Okay? There are all different types and levels of autism, and very quickly, we can talk about how it affects children. It causes psychiatric problems, immune system problems, nervous system problems, physical problems, and again, going on the websites, you can see exactly how it will affect children in many different levels.

I want to talk briefly about a book called Evidence of Harm. This book just came out last year, and David Kirby, the author, we just had him here in Michigan. It was wonderful. He actually does public, he’s all over now. He’s been on every major talk show, but he wrote this book, and he’s a journalist, and what he wanted to do is he wanted to see what was going on in the government with this whole thimerosol issue, and he starts at the very beginning when Congressman Burton discovered it and goes through every single thing that has happened along the way, and I actually have a copy of his PowerPoint notes, and I’d like to read you what he says in this book, and I encourage you to buy this book. If you really want the full picture, you have to buy this book.

Now, he doesn’t say he’s anti-vaccine or anything. He just tells the story as it has evolved up ‘til today, but what he found out was that they know all about the problems with thimerosol, but they don’t want you to know, and these are actually some of his notes, and I’m going to quote them. You see, there was a private meeting at [inaudible], and they pulled, through freedom of information act, he pulled the transcript from this private meeting, and this is what some of the doctors said when they were discussing thimerosol and autism. “I was actually stunned by what I saw because I thought it is possible. So the bottom line is okay, our signal will simply not just go away.” Thomas [inaudible]. “You can play with this all you want, but the relationships are linear and statistically significant. We’ve got a serious problem. To think there isn’t some possible problem here is unreal.” Dr. William [inaudible], pediatrician, AAP. “What if the lawyers get a hold of this? There’s not a scientist in the world who can refute these findings.” From an email from Dr. Thomas [inaudible]. One more, Dr. David Johnson. “My gut feeling, it worries me enough. My daughter in law just delivered a son, and I do not want that grandson to get thimerosol-containing vaccines until we know better what I going on.”

You see, these are some of the meeting notes, and when they came out of that meeting, they agreed to not share with the public what they had discovered, and David Kirby’s book goes into it in great detail, and if you really want to know, this is where you’ve got to go to find out exactly what happened. It’s an awesome book. Anyway, so yes, we do have a crisis in this country, an autism epidemic. We do have tons of doctors, now, who believe it’s related to the vaccines. Our institute of medicine will not admit it. The studies that they refer to, by the way, David Kirby brings out our very flawed studies. They’re very manipulated studies so that it looks like thimerosol doesn’t play a role, so I encourage you to buy the book. And I get nothing for that, okay?

So I want to show you some charts about autism. From Neal Miller, again. He has a great autism chart. This is from the California study with Mark [inaudible] and the institute of medicine. It shows the increase in numbers of shots correlates directly to the increase in the autism numbers, and if you go on that website I told you, fightingautism.org, you can find every state’s [inaudible]. Mine are a couple years old, so if you want updated ones, by all means.

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An Introduction to Dental Veneers

If you don’t know much about dental veneers, you can’t make an informed decision about whether they’re right for you or not. Your dentist can tell you everything you need to know about these quick and painless little pieces that can make a huge difference in your overall appearance, but it’s understandable if you want to have some background knowledge before you talk to your dentist.

Here’s a quick primer for you.


Understanding Dental Veneers

porcelain veneers

Veneers are hand-crafted, custom-made thin sheets of ceramic or porcelain that are carefully shaped to precisely fit on the front surfaces of your most visible teeth. When properly put in by an experienced dental professional, they look perfectly natural because some light is reflected away while some passes through — just like with natural teeth. Covering discolorations as well as minor chips, cracks and other problems is possible, and dentists do these kinds of things with veneers every day.

Essentially, dental veneers are a nearly instant fix for tooth imperfections and even some orthodontic issues.


Just Two Office Visits

Perhaps the best thing about dental veneers is that they can be arranged and installed painlessly in just two quick and simple visits to the dental office. It all starts, of course, with a talk with the dentist to make sure that veneers can do the job for you. Then, you work with the dental office professionals to determine just how things should be. An impression is taken, then the veneers are custom-designed for you. Since etching your natural teeth is necessary to make the adhesive stick, you may be fitted with temporary veneers while you wait for your permanent ones.

When the permanent veneers are ready, you return to the dental office to have them professionally installed. That’s all there is to it. The veneers will last for years with minimal care and professional monitoring.

If you live in San Diego, and would like a consultation about dental veneers, visit: http://brightondentalsd.com

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Need Braces? You Really Need To Take Some Kind Of Action!

Please understand that if you’re looking into orthodontic treatment, there are alternatives to traditional braces, including veneers in limited cases where the alignment issue isn’t significant. Plus, there are modern Invisalign plastic aligners. But understand this too: if you need orthodontic treatment and don’t get it, there can be serious consequences.

Braces and their alternatives do more than just make your teeth look better. They improve function, prevent jaw problems in some cases and allow you to chew more effectively. They also improve teeth spacing, and this can prevent gum disease and other periodontal issues.

While veneers only cover up problems, both braces and Invisalign cost about the same and deliver the same results: straight, healthy teeth you’ll enjoy showing off.

before and after bracesBut we can’t stress enough that action is preferable to inaction.

There are potentially a lifetime of health consequences when you don’t get braces or something else to correct your teeth spacing and alignment issues. Orthodontic issues can get worse and worse as time goes on, and that can lead to worsening oral health problems — and potentially problems that can’t be corrected at all.

Metal braces usually cost between $3,500 to $6,000. Invisalign costs roughly the same amount for the same person and level of treatment. When confronted with those numbers, most people choose Invisalign, but old-fashioned braces still do the job.

Keep in mind that health insurance may cover a portion of the treatment cost for people who are under age 18. It may also be possible for anyone to purchase supplemental coverage that will help reduce the cost of orthodontic treatment at some practices.

When you carefully consider the alternatives, you’ll see that there’s an affordable way to get the braces you need or one of the alternatives to braces. When faced with the costs involved in a lifetime of dental health issues, the relatively low cost seems even more reasonable.

San Diego residents looking for Cosmetic dental solutions & braces, visit:


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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P6

Dr. Harry Greenberg, chair of the FDA, owns a hundred and twenty thousand dollars’ worth of stock in [inaudible], which is a manufacturer of vaccines, and he also own forty thousand dollars’ worth of stock in [inaudible], another manufacturer. There are no public members on any of these boards. They’re all appointed by the president of the United States or certain officials. They get appointed, and many of them come right out of the pharmaceutical company, right out of the industry, and go into Washington and sit on the boards and mandate what you have to do and regulate and approve, okay? These are the people that are supposed to be looking out for our best interests. They’re supposed to make sure that the safety studies are being done, and I’m going to show you that a lot of this is not happening.

So how confident can we be in a process where there’s so much financial money involved? And he goes on to say that Dr. Paul [inaudible] disclosed that he received three hundred and fifty thousand dollars of grant money for [inaudible] to develop the Rota virus vaccine. Now, Dr. Paul [inaudible] is one of the most outspoken proponents for vaccine. He says that thimerosol is absolutely safe in the vaccines. He is always in the news saying that vaccines are absolutely safe. He is also the one who developed the Rota virus vaccine, and I’m going to tell you a little bit about that vaccine, which was pulled off of the market within six months because it caused so much problem.

He actually has a new unlicensed Rota virus vaccine that is going through trials in Taiwan. Dr. Paul [inaudible] will benefit financially if this one goes through. The one that we had in this country was for infant diarrhea. They created a vaccine for infant diarrhea, and they began giving it to babies. It was part of the schedule, and within six months, so many children had [inaudible] of the colon, which is when the colon swells up and it actually folds in on itself like a telescope, which requires immediate surgery, okay?

Now, I was in a conference at Washington. I go to conferences all over, wherever I can go. I find a conference, I’ll go, and a gentleman actually did a complete overview of the safety studies before this vaccine was licensed, and he said the safety studies are inconclusive. They’re showing that children are having [inaudible] of the colon, and yet they’re going to go push this thing through and mandate it by the beginning of the year. So they knew there were problems with it, but it went through very quickly. Well, how confident can we be if people who are in Washington own patents on these vaccines? They have a lot to gain, obviously.

Back to thimerosol. It’s a form of inorganic mercury called [inaudible] mercury. It has long been associated with neurological problems, demyelination, gut disorder, and visual damages in the eye. How many of you know a child who suffers with autism in this room? Raise your hands real tall. Okay. At least fifty percent. One of the first things you hear from parents when they suspect that something’s wrong is the child won’t look at them anymore, and if you have an autistic child, you know what I’m talking about, because that little baby that used to look into your eyes is no longer looking into your eyes; they’re looking off, and we actually now understand that some of the neurotoxins and the suppression of vitamin absorption in the colon causes a vitamin A deficiency in the eye, and that the rods and the cones do not function properly, and if we have time, I’ll talk about that, but we now know what’s going on in the eye of these children which makes them not see. In fact, the only way that they can see you is if they look out the side of their eye, okay?

You know if you look at the stars at night, if you look directly at a star, you can’t see it, but if you look off a little bit, the outer part of your eye will pick it up? Well, they found out that autistic children have the same thing going on in their eye. They can’t see through the center of their eye; therefore, they gaze off. And how they discovered this was they had an autistic adult draw what he saw, and he actually showed a face, and it was all fragmented. Nothing made sense, so if he were to look at you, it would look fragmented and scary. So you can imagine a child, who used to recognize you as mom, now all of a sudden they have injury, and they look at you, and it’s too scary, and that’s why they look off. They can’t handle it, and that’s how we discovered that the eye is actually affected with some of the neurotoxins in the vaccines.

Anyway, visual damage is a big part of autism, and it mentions also demyelination. Remember how I told you when babies are first born, everything is underdeveloped? Well, part of their system that has to take about five to develop is the myelin coating on the nervous system, which is much like your electrical wires. It’s a coating that protects the nerve and makes sure that it fires properly. Well, they now have discovered that thimerosol interferes with the myelin coating, and they have a new diagnosis that they’re giving children: delayed demyelination disease, okay? Remember how I said, too, that when these babies are very young, shouldn’t we protect them and keep them from neurotoxins? Why is it we’re injecting neurotoxins that can interfere with the myelin coating?

And also, gut disorders. One of the first things you hear about children who are autistic is that they have severe gut problems, and I’ll reference why that happens as we talk. So anyway, what is the first thing you hear when you’re pregnant, what you shouldn’t eat? What is it that you’re told not to eat? Fish. Why? Mercury. Okay? In fact, they tell nursing mothers not to eat fish either, because they know that mercury can get through to the milk for the baby. Why is it that we’re not allowed to ingest very small amounts of mercury in our food, but it’s okay to inject it? Now, it’s a little bit different form of mercury, but it’s still mercury, and mercury is the worst neurotoxin on the face of the earth. So just some thought.

Just so you know, the vaccines that contained full level of mercury until 2004 were the hepatitis B, given day one in the hospital, 12.5 micrograms of mercury in the shot; the HIB contained 25 micrograms of mercury; the DTAP contained 25 micrograms of mercury, totaling sixty-five micrograms of mercury in those three shots. Now, according to the EPA safety regulation, they say the safety exposure for an infant to up to two years is .01 micrograms to 4 micrograms a day. So in one given day, if a child receives their booster shots, they’re going to get anywhere from forty to sixty times the safety level of thimerosol in those shots, and that, by the way, is according to the FDA center for biologic evaluation research. This is what congressman Burton was able to find out through his investigation.

So I want to talk to you about the flu vaccine they’re recommending for children. Dr. Mark [inaudible] is another one of my heroes. He was appointed by Congressman Burton to look at the whole thimerosol vaccine issue. I’ve met with him many times. I actually brought him to Michigan for a fundraiser once, and he literally told me that as a doctor, he never thought there could ever be any problem. He said, “There’s no way there’s mercury in these vaccines,” but he was appointed by Congress to look at it, and to his shock and his dismay, he still can’t believe how much mercury was in these vaccines.

But I called him recently about the flu vaccine that they’re recommending for children, and he said ninety-six percent of all the flu vaccines contain the full load of mercury. Now, I know a lot of people have been told that the mercury has been removed. I kept contact with Mark [inaudible] every couple of months, and I’d say, “Mark, what’s going on?” He’d say, “They’re reducing the amount of mercury, but there’s a couple problems. If it’s not considered an active ingredient, they don’t have to list it on the label, number one. Number two, they’re still manufacturing the mercury in the vaccines, they’re being manufacture with it, but they’re filtering it out, and there’s no way they can take it all out. They’re still going to leave trace amounts of mercury in the shots.” So to say that they’re mercury-free is not true. They will still have trace amounts of mercury.

And he went on to say that what they’re recommending for children is that they get half doses of the flu shot when they’re very young, and by the time they’re a year, they’re going to get the full dose. Well, we still don’t know if we’re going to have thimerosol-free vaccines for children next year, but the babies right now who are getting the flu vaccine are getting the full level of mercury. So by the time a child is six months of age, the accumulated amount of mercury in that baby’s body will have been a hundred and eighty seven point five micrograms of mercury, and again, that’s from the FDA center for biologic evaluation and research.

I’d like to compare the amount of thimerosol that I got as a child compared to what children are getting now, and if you look at this chart, you can see in 1950, we received three vaccines. Two were injectable, and they both had twenty-five micrograms of mercury, so at the age of five, I received about fifty micrograms of mercury. Then, by 1970, the number of vaccines had increased, and the amount of mercury went up, as well, to seventy-five micrograms. Then in 1992, we had increased the level of thimerosol mercury to one hundred and eighty-seven point five micrograms for every child getting vaccinated, and if you add the flu vaccine to that at twenty-five micrograms of mercury, that brings the total up to two hundred and twelve point five micrograms. So just so you know, the amount of thimerosol children are exposed to now is very different than the amount of thimerosol that I got and many of you got back in the 50s.

This autism epidemic is not just in our country. The United Kingdom has the very same autism epidemic as we do, and just recently, a Scottish study came out showing that autism effects now one in every forty-nine children in their country, and I predict that in the next few years, you’re going to see each country doing their own statistics, proving that the autism crisis is not only in our country, but around the world, and I do believe it is due to the vaccinations.

Children who are affected with autism have it affecting them on many different levels, and primarily, the three levels that they are affected in the central nervous system, which means they have altered sensitivity to a normal processing of sensory and expressive information. They have immune system malfunctions. Their increased resistance to infections leaves them, many times, sick, and constantly in need of healthcare. And then we know it is affecting their gastroenterology. It leads to abnormal digestion, increased colon permeability, resistance to bacteria, yeast, parasites, and many toxins, and were going to be covering this more on how the MMR affects the digestive track further in the talk. So when taking care of children, you must understand that these three areas are very critical for treatment.

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Featured: Homemade Probiotic ToothPaste by Melody

A great natural, probiotic recipe by Melody, with play-by-play pictures to show how it’s made.


Recipe available at: http://valleyhaberdashery.com/blog/14033387/toothpaste

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Featured: Homemade Diatomaceous Earth Toothpaste by Danielle (aka Dandy)

Looking to mix it up from Dr. Vinograd’s homemade toothpaste recipe? Danielle has done her research, and all the ingredients are top notch.


Homemade Toothpaste Article

Get her recipe at: http://lovelovething.com/homemade-diatomaceous-earth-toothpaste/

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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P5

But you have to imagine living in early America. We are so used to the conveniences that we have that most people don’t even remember what it was like, but let me describe it to you. People grew their own crops. They had no refrigeration, no toilets. They had outhouses. They did not have clean water to drink. Oftentimes, it came from a shallow well or a pond or a river that was in their area. By the way, it was the same pond or river that the animals bathed in, upriver and downriver, okay? They washed their clothes in the rivers, in the ponds. They lived with a lot of their animal products. They had fur and feather, we stuffed pillows and bedding. So we had a lot of animal products in the home, but we didn’t have the way to clean them properly. They didn’t even have soap, if you can imagine that.

Okay, so they also had improper food storage. They had root cellars, and who can remember root cellars in this audience? There’s a few people, right? I grew up in a very old, hundred year old farm house that had a root cellar, and that’s how they kept food cold. That’s how they stored them, because they didn’t have a refrigerator, and you know that when that happens, rodents, rats, insects can get into the food supply and contaminate it. So things were very different. I can’t even imagine not having a refrigerator or a freezer, and yet that’s how it was. The cities were cesspools of filth, and you hear stories of people not even bathing but once a month back then, so we wonder why infectious illness was so prevalent.

Well, as we began to improve all of these things, the death from infectious illnesses dropped right off completely. In fact, according to mothering magazine, and also Neal Miller’s books – I’m going to refer to a couple of these through the talk. Mothering magazine is a great magazine that supports natural childbirth, breastfeeding. You know, it encourages people to get back to nature, and they’ve done a couple wonderful additions studying the vaccines, and also, Neal Miller’s books are some of the ones that I carry in the back. He’s a researcher for vaccines. He’s got a great website, thinktwice.com, that I send everybody to, and I’m going to use some of his charts as well, but this polio chart came from both of them, Neal Miller and mothering.

And we had two types of polio that were introduced: we had the kill virus by Jonah [inaudible] in 1956, and the live virus by Albert [inaudible] in 1962, and as you can see from these charts, the death rate had declined dramatically before they introduced the polio vaccine. Polio is not as deadly as most would believe. I have just recently spent hours and hours looking over Dr. [inaudible] information. She is a physician who used to vaccinate who is now helping to help children who are autistic and have neurological problems because of vaccines, and she has studied all of the CVC’s records. You know, she would be a great person to get her DVD if you’re a medical person or if you want deeper research.

She has just analyzed it and does a wonderful job showing you all of the stats that come from the CDC’s own records. But anyway, polio, as I said, is not as deadly. They say ninety percent of the time, people wouldn’t even have symptoms of polio, okay? Anyway, the measles was also introduced in 1962, the measles vaccine, and again, you can see measles was almost nonexistent, the death rate, and it is not life-threatening in most people.

Now, I grew up in a very large family. We had eleven children, and all of us got the normal infectious illnesses, and all the neighborhoods got them, and I will have to say that I never heard of anyone dying from those infectious illnesses unless – and even statistically, you’ll find out that it’s very rare – unless they are autoimmune compromised. If they have an immune system compromise already going on, or if they have some sort of disease or illness, that’s the only time these infectious illnesses are life-threatening, especially with modern, you know, if you go to the emergency room, they can treat whatever illness it is you have. They’re not life-threatening, and that’s one of the things that gets people running into those health departments and your pediatrician. They’re [inaudible] called life-threatening illnesses.

You see, I have found that fear is the big motivator, that we’re running in fear to get our shots, and I just believe if you had more information, you might not be so fearful, and then you could make an informed decision. And as we go on, you’ll see the pertussis, whooping cough. Whooping cough is not fun. I had one of my children actually got it. I’m assuming he caught it from a child who was recently vaccinated in our neighborhood because it was a live viral vaccine back in the late, mid-eighties, and it’s not fun. My son was eighteen months, but he got through it okay. It’s a respiratory condition. It’s only very dangerous in young children because they can’t cough. They don’t have that coughing reflex, but again, we have hospitals and we have doctors who can help treat if your child gets whooping cough. It’s not a deadly disease all the time.

But anyway, you can see that it was almost completely gone when we introduced the vaccine. It was seventy-five to eighty percent gone, and then smallpox. We have all heard that the smallpox was eradicated from the vaccine, and yet ten percent of the world got this shot, and again, according to Dr. [inaudible], she did a thorough research in the CDC’s own records, and only ten percent of the world got the smallpox vaccine, and yet you hear this all the time, that because of that vaccine, smallpox has been eradicated.

In fact, for the first time since 9/11, they had a meeting in Atlanta, they had the advisory committee on immunization present to decide whether or not they were going to bring the smallpox vaccine back. Do you remember after 9/11 they thought it was a threat, and they actually came out and said, this is their quote. They said that the advisory committee on immunization practices said that smallpox would have died out anyway, regardless of the vaccine, and they recommended not to [inaudible]. They admit it. They know.

I want to talk specifically about thimerosol now. Thimerosol is a form of [inaudible] mercury, and Congressman Dan Burton is one of my heroes. I just love him. He was the chair of the government health reform committee in Washington, and he held hearings in 2000 investigating vaccine licensing, regulation, the safety of childhood vaccines, the anthrax vaccine given to [inaudible] vets, and many other things related to vaccines because he had two of his grandchildren suffer severe reactions.

Now, his first grandchild was a girl, and she after having the hepatitis B vaccine had a severe reaction and ended up in the hospital, but recovered okay, but then his grandson who was a hoped-to-be basketball player ended up going in for his well-baby visit at about eighteen months, got his vaccines, came home, and regressed into severe autism. Now, Congressman Burton knew. That family knew something profound happened the day he went in for his well-baby visit. They were broken-hearted. They began to do blood testing, and he found out that his grandson had very, very high levels of mercury in his blood, and he thought, “Where could this child have gotten it from?”

Further investigation: it came from his vaccines, so he began to hold hearings in Washington in the year 2000 to look at how are these things being made? What is mercury doing in our vaccines? Where are the safety studies? Is the FDA doing their job? Is the center for disease control doing their job? Is the institute of medicine who are helping to mandate this, are they doing their job? And what he found was absolutely shocking. Of course, he discovered thimerosol, and he found that there were fifty vaccines that contained high levels of thimerosol, and in his letter to secretary [inaudible], he said that mercury is in neurotoxin and that the FDA has failed to recall fifty vaccines.

You see, he asked for an immediate recall on fifty vaccines. Now, these vaccines were out all over the country. And none of them were pulled off the market. All of them were used up, and I’m going to tell you how many children’s lives are at risk, but the fact is, who remembers the Tylenol scare back in the 90s? One or two people died from Tylenol, and they pulled every Tylenol off of every single shelf on the whole country, and nothing, it was on the news for every single station for a whole week. That’s all you heard about was Tylenol. Why is it, then, that we have a Congressman whose own grandchild he believed was injured from these vaccines could not get vaccines recalled?

He goes on to say that mercury is a neurotoxin, and yet the FDA failed to recall fifty of them, and on their own website, the FDA states that lead, cadmium, and mercury are compounds that are toxic elements that are very toxic, even at relatively low levels, and he says every day that these vaccines are given, eight thousand children are at risk.

Now, I decided to go ahead and do the math. You see, he said eight thousand children are getting vaccinated per day, times three hundred and sixty five days a year. One year, that brings it up to two million, nine hundred and twenty thousand children in one year are going through risk getting these vaccines, and then you multiply that time the amount of years it took for us to use them up. It took until late 2003. We put eleven million lives at risk to continue giving these vaccines. These vaccines contain the full amount, by the way, and vaccines, most people don’t realize this, but they’re approved individually.

You see, the measles vaccine was approved individually, then the mumps was approved, and what they do is they threw them together, they found that children were not going to come in for twenty-three different doses in one year, so they put them in cocktails, and there was no safety studies on whether or not these cocktails were going to cause a problem in the human body. Now, I don’t know about you, but I think that vaccines should be extremely safe. I think that safety studies should be ongoing all the time. I believe that we should be looking at the long-term effects of multiple vaccines given to children, infants, every two months, the first two years of their lives, and yet there isn’t one long term safety study done on any of the vaccines. That’s why for fifty years we were using thimerosol and no one knew it. Okay?

So thimerosol, by the way, is a stabilizer, a preservative, and also a sanitizer, and the manufacturer of thimerosol is a company named [inaudible]. Now, [inaudible] for the last four, five years have been scrambling to protect themselves from lawsuits like crazy, and unfortunately, our government has been helping them with this process. Do you think the FDA, the institute of medicine, the center for disease control, do you think that they should be able to own stock in the pharmaceutical industries while sitting on these boards? How about owning a patent on a vaccine that’s being developed? Don’t you think that’d be a little bit of a conflict?

Well, Congressman Burton found out that there’s so much conflict of interest going on. He said that eighty-five percent of all of the boards in Washington own some sort of patent or have financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies where they’re getting paid to talk about vaccines or to study them. For example, individuals on the advisory committee own patents on the vaccine schedule. He said the committee chair, Dr. John [inaudible], owns stock in [inaudible], one of the largest pharmaceutical companies back in 2000, valued at twenty-six thousand dollars. Actually, Dr. [inaudible] gets paid to go around the country teaching doctors that vaccines are safe, and that was part of the Wall Street Journal.

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Why Vaccines Are Dangerous P4

And the trials lasted about seven days, and I’ll talk more about that specifically, but that’s what we’re doing now. We’re bypassing the normal method, and we’re exposing them to an adult disease when they’re brand new. So the question you have to ask yourself is could the probable cure be worse than the illness? Could vaccines cause poisoning? And I believe there are many physicians who believe that we are poisoning our children through vaccinations.

Not only – and I can’t speak for all the chiropractors, but I know the chiropractic community is the largest non-drug healing arts in the whole world, and many, many chiropractors have believed this for years and years, that not only are we causing injury and poisoning, but we’re going to create new illnesses. Back when I was trying to make the decision myself, it was a, you know, common thought by the chiropractors: they’re going to create a monster down the road. We don’t know what it’s going to be. We don’t know how it’s going to look, but you cannot throw all these neurotoxins into children and not have a consequence down the road, and I believe the consequences now are the neurological problems we’re going to discuss.

So how did we become so conditioned? Why is it that we all feel obligated to go do vaccines? Again, according to Robert Mendelson – and I’ll tell you a little bit about him. He was a renowned pediatrician for thirty years. He authored several books. This one here, the Confessions of a Medical Heretic, which is available on the websites I mentioned. He also wrote a book, Male Practice, and talked about how women, many times, are taken advantage of in the medical world. And then, of course, How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor. And I’m going to quote him, because he says it best.

“The pediatrician serves as a recruiter for the medical profession. He indoctrinates your child from birth into a lifelong dependency on medical interventions. The best way to raise a healthy child is to keep him or her away from the medical doctor unless it’s an emergency.” He goes on to say, “Most doctors ignore the fact that the human body is a wondrous machine with the astonishing capacity to heal and repair itself.” And really, that’s what it’s all about, you know. Dr. Mendelson goes on to say, “The first stage of indoctrination is the well-baby visit.”

You see, I chose not to be a part of that. I chose not to take my baby and to find out if it was well, because I felt like I knew my baby better than anybody. In fact, mom and dad, you know your baby’s cry better than anyone. You know if your baby’s got gas, if your baby wants to nurse, or if it’s hungry, if the baby’s fussy and wants to go to sleep. And, you know, sometimes if they’re just pulling that little power struggle, which they do, and they want to be bounced around. You know, we know our babies better than anybody, so why do we take them in and present them to a pediatrician who, many times, doesn’t know anything about them and ask them if they’re well? How did we get so conditioned to think that it’s their responsibility to tell us if our babies are well?

And I’m not telling you not to go. That’s certainly your choice, but I want you to think about it, because if you walk in and you say, “Well, doc, here’s my baby, but I’m not vaccinating,” you’re going to find out that the purpose of that visit is to vaccinate. Without vaccines, it’s useless. In fact, your doctor will probably say you don’t need to come back. Okay. So I believe that we, as far as [inaudible] and the late seventies when Robert Mendelson started talking about we developed the pediatrician and the purpose was to vaccinate our children. Before that it was your general practitioner, you went in for stitches or broken bones or whatever.

So he goes on to say the well-baby visit is a cherished ritual of the pediatrician that enhances their income and does nothing constructive for your child. And “it’s a worthless visit.” So that’s his opinion, and I’m quoting him, and I happen to believe a lot of what he says is true, and I encourage you to get the book and look it up for yourself. We’re going to take a short break because I want you to refresh yourselves before we talk about thimerosol, a form of mercury that is still in some vaccines, but was in huge quantities.

If you guys don’t mind, I’m going to ask you to participate a little bit, okay? But what have we heard about vaccines? Throw out something. They’re required by law. What else? They’re safe. Right. What else? Okay, so you are aware of the mercury toxicity. How about no shots, no school? We’ve all been told that you can’t go to school without shots, right? Okay. How about these life-threatening illnesses? We hear that term used all the time, that these illnesses are life-threatening, and when children aren’t vaccinated, they’re at risk for life-threatening illnesses. Isn’t that how we usually hear it? Well, let’s talk about what’s in the vaccine ingredients.

We have [inaudible]. [Inaudible] is a poison. Formaldehyde. It’s a cancer-causing, it’s used to embalm. Alum is a preservative. Acetone is used in nail polish remover. Aluminum and aluminum phosphate is used in deodorant. It is very toxic. Glycerin is toxic to the kidney, the liver, can cause lung cancer, gastrointestinal problems. Monosodium glutamate, MSG. I hear all the time that people are allergic to MSG. How would you know if your brand new baby, one day, two months, four months old is allergic to any of these products? With a show of hands, who’s allergic to MSG in the audience. Probably a good five percent of you. We have toxic heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, cadmium, and mercury, and the mercury, of course, we all know about is thimerosol. I’m going to be talking extensively about thimerosol in the second half, whether it’s still there in the vaccines or whether it isn’t.

By the way, all of these heavy metals are not easily eliminated. They end up being absorbed into the fatty tissue of the brain and other parts of the body and are very difficult to eliminate. They can cause severe neurological damage, as well as other life-threatening illnesses. We have fecal matter, horse [inaudible], cow [inaudible], urine, chicken [inaudible], dog kidney, pig blood, rabbit brain, sulfates, yeast protein, antibiotics, as well as unknown amounts of RNA and DNA from the animal in human [inaudible] tissue cultures that they’re grown on. Doesn’t this all sound just yummy? The growth mediums, by the way, for the viruses, are known to be contaminated with retro viruses [inaudible] to humans.

They are rare genetic material such as DNA and RNA. It is known that the live polio vaccine, which many, many, many millions of people took, contained SV40, simian virus 40, which is a cancer causing virus, and for the first time, hearings were held in Washington on September 9th, 2003, by the subcommittee of human health and wellness, the United States government reform committee, chaired by Congressman Dan Burton. And I’m going to talk a lot about Congressman Burton because in 2000 he did some hearings, and because of those hearings, you know about thimerosol. Before that, nobody knew any of this information.

Anyway, they had hearings, because they believed that SV40 is associated with brain, bone, and lung tumors now found in children and adults today from their vaccines. Don’t you think that this is information the public should have a right to know about? There’s hearing going on in Washington that didn’t make the seven o’clock news or the ten o’clock news. By the way, that vaccine was used until the late 1990s, okay?

So how they produce them, just so you know, is they gather sick, infected people, and they take from them urine, blood, pus, or feces, and then they take this virus and they grow it on toxic mediums, which is decomposing animal organs, and they use baby hamsters, African monkey kidneys, chicken eggs, and the one that I feel is most insulting is aborted baby lung tissue. See, right now, we’re not only aborting babies, but we’re using their body parts to create vaccines. Then once it is grown, it is inactivated with formaldehyde, aluminum, or other agents. Then it is preserved with other toxins, which are unnatural, synthetic, and can cause immune suppression, and many times, are carcinogenic. And we’ll talk, like I said, extensively about the thimerosol issue on another part, but did you know that shampoos and cosmetics go through more vigorous testing than the vaccines? And I’m going to prove that to you.

So there are many undisclosed ingredients that we don’t know about, so you really don’t know what you’re getting when you get a vaccination, and just so you know, a complete list of these ingredients and much more is available on Dr. [inaudible] website. I think it’s an awesome website if you have any kind of health condition, if you’re curious about hormones, go to [inaudible] dot com and you can pull up a lot of what I talk about off of his website.

Credit has been given to vaccines for eradicating infectious illnesses around the world. In fact, who here kind of believed before they walked in today that because of vaccines, we don’t have all these killer infectious illnesses? Raise your hand, please. A lot of you. It looks like some of you have been doing your research already, but anyway, yes, it’s a fact that in all the research that I’ve done, I could not find one stitch of evidence to prove that.

In fact, according to the world health statistics annual – and what they do is they look at stats around the world, and they figure it out, what’s working and what isn’t working – they say that there was a steady decline of infectious illnesses in most evolving countries regardless of the number of vaccines administered. Hmm. Isn’t that a surprise? They believe that these diseases disappeared because of improved sanitation, improved personal hygiene, and better nutrition. In addition, diseases for which there were no vaccines, they actually saw a decline as well. An example would be scarlet fever and typhoid. They go on to say that in 1850 to 1940, diseases had declined by ninety percent and were at an all-time low when we began to introduce vaccines, and when I read that, I was astounded. Wow. So vaccines really can’t take credit for eradicating illnesses. Hmm.

Then I did further studying, and I had the opportunity to run into a gentleman who was actually part of a study called the sociology of health and illness. The fifth edition, by Dr. John [inaudible] McKinley, and in the paper, they studied all of the infectious illnesses around the country, and they noted when they were declining, and they looked at the impact that modern medicine had on all infectious diseases, and this was their summary. “It is estimated that at most, 3.5 percent of the total decline in mortality since 1900s could be ascribed to medical measures introduced for the diseases considered.” Now, I bet your medical doctors don’t believe that, and I bet you they would tell you that isn’t true, and yet I have found, he said that this study was so thorough that no one will even debate it, that they can’t disprove it.

He goes on to say, “Furthermore, medical measures were introduced several decades after marked decline had already set in, having no detectable influence in most instances.” So that kind of throws the theory that vaccines have eradicated illnesses right out the window for me. And again, I don’t want you to just trust me. I want you to go and do your research. I’m going to give you lots of resources, and you can actually look this up. You can actually find this out on your own, and all the references are on all the slides for that purpose.

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